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  1. Each of us responds a bit differently to the medicines including the SSRI's. They have slightly different chemical structures so certain SSRI's tend to have somewhat different response profiles. For example, Luvox has the tendency to be somewhat more sedating like than, say, Prozac. I'd talk with your doctor about what medicine he/she would recommend for social anxiety. I can certainly understand why you'd be considering Paxil.
  2. Kabuto: I'm glad you felt you could describe your fear on this forum. Relationship attachments are so important to our health. It must be difficult to deal with the fear of betrayal. I'm wondering if you have experienced betrayal in the past. The would certainly inform your hesitancy. If you have experienced betrayal in the past that your fear isn't irrational. The challenge is being able to see the difference between your past and what your present possibilities are. Do you currently have friends that have been trustworthy?
  3. wellbutrin and alcohol?

    Sage: I can understand that you'd like to be able to enjoy modest amounts of alcohol from time to time. The prescribing information available on line about Wellbutrin does strongly caution against alcohol use (not uncommon for many anti-depressants). I'd encourage you talk with your prescribing doctor. Unfortunately, the use of anti-depressants often involves trade offs for most of us. For me, the positive benefits of the anti-depressants lead me to choose to live without somethings because I don't want to mess with my body or take the risk of doing so. Wishing you the best.
  4. Thanks for sharing your experience sapphirerose. Tapering down on the anti-depressants can be a challenge. You managed the tapering down symptoms very well, you were aware of what was going on and didn't let the symptoms control your day. Take care of yourself.
  5. Depression Advice.

    I had a hard time getting going on Cymbalta. It is made me nauseous, a bit wired and fuzzy thinking at the same time. So, I understand about the side effects. It might take a bit more time for the Cymbalta's side effects to go away. I do hope you have a chance to talk with your doctor. Regarding work, and I don't know if this will work for you, but you might consider just how much you have to perform or achieve at work. When many of us are struggling, we have discovered that our work performance doesn't have to be 100% to be able to do a good enough job. Especially if one can be connected relationally to folks and not stir up conflict. Often we have such high expectations of ourselves that does a kind of double whammy to the stress of going back to work. What would it be like to allow yourself to function at 80% on the job? Too much advice, probably, from me. Bottom line: I hope you are feeling better soon and that the Cymbalta evens out and is helpful to you.
  6. Insomnia

    Insomnia is not fun. Nope, no fun at all. I listen to music. I find it helps to at least calm my being upset about not being able to sleep.
  7. i feel horrible

    Sophia: Thaks for your post. The downward spiral won't last forever. You may be suffering from depression and if this is the case your brain is telling you negative things that aren't true. It is a symptom. Also, I know that when I'm feeling depressed I compare myself with those less fortunate and that isn't helpful in the long run. Our challenges are real and don't need to be compared as greater or lesser than another's. It's just the way it is in life. How can we be helpful? Tim
  8. Please help me. I'm losing my emotions.

    Klearine: You have been through alot. And I'm grateful you have trusted DF with your story. It doesn't surprise me that you feel empty and are not able to feel anything. You probably have shut down your feelings as an understandable defense against all the difficult feelings you've experienced along the way. So, you are not the worse human for being emotionless. You are feeling numb because your mind knows that it doesn't want to handle any more of the negative, difficult feelings. Sometimes when the feeling of trauma is still so very real to us it helps to once or so a day to sit still in a quiet place. Touch a piece of fabric and feel how real it is. Or rub your finger with your thumb and feel the touch. This is a grounding exercise that helps you, in a small step, regain your ability to experience the here and now and be a little less overwhelmed. How else can we help? tim
  9. Day 1 Wellbutrin

    I have been on Wellbutrin. It can be a good med. It is sturdy. And actually has a pretty low side effect profile. It can be very hard starting an anti-depressant. The first three weeks or so you can feel yucky in many different ways. But it worth giving Wellbutrin a try
  10. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong

    Hey Bare Metal I can understand that you feel stuck. And that feeling is real for you. But I also want to observe that you are resilient. You are interviewing. That shows you are resilient. I think things are going to unfold positively for you Tim
  11. Hello there! Long time man! How's everything?

    1. Tim 52

      Tim 52

      Good enough!.  Thanks for checking in. How life is good enough for you.  


  12. Feeling Pressure from all directions

    G: You are a high functioning, brave person. The personal trainer move sounds good. Exercise almost always is good for the brain. I wish you the best with your conversation with your partner. It sometimes helps me to think about what I want to have happen in a conversation and what I don't want to have happen. And to voice this.
  13. Feeling Pressure from all directions

    Hey G: You have alot going on. What you wrote didn't read scatterbrained, it read like notes from a person that has lots of stuff to deal with right now. You've worked very hard over the years to take care of yourself and how your brain works. Kudos to you. It's not easy work. I wonder what two things you might do over the next week to give yourself some breathing space and support... t
  14. More depressed than ever.

    The Stanza: There is no easy way around it; the loss of an important relationship hurts so bad. I'm glad you felt like you could post here. I can understand why you are feeling stuck, not able to eat, sleep and so forth. We all make mistakes in relationships. We make mistakes everyday. I imagine that your ex-girlfriend struggled with things too. I encourage you to do some activity every hour or so. Your body needs some motion to keep your brain functioning. Walk. Even if it is for five minutes. I wonder what plan you can make to see a counselor. Be gentle with yourself. Tim
  15. Epic FAIL!

    I can't fix anything. I think you it is great that you even tried. I'm sorry your day went all to heck. Be gentle to yourself. Tim