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  1. So I started Zoloft 100mg on March 22, 2022. This is now 7 weeks at this dosage and I am not sure but I woke up this morning with a tight tension band around my head and feel somewhat anxious I think. I don't feel completely relaxed that is for sure. I also sweat at night now. Is this normal on this med? Zoloft is supposed to take away my anxiety.
  2. Ok I realized I am getting rhinitis symptoms now from this med. Anyone know if it goes away? I'm on Day 12 at 100mg
  3. Well the battle continues. I feel the medication is helping my anxiety but I have back of neck (occipital) pain that seems to go to my jaw. Does anyone know what would be safe and effective for this? I am hoping it will go away but it is quite bothersome right now. This is Day 12 at 100mg
  4. Well, Day 10 at 100mg. I think I had one good day then today my jaw and neck had spasms. Mostly very annoying but not painful, well at one point it felt a little painful. I am somewhat bothered by these head muscle tensions as they feel like.
  5. My doctor have changed my med from Cipralex to Zoloft as she thought the Cipralex was no longer working. Here is the process: Week 1 - add 25mg of Zoloft a day (keep taking Cipralex Week2 - take 50mg of Zoloft a day (stop taking Cipralex Week 3 - take 75mg of Zoloft a day Week 4 - take 100mg of Zoloft a day I am currently on day 5 at 100mg and my head muscles are tense and my nose is stuffed up. Has anyone has this experience and does it go away? I am hoping after 2 weeks at 100mg all the side effects will be gone.
  6. I wish I had your sex drive. When I started taking Wellbutrin I thought I felt my sex drive increase and after continued use my sex drive just died. I am not happy about that but the med seems to be helping me otherwise. I am not sure what to do now. I am 48 perhaps that is why? BUT I had a sex drive before this med when I was only on Cipralex. I am only on 150mg of Wellbutrin as well. Anyone else's sex drive take a tumble on Wellbutrin? What did you do to fix that? I may come off of it because it is really bothering me.
  7. Thanks I may try that. Thanks for your response.
  8. Also, what did you experience on the honeymoon period ?
  9. I am still on 150mg. I don't know if I should ask my doc for an increase to 300mg yet. Today I just had a lot of tiredness and fatigue but that could have been from a bad nights sleep last night. IDK. This gets so confusing. I'm already taking 10mg of cipralex as well. Good luck with the 300mg.
  10. OK thanks for the information. I will try some things and see how it goes
  11. It's working but I no longer seem to have a libido. Anything that helps with that?
  12. Yes I am still on 150mg at 8pm. I sleep fine and feel fine now. I don't feel crazy happy but not depressed and I can focus alright as well. I am glad I waited this out as I believe it is finally helping me without the side effects that I had the first 2 weeks to a month.
  13. I am at about 9 weeks and feeling fine now. I take the 150mg of Wellbutrin at 8pm each night and sleep is ok, I don't feel any crazy stimulating effect so this is good. I take my cipralex in the morning now.
  14. So I have been taking the med at 8pm every day for about a week now ....hmmm I don't really feel as sleepy as I used to when I was taking it in the morning, and I think I have the munchies or just get hungry about 2 hours later. I'm not sure if that is the med or just me. I might try this in the morning again at some point.
  15. So this is what happens when you are not on Wellbutrin correct? And you now want to give Wellbutrin a try to see if it breaks this cycle?
  16. I too felt the energy and motivation in the beginning of taking this med then after taking it in the morning I felt like I needed to put my head on a pillow and sleep or rest. I started August 9th at 150mg xl and I am waiting for a full 10 weeks before I decide if this is good enough for me. I now take it at 8pm as it does not keep me awake but more so makes me want to just rest. So far that is 3 days and my sleep seems to be good. I still feel somewhat blah or just down and bit hopeless but I can function. I am hoping by the time the 10 weeks is up, I will feel more motivated and excited about each day.
  17. Thanks for you post. I am back this med since Aug 9, trying to make it to the 10 week mark to see how I feel. I just feel tired at this point, not sad but not happy or joyful.
  18. Hi, I have been on Wellbutrin since August 9th 150mg XL. I got past the extreme tiredness and it has got me to move some but my mood is still up and down. I am already on 10mg of cipralex so I don't think upping the Wellbutrin would be an option right now. This would make it 6 weeks today that I have been on this med. Should I expect anything more in 2 weeks or 4 more weeks? Anyone with experiences ?
  19. Update: I went to the doctor and my blood pressure was fine. She thinks I am just overly stressed and will be getting more tests done soon.
  20. Wow the similarities we have are scary. I too am an empath. The state of the world really does make me sad and trying to figure out where I fit in all this. Well I heard wellbutrin can cause higher blood pressure as well in some and today my wife says that the symptoms I had today may be a sign of that. I had a tight chest, jaw and then it shot to my back. I am getting it checked tomorrow with my doctor to be sure. Today the back of my neck is a bit tense as I think I have lingering anxiety that causes me to tense up without realizing it.
  21. Hey JYD. I have read for some it took 10 weeks. I had an decent libido the previous 3 days but it's down again. It could also be things in my life that are happening. I have a fair amount of work stress right now. I am still waiting for the energy of the med but I have been on Celexa years ago and it didn't do much until the 10th week I think then bam! I felt awesome. It was like someone flipped a switch. Hang in there. I don't have much side effects anymore. I don't think I"m as sleepy after taking it. It has been about 3 weeks for me now. I started August 9th. The journey to the 10 weeks is so long ...... If you can get through the first 2 weeks you should be good to go unless you are still experiencing crazy side effects that are intolerable.
  22. Well I am still doing alright on Wellbutrin. today is 2 weeks at 150mg. I have practically zero libido; no sexual drive. It would be nice to have something. Has anyone had this effect in the beginning? Does it get better ?
  23. Ok I went back on Wellbutrin, lol this time I had the tension only for a few days as I really focused on not clenching . Well I take it now and all I get is a bit sleepy about an hour afterwards. At this time it is going alright. I started this again on August 9th 2021. Let's see how I do.
  24. Hey james, not sure if you are still here but I ran into a problem again. on 10 mg Cipralex but stress and anxiety show their ugly faces. I called my doctor and she suggested Mirtazapine or abilify to stabilize my moods as I get over whelmed then crash and get down. I'm thinking about trying one or the other.
  25. My mind is often restless at night. I get agitated as well. I just can't calm my mind or turn it off. It's very frustrating
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