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  1. Thanks for you post. I am back this med since Aug 9, trying to make it to the 10 week mark to see how I feel. I just feel tired at this point, not sad but not happy or joyful.
  2. Hi, I have been on Wellbutrin since August 9th 150mg XL. I got past the extreme tiredness and it has got me to move some but my mood is still up and down. I am already on 10mg of cipralex so I don't think upping the Wellbutrin would be an option right now. This would make it 6 weeks today that I have been on this med. Should I expect anything more in 2 weeks or 4 more weeks? Anyone with experiences ?
  3. Update: I went to the doctor and my blood pressure was fine. She thinks I am just overly stressed and will be getting more tests done soon.
  4. Wow the similarities we have are scary. I too am an empath. The state of the world really does make me sad and trying to figure out where I fit in all this. Well I heard wellbutrin can cause higher blood pressure as well in some and today my wife says that the symptoms I had today may be a sign of that. I had a tight chest, jaw and then it shot to my back. I am getting it checked tomorrow with my doctor to be sure. Today the back of my neck is a bit tense as I think I have lingering anxiety that causes me to tense up without realizing it.
  5. Hey JYD. I have read for some it took 10 weeks. I had an decent libido the previous 3 days but it's down again. It could also be things in my life that are happening. I have a fair amount of work stress right now. I am still waiting for the energy of the med but I have been on Celexa years ago and it didn't do much until the 10th week I think then bam! I felt awesome. It was like someone flipped a switch. Hang in there. I don't have much side effects anymore. I don't think I"m as sleepy after taking it. It has been about 3 weeks for me now. I started August 9th. The journey to the 10 weeks is so long ...... If you can get through the first 2 weeks you should be good to go unless you are still experiencing crazy side effects that are intolerable.
  6. Well I am still doing alright on Wellbutrin. today is 2 weeks at 150mg. I have practically zero libido; no sexual drive. It would be nice to have something. Has anyone had this effect in the beginning? Does it get better ?
  7. Ok I went back on Wellbutrin, lol this time I had the tension only for a few days as I really focused on not clenching . Well I take it now and all I get is a bit sleepy about an hour afterwards. At this time it is going alright. I started this again on August 9th 2021. Let's see how I do.
  8. Hey james, not sure if you are still here but I ran into a problem again. on 10 mg Cipralex but stress and anxiety show their ugly faces. I called my doctor and she suggested Mirtazapine or abilify to stabilize my moods as I get over whelmed then crash and get down. I'm thinking about trying one or the other.
  9. My mind is often restless at night. I get agitated as well. I just can't calm my mind or turn it off. It's very frustrating
  10. Ya COVID, sucks for everyone. I am having difficulties getting motivated and don't really wan to to increase my meds. the battle continues
  11. Well George, I ended up going off of Wellbutrin completely. Neck and jack pains went away eventually after about 2 weeks at 0mg of Wellbutrin. I am still on 10mg of cipralex and that seems to be keeping me afloat. Celexa was the very fist med I went on back in 2003. It gave me a lot of jaw clenching but somehow I made it through to 40mg for a long time. It "kicked in" at the 8 week mark I think maybe 10. I can't remember now but I did well on that for a long time.
  12. Thanks, I have also been on many meds since 2003. I ended up going off of Wellbutrin altogether with my doctor agreeing. After coming off, my head and jaw pains went away. I am currently on 10mg of cipralex only and hold ok. I don't really get any side effects from it that I notice. In the beginning with it some time ago I felt lazy and perhaps that was at the higher dosage of 20mg but at 10mg I am ok. I am not sure what normal is anymore but I seem to be able to live life ok at the 10mg. If I get stressed or anxious too much I take 10mg of amytriptyline. That knocks me out and eases the anxiety and stress at that time. If I every decide to change meds I will look into Abilify. Thanks for your thoughts.
  13. Chrissybee, how has it been since you posted here? Are you still at 10mg? Did you move up to 20mg? I am at 10mg of cipralex (lexapro) and may end up going up to 20mg but i would have to come off the Wellbutrin I am currently on (having some issues with it). I tried a few years ago to go to the 20mg but I also had a lot of anxiety doing so and stayed at the 10mg. I may try to go to 15mg if it comes to it.
  14. Hey Mitch not sure if you are still on this med but it took me the full 8 weeks at 40mg for it to kick in back in 2003 when I was on it.
  15. Hey George. I thought i read that you stopped the med because of the insomnia. Anyways I went down to 150mg because I thought at 3 weeks in the side effects should not have been still causing me so much head tension plus my sleep was terrible overall. I now take 10mg of cipralex and 150mg of wellbutrin. The W still gives me head tension and jaw tension, makes me irritable and sleepy at first. Then Mello but the head tension takes awhile to go away. I don't feel happy at all so I guess the combo isn't working that great right now. So now I wonder if I should have given 300mg more time but my sleep is overall better now. Uggg this is so frustrating. Maybe I may go up on the cipralex again if nothing changes. I used to be very energetic and happy on cipralex 10 mg some time ago. Not sure what is going on now. I think it has been 6 weeks so far back on 10mg cipralex. Who knows.
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