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  1. It's the micromanagers I can't stand! Learn some interpersonal skills already. The brownnosers are almost, but not quite, as bad.
  2. Bri33, I am happy that you found us here. You will find a very caring group here as well. I'm sorry for what you are dealing with. Part of the tragedy of depression is that it also robs us of our objectivity at times and skews our viewpoints. I don't really have the answers, as I am in the midst of it all myself. Just know that you are not alone, and keep seeking out what works for you. And is that psychiatrist isn't getting back to you, then find a more responsible one that will! We are here for you. Bootstraps
  3. I keep hearing about journaling. I think I am scared of this as I'm kind of afraid of what's going to come out? If that makes any sense. Maybe that means I am still burying painful things... And if that is the case, is that ok? My anger has lessened considerably in the last several years to where I don't want to drudge up stuff. Not sure if that is a healthy stance or not?!? Anyway, thank you for your reply. Bootstraps
  4. I am a nurse. Suffice it to say there are a lot of takers in this world. Just remember, the way you treat your nurse goes a long way. We are not your servants, we are not there to B dumped on or to listen to all of your problems. We are here to help, but only I you want to help yourselves. Don't get me wrong, there are rewarding moments, but for the most part, it is a thankless job. Treat your nurse well, and she/ he will return that to you tenfold. And please don't ask us to just bring your pain medicine in 'when its time' and wake you up to take it. Won't happen. And definitely don't set the alarm on your cell phone to wake you up to ask for it. Big no-no. Believe me we notice these things. We are not a pain management clinic. Glad I got that off my chest. Bedside nursing can suck the life out of you I you let it! Feels good to vent..... On the up side, I have crazy job security! Bootstraps
  5. Feeling a little better today. I would love ❤ to hear a few positive stories of what works for you now or has worked for you in the past. I am trying to be more proactive in managing this depression, and part of that is interacting more with others on here. It has been such a comfort to learn that there are people like me and that people do care and want to help, period! Please share those moments with me.
  6. In respond to my own question, I have come up with the following: Overall, I want to remember the power of words and try to shape my reality with positive responses, words of encouragement. Pick up overtime at work at least once a week, but take a mental health day if that's what I need. I want to be gentler on myself. Set timer to tidy up for 15 min a day (even when I don't feel like it). And on the really harsh days, make myself he out of bed and brush my teeth! I'll start with that.....
  7. Just wondering what everyone reading this will do differently or the same in the upcoming year to care for yourself while in those deep, dark places. Do you have coping strategies that already work that you would like to share here? Or perhaps, are you excited to try some new techniques you may have learned or heard about. Please share!
  8. Bootstraps here. What other things (besides my meds) help me? An attitude of gratitude. Sugar free red bulls. Vitamin B12 pills. Extra strength Excedrin. Drinking more water. Occasionally fasting. Mass. A good nights sleep. Avoiding alcohol. Work (forcing myself to get up early and going and not calling out.) Being there more for my children, being a responsible parent, following through. A hot bath. Not talking negatively about others- or myself. An occasional green salad. My bed. This forum!!!
  9. Sorry to hear about your layoff, theguy. Times are tough, I am in the process of trying to switch jobs myself. Please keep us posted on when the Wellbutrin "kicks in" for you and if it adds to your motivation. I am looking into that med as well. Thanks! Bootstraps
  10. How does this work for long tem worrying and anxiety with depression meds (fluoxitine)? Maybe cutting down on some anxieties would help be more motivated, face more things. Feedback? Bootstraps
  11. Well, I thought the green and yellow capsules I used to take were "brand", but I think curexcomplex said something about those being generic as well. Now I take a type made by Sandoz. So I guess both are generic, but the other one was more motivating for sure!
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