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  1. Is this a new thing?

    Well I have had anxiety for awhile now but I guess the sense of fear is the accumulation of all my anxieties. I think I have low self esteem at this point and I am unsure of myself these days. I feel bad about this condition and that is controls my life. I am trying to find a sense of self and esteem but I know that will take time. I don't know what my safe place is either. I just can't believe I have these issues. I used to be so strong and confident and happy when I was younger before I was married. I want a relationship and I keep trying but I don't know if I will be ok in one ... a catch 22 thing. I get lonely and wish I could share my heart with someone but then again I know that I am not completely well yet and this scares me. I fear I will not meet the perfect person for me and that I will be ike this for way too long. I don't have many close friends anymore because of this illness and I am saddened because of it. I just want to be accepted by someone of the opposite sex and enjoy this life together.

  2. Hey there Jeff, I have clonazepam. My anxiety is around financial issues and relationships. I feel like my life is out of control and the anxiety shows its face. I am not on any beta blockers but I wonder if that would help. I am still managing to go to work although it is difficult. I can't seem to find my safe place yet. I feel the need to be accepted by people and I don't feel I have that. I have been on zoloft at 50mg for about 2.5 weeks now. It has helped a bit but I guess I still need to wait it out.

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