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  1. Emptyman You communicate very clearly. And you communicate very clearly about difficult things. You are dealing with a kind of suffering that most people have no idea about. My hope for you would be to be gentle with the way you think about yourself. I'm so glad you shared on Depression Forums. How can we be of help? Tim
  2. The Dark: Thank you for the update. I'm tracking the ups and downs. I wonder what the tears are saying to you. I've been crying alot lately and believe it is old sadnesses I've never let myself experience. Tim
  3. SteadyArrow Thanks for sharing this beautiful human story and encouraging us at the same time. Tim
  4. Welcome Lenora: Depression is a mental illness, a disease of the brain, but it affects the entire body, our way of managing energy too. I think you are getting excellent feedback above. I don't have much to add. If I were to add one thing it would be to encourage you to try to keep moving and doing at least something everyday (be gentle with yourself when you can't). But some activity (even a walk to get the mail), helps keep the depression at least a little at bay. Tim
  5. high anxiety Oh, that's way too much loss that you've experienced. I'm learning that I''ve had a mask of sorts for most of my life stemming from early parental loss (father when I was six). Now I have crying fits almost out of the blue.
  6. ranger I'm so sorry that Parnate stopped working for you. it is so frustrating when a medicine that was helping stops helping. I've had that experience twice. It sounds like you have a plan. dTMS has helped alot of people and I hope you are one of them. Tim
  7. Eternally Alone Welcome back. My hope is that you will find several people who are interested in what you have to say. I hope you have a good Friday. Keep us posted on what's going on in your life. Tim
  8. Syuvi Part of your conversation with the doctor would include your nervousness about sharing with your parents. Family doctors have heard so many stories if he/she is good she/he will have some wisdom about how to approach the issue.
  9. Sorry for being slow to respond. This counselor did you a great disservice. The list of wrong moves made by the therapist would be rather long to say the least. I"m sorry you had this experience. I hope venting helped some. I also hope you can find a therapist who will respect the suffering you've experienced.
  10. syvui: I'm thinking through how the conversation with your parents might go if it went 70% well. And is there a teacher or minister or youth leader of some activity that you trust that you could talk to. From what you are describing your symptoms do sound like depression (I'm not a doctor) and you deserve to receive treatment.
  11. Hi Alibi: Thanks for posting and introducing yourself. I can identify with the experience of not being able to snap out of feeling down and unmotivated. The medicines are sometimes a challenge to get "right." When they've worked for me they've been a lifesaver. In addition to the meds, do you have a therapist? How can we be a support to you? Keep posting, we want to be helpful and I sense that your experience would be helpful to others. Tim
  12. Tommy No need to apologize for the length. You have a full and indescribably difficult story to tell. I hope it is not offensive to say you've been through hell. My goodness you've endured abundant pain. I'm not feeling sorry for you, I'm more in awe of your endurance. Besides reading (listening), how can we be of support? Tim
  13. Cut grass and cleaned up my home office a bit.
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