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  1. My girlfriend of 6 years just broke up with me Kabuto. I am experiencing almost all the same feelings you are. I am convinced all I wanted in life was to spend it with this girl. I have no idea what I want now...
  2. Hello Wrestling, I am currently on 20mg but have been on 40mg in the past. Have you given 40 a decent amount of time to kick in? I'm considering switching to 40 again myself.
  3. Not sure if anyone is interested but I would love to expand upon my gamer friends. I currently play WoW but I'm having trouble staying into it during my depression. :(
  4. Absolute lowest point ever, usually more of an anxiety guy but I am extremely depressed about my break up... and I am a guy. I feel like I shouldn't be but I am. Terrible day.
  5. First day single in a while, feeling the most depressed I have felt in a long time. Not used to fighting this just myself. Always had another who understood. Not sure how this is going to go.
  6. I understand completely. When I fall into an anxious/depression state this is my main problem. I can't handle physical symptoms well and I constantly worry I am going to have a stroke or heart attack. Just had this happen last night after having some good days. I too understand the difficulty in finding yourself back where you started. Its a very tough cycle to break. If you ever need someone to talk to feel free to PM me.
  7. slept pretty good last night but feeling off again sadly
  8. I understand that completely. I sleep better if there is someone around too. That makes me feel really weak though.
  9. I feel for you. I recently upped my dose after dropping it for a bit and it really worked well for a couple days and not feels like it is coming back. I think that makes it extra hard to cope because you feel that great feeling of being anxiety/depression free and then crash back down again. Here is to hoping it levels out for both of us! Hope you feel better.
  10. Not feeling good, had a very crazy weekend but it destroyed my routine and I am back to not sleeping well... feel like I am running out of time to feel better as I get further and further back onto my old dose of med.
  11. Crazy day of work here, got a lot done but wow is it overwhelming. Taking a break even though I feel should keep going gah...
  12. Feeling pretty okay so far today. Hope it lasts. Got some decent sleep despite having a smaller anxiety attack last night. That is a huge plus for me.
  13. Thanks for the tips! I have definitely taken some of them to heart. Moving stuff around though, never thought of that. That is interesting. I can see that helping to break the association with the bed and not sleeping. Really appreciate the post.
  14. Was feeling pretty good today. Slept great last night. Having some anxiety from a headache right now though ugh. Still really sleepy too.
  15. Going for my daily walk after DFing for a bit.
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