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  1. Steveab63

    Memory Lanes

    I suspect everyone wonders about this. Especially when reminded by movies like Back to the Future, that changing one little detail all those years ago could have changed everything dramatically. I've certainly wondered: "what if..."
  2. Steveab63

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    Day 2 on Zoloft after a few years off AD's. So far no freaking out or feeling like i got hit in the head with an anvil. Hopefully no problems going to work tomorrow, which was my biggest concern. So far so good.
  3. Steveab63

    Crowded Public Places

    Grounded, Goodfor you. Just remember most people are too involved in themselves to be concerned about you. Took me a while to figure that out that myself. Gilberto, Ask your Dr. For some buspirone to get past Wellbutrin's anxiety stage. I got used to it after a while, and only rarely needed the buspirone after that, but a lot of us know how much the anxiety sucks. Of course you have to convince your Dr. That you wont abuse the buspirone, but its not addicting. It worked miracles for me.
  4. Sometimes you have to shut people out of your life, to save yourself. It can be painful when it is family, but it still is necessary. You dont need to be someone's punching bag.
  5. I think money would fix a lot of my problems. If i could pay off all of my bills and mortgage, i wouldnt have that constant anxiety. I could afford to go to doctors, therapists, etc. I could afford to help others that need it and that would feel good. Im a tinkerer so id always be building something. But ill probably never know how any of that feels. You have to be a lying, cheating, scumbag that preys on other people to be rich, and im not like that. So at least i have that going for me.
  6. Steveab63

    Depression with anxiety symptoms

    Hi Kim I totally relate. Its like circling the drain waiting to get sucked down. All i can say is keep busy somehow. If youre occupied or exhausted from being occupied you cant obsess over the 1000 things that pop into your head to worry about. Exercise helps if you're able. Other than that, maybe see a Dr. About getting some meds to take the edge off. Ive been off my meds for a few years, and im going back on them. It sucks but so does feeling horrible. To borrow a phrase: one day at a time... Good luck.
  7. Being able to put yourself in somone else's point of view is a special skill. I think a lot of people lack the ability and it causes a lot of friction. I developed that skill dealing with my mom, who was in and out of mental hospitals since i was s kid. I had to do a lot of millisecond calculations to figure out how to deal with her without upsetting her which would make her emotionally shut down. The result for me is that i am very tolerant of everyone's idiosyncrasies, because i can see their point if view. Maybe that's more confusing than being opinionated and closed minded??? Anyway dont worry about which view to follow. Bounce between the two and use all information to deal with people. It will probably make you a more compassionate and understanding person. You might even have a future as a therapist.
  8. Steveab63

    Has anyone been given Adderall?

    I was on it once briefly, as well as Ritalin. It helped a little, but nothing remarkable. Guess everyone is different.
  9. Steveab63

    therapist or psychiatrist

    The dog might help your depression more than the doctor...
  10. Not sure why this is showing up on my list as it appears to be old...but ill respond anyway. Im a guy and i had the same problems with ssri's, and i get it...its a deal breaker. When youre depressed the last thing you want is having the only pleasure in life taken from you. I had good luck with wellbutrin SR, which does not have that side effect. In fact it can sometimes make things feel better if you get my drift. But, sometimes i had anxiety that it didnt tackle. For that i was given buspirone, which supposedly is not addicting. I used it sparingly and it worked well for me. You may have some convincing to do, as dr's are paranoid about people abusing stuff for anxiety. Anyway, it was a good combo for me, and had the least objectionable side effects.
  11. you need to keep doing things with others and taking more classes in things you like and stop thinking about yourself. introspection is our kryptonite. we will always think of ourselves as lacking in this or that, or worrry that everyone around us thinks we're stupid or inept in some way. that's just our inferiority complex screwing with us, and it's not necessarily true. you just have to keep forging ahead and you'll be good. don't dwell on the bad, that will drag you down. good luck....
  12. Steveab63

    I Hate Myself

    i could have written your post when i was 29. That's how old i was when i finally met a girl and started going out for the first time. never say never. you need to loosen up and keep going out and be around people. stop taking every meeting with a woman so seriously. if something happens good, if not, you don't have to beat yourself up about it for a month. keep trying ....it's a numbers game, the more you try the better the odds. read some self help books about body language and self esteem, etc. knowledge is power. don't give up. i thought i had no chance of ever finding someone, now i've been married for ages. good luck...
  13. Steveab63

    I need to stop giving an Eff

    Wish I could figure out how to not care about anything. I'm always stressed out.
  14. Steveab63

    50+ Years Old and Trapped

    Add me to the list. I'm now mid 50's, no financial security, worried about my job regularly, wondering what's going to blow up in my face next. Yeah, life is grand.....
  15. Steveab63

    I want to disappear

    I lived through a similar home life situation when I was in high school and it was pretty bad. Sorry you're going through that. I also used to go to friend's houses and found it weird that people were laughing and happy, nothing like my house. Don't feel guilty about that. Hang on and bail asap. Even if it's for schooling you don't necessarily want, it's a starting point. You can always do something different later. Once you're out of the home hassles, and start making your own decisions, you'll be able to think more clearly about what direction to go. If all else fails you'll have training in the medical field, which frankly isn't such a bad idea, people will always need that. For many, learning is a lifetime thing, so you can always go back and learn something else. Lot of choices and time. Pick a direction, do that a while, then re evaluate. You don't have to go in a straight line.