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  1. Tried to say: brains beats myth....

  2. Hi, I usually stay away from religion related stuff, but I wanted to tell you that I'm there with you. I too am an atheist and I find religious zealots obnoxious, pushy and frankly: delusional. I don't have any close family left, and I usually keep my opinions to myself, but I would just tell them that the subject is off limits and you refuse to discuss it. Hang in there. Brains beats m...

  3. "I´m currently in treatment for my depression, but I never mentioned this episode of my life. "

    Don't you think this could be relevant? You should tell your therapist everything. Not trying to be bossy or mean, but it sounds pretty important to me. Hope you're doing ok.


  4. Hi

    Just listened to 'Chasing the Dragon' ~ Epica.

    The singer has such a beautiful voice. I've actually heard some of their music on YouTube before. Impressive...

  5. Wow thanks. Very nice of you.....:)

  6. Hi Dave, Just curious, why on earth would Seroquel be used for depression? I had some anxiety, but blocking dopamine which you say gives the feeling of well being, pleasure.... Sounds like a bad choice. I drive a lot for work and I couldn't keep taking the stuff. Thought I was going to pass out and get into a crash. Just curious. Thanks, Steve

  7. Hey, I was out of town this weekend. Hope you're doing ok....


  8. Censorship sucks. I don't know if i can be of any help or not, but if they deleted the part about what your problem is, its pretty hard to reply. I don't think they censor the personal messaging (PM). You can try that if you want.


  9. Hi, Hope you're doing well today. Is that an albino lion on your avatar? Wouldn't an albino have a pink nose? What is it? Its beautiful. (My birthday is in August, and I'm a lion nut. You know, Leo.)


  10. Seriously, that sheep icon is hilarious. Love it. Makes me laugh everytime I see it :)

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