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  1. Windsurfer: You are the one who will know the best. Given that you doing well and that your primary symptoms are under control, bi-weekly makes sense (every other week, right?) Depending on how busy your therapist is, I've found it helps to schedule ahead several weeks. It is easier to cancel than it is to get an appointment with a busy therapist. Tim
  2. JessieJake: I'm no doctor. But I will reply. Most anti-depressants a person is weaned off of. I do know that prozac has a long half life in our bodies so for many it is one of the few drugs a doctor might have you come off of with no tapering. In an earlier post you mention trying an anti-anxiety medicine but it wasn't helpful. Many doctors will prescribe an anti-anxiety medicine like clonezapam when one is starting an anti-depressant as a way to manage the start up anxiety. Tim
  3. JessieJake: All the feelings you are describing make perfect sense as you try to manage the anxiety and start a new medicine. When prozac works it can be very, very helpful for both depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, it can, as you know, take awhile to work. When I've started on the class of medicine that includes prozac (SSRI's) I did have an increase in anxiety. It lasted for about two weeks and then I started feeling some of the positive affects. If you can, try not to worry right now about weight gain. For many of us, the gain is minimal or not at all. And there are ways to manage it if that does happen. When do you see the doctor next? And is the doctor a primary care physician or a psychiatrist, if you don't mind me asking? I wish the best for you. Tim
  4. Toughfighter: It is so very difficult to manage social anxiety disorder. I can imagine that it is frustrating. Please be gentle with yourself. I'm not sure there are many people that are gifted with starting conversations with new people. I wish I had magic advice for you. I wonder how a therapist who specializes in social anxiety would coach you. Wishing you the best. Tim
  5. Countryman: I'm not in the same situation. i just want you to know that I read your post and I can understand how things are in shambles for you right now. You are in a difficult situation. Tim
  6. All these important questions about meaning and life. Blueskys you are a careful and thorough thinker. I don't think depression is a punishment thought it feels like one. Tim
  7. Nathassia Welcome to DF. I hope you feel like you can share what's going on in your life here. I know that has helped me. At the very least, it has helped me feel less alone. Best to you , Tim
  8. A few people still: Just think happy thoughts and surround yourself with positive people. Me: Tell that to my brain chemistry.
  9. Mike: It is difficult when the depression starts to sneak back. Ugh. I'm sorry you are experiencing this. I'm glad you posted and i hope you have the opportunity to make use of other support like docs and/or therapist to nip this in the bud. Best, Tim
  10. mmd Loneliness is real and no fun. I'm sorry for the silence that you are experience. Being alone is draining in its own upside down backwards way. Keep posting here. Folks will respond. Tim
  11. I'm not a doctor (in any way ). But I do know there are many anti-anxiety meds that can be helpful. Perhaps your body adapts to this medicine too quickly. There are other medicines in the same class and sometimes anti-depressants are used for anxiety too. I hope you can have a conversation with this about your doctor. It is so upsetting to feel such high degrees of anxiety. I'm sorry you are going through this. I do think a conversation with your doctor might yield a medicine that works better for you.
  12. Thanks for sharing your story. You have alot going on. And the choices that are in front of you are not easy ones to make decisions about. And you are not in any way a monster. Nope. No way. You are facing tough struggles. I wish I could be more helpful. Just now that i read your post carefully and have "heard" you. Tim
  13. Morgan: You are so very articulate about what you are going through. You have been through many struggles. I admire the way you have drawn boundaries and worked hard to make a highly functional life for yourself. Well done. Really. I think that you have inner resources that will help you get through the pregnancy. I wonder if there are ways to expand your support network. You deserve healthy support during the next several months. Tim
  14. agonyme: OCD is so very difficult. And I'm sorry you are dealing with it. Plus, I"m sorry you are having to deal with it by yourself. That must be so hard. You deserve some relief from the symptoms. I've been helped by medicines. I know that you didn't get good results from a SSRI. Have you tried more than one? Do you have a physician that understands anxiety? If so I would talk with him/her about other kinds of medicines that might help. A medicine called Klonopin has helped me. It can be addicting though it hasn't been for me. My advice, I imagine, isn't that helpful. But I want you to know I read your post and I do understand the pain of OCD. It is real and it can hurt so bad. Tim
  15. SailingSoul: First, congratulations on your school accomplishments. Well done. This represents alot of hard work. I wish your family was more supportive. Your family does not show care for you in a way that is supportive. This must be draining and I can see why you would feel depressed or sad or lonely (or all three). I hope that you find the support you deserve. Tim
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