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  1. Wendy Thanks for posting. I'll be interested to hear about your progress. I have no experience with Parnate but my psychologist (not psych doctor) thinks I should consider it. I imagine that like most AD's people have all kinds of experiences of when it starts to work. I've read many people report that when it does start to work it is very helpful. Tim
  2. Starting an SSRi can be a challenge. Yet when they work they can be a life changer. I have no medical training but do have personal experience,. My doctor has always started me on a low dose of a SSRi and then increased it over time, Also, sometimes my doctor has added an anti-anxiety med for a few weeks while my body adjusts to the SSRi. For many of us the start up side effects go away after about two weeks and after about a month the positive effect kicks in.
  3. It is so hard to know how to answer questions about the right combination of meds. I think you are asking all the right questions. I took cymbalta by itself for several years with good results. I encourage you to ask your doctor your questions and if the answers don’t make sense to you find a psychiatrist or other doctor that has more experience with mental health meds
  4. Hey Silent One I wish I knew more what to say. Perhaps one of the way to lower the stress would be to go ahead and order the pizza and have a piece or two. Your anxiety will probably go up a bit and then once you've done it it will probably go down. Tim
  5. This is hard stuff you are going through. I'm glad you are reaching out for some feedback. That takes strength and wisdom. You'd like to open up with your therapist about the "eating problem." So, I encourage you to. I don't know the laws or rules about forcing inpatient. But the subject is already present in the room so it seems like a healthy move to bring it more out in the open. I wonder if there is a way for you to ask for a collaborative approach to the conversation and to share your concern about inpatient. You deserve to be healthy and whole. And a conversation with your therapist about the challenges related to eating may contribute to that goal. How does this sound? What concerns do you have?
  6. I have had 30 ECT treatments since January. I trust the doctors who are doing it. They follow very strict protocols. I've had some memory loss around the time of the treatments. I've had marginal improvement. For some people it is a life saver.
  7. Tim 52


    I have had 30 ECT treatments since January. I trust the doctors who are doing it. They follow very strict protocols. I've had some memory loss around the time of the treatments. I've had marginal improvement. For some people it is a life saver.
  8. Sentinel2 Any kind of move is stressful. So on top of your depression you are having to manage the complications that come with a move. Keep at it. It may take awhile, but the apartment will at some point seem like home, like a safe place, like the right place. It is okay to complain and i'm glad you felt you could do that by posting on DF. How can we get you some additional support? Do you have a therapist? Are you taking medication? You shouldn't have to wrestle through the flight or fight responses by yourself. Tim
  9. Tim 52

    Every time

    Oh Cent, you have alot going on. I'm glad you posted. I wish I had a magic answer for you. One theme is loss. Your Dad, Emily, your brother and just the losses that go with moving through school. What is your primary support system right now? Do you have a therapist?
  10. Gillis: Unfortunately, psych meds can run out of gas. For some people they do and for some people they don't. Your depression may have a brain chemistry basis and you may need the meds. Sertaline may be the right one for you again or you may need to switch. Best to you Tim
  11. What a kind and thoughtful post, Devlinkyla. Than you!
  12. Hey Shadowkat I don't have experience with 5htp. I think you are wise to call your doctor on Monday. Also, remember that it is not unusual for symptoms to get worse or anxiety to spike when starting a new med. Tim
  13. I have, nojoy. it wasn't that helpful for me. The test i took shows how my body metabolizes meds. Which ones fast. Which ones slow. It ranks them in three categories. Green. Yellow and Red. Two meds that used to work really well for me were in the Yellow range (like worked for 8 plus years). We tried two of the Green ranked meds and the side effects were awful. So, I don't know. Some people say it helps. Some doctors say it helps. Didn't help me. Tim
  14. MarkintheDark: Thanks for the post. Sharing more of your background,. And the highlight of this important historic event.
  15. This does sound like an unlivable situation regarding your home. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. It sounds very stressful. And I can certainly see how there is no easy solution. You are holding alot of responsibility for your family. Are there ways for you to expand your support network. Please use DF. Keep posting. We want to support you.
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