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  1. I've got a guest coming to visit in a week and a half. She'll be here for nearly 3 weeks. It's going to be hell keeping the place picked up and tidy, but my goal is to accomplish that. My cleaning lady is supposed to come the day before my guest arrives to give things a deep cleaning. Repeat after me...ARGH!!!
  2. Actually, "emotional support animals" are not considered to be service animals. ESAs are for things like your housing situation. Service dogs (and in some cases, service horses) are the ONLY animals that are considered to be "valid" service animals. That rule changed with the Amended Americans with Disabilities Act a couple years ago. There were too many "service snakes/cats/hamsters/lizards/birds, etc. out there. There ARE psychiatric service dogs (and horses) out there, I just recommend that you don't refer to them that way if the gatekeepers attempt to give you a raft of feces about it. Just say "this is a service dog/horse" and leave it at that. I bought a bunch of "I am a service dog" cards and keep them on hand for the more stubborn gatekeepers who don't know their ear from their elbow, but I don't let myself be bullied. http://www.disabilityrightsca.org/pubs/548301.pdf
  3. Thanks, Gekido. You might suggest he try reapplying now, as the rules have been changed. Until recently, they could deny a lot of things, based on whether or not the symptoms could be "mitigated" with medication. They're not allowed to consider medication any longer.
  4. This is one of the reasons we have a gal come in every other week to do the deeper cleaning that's necessary around here. I have a hard enough time dealing with the minor stuff. It's not that I'm lazy. I'm very much aware of how bad things can get. It's just that the drive to get it taken care of isn't there.
  5. This has really put me in an "off" mood. I wish I could scream, but I'm in an apartment building. Why does Social Security Disability have to be such a pain in the butt?????
  6. There is no documentation requirement to enter businesses, etc., however, if you're planning to bring a service animal into an apartment, your landlord/manager can require something from your doctor saying that s/he is treating you for a condition that requires that you have a service animal. The paperwork does not (and should not) require specifics as to your disability. That's according to HUD rules (the ADA doesn't cover service animals in housing).
  7. Well, finally got the results of my appeal before the judge, and while they found me to be "severely impaired" with findings of severe major depression, fibromyalgia, obesity and migraine, I don't qualify for disability benefits at this time. Spoke with the attorney I had, and he said that once I turn 50, however (a few months from now), I should reapply (rather than appealing this judgment) and based on this current decision, I should be approved for benefits at that time. Gotta love how it's considered to be a "severe impairment" (can anyone think of a synonym for that word that starts with "dis"?) for now, but when I reach my 50th birthday, they use another word to describe it. Meh! (He didn't even address the ADHD, even though that was Dx'ed a few years ago, and is part of my doctor's medical records on me.)
  8. I had their "independent" exams over a year ago. Even though I didn't apply for things like Alzheimer's or something like it, the shrink kept asking memory-related questions that didn't have anything to do with my claim. Go figure. The physician I saw was familiar with Fibromyalgia (a family member has it) but that apparently wasn't taken into consideration, because that resulted in my second denial. The "comprehensive exam" I'm waiting to hear about is basically me seeing another doctor or doctors who may or may not even practice the kind of medicine that would be appropriate for my comorbidities, for them to decide whether or not I'm "really" disabled. From what I've read about them so far online, people's experiences haven't been very shiny. We'll see what happens, I suppose. :P
  9. I got a letter yesterday saying that they are going to schedule me for a "comprehensive examination". Does anyone know what I can expect with that?
  10. I had my disability hearing yesterday morning, and I found it more than a little surreal. There was the judge presiding over everything, one disembodied doctor who listened to the proceedings through a squawkbox, an in-person doctor and the vocational guy. Oh, and the court reporter. After I explained my disabilities and issues through questions and answers from both the judge and my attorney, and what I go through every day (as far as I can see, it certainly fits the listings), Disembodio said he felt I didn't meet it, and then signed off. The in-person doctor pretty much attacked me verbally and suggested that I commit myself to a mental facility for in-patient treatment (that's not going to happen). Meanwhile, with all this, and saying that he thought I should live in a ward for a while, he esentially said that he doesn't feel that I should get disability. Wouldn't his opinion that I should stay in a place with upholstered walls suggest that I DO have a serious issue going on here? I'm proud of myself that I didn't tell him where to go and give him directions. Maybe someone slipped him decaf instead of leaded coffee earlier in the morning. I wouldn't know. And then, when the judge asked the vocational guy if there were any jobs that someone with my co-morbidities could do, after narrowing things down all the way, the vocational guy said No. At which point the hearing was closed and I was ushered out the door with my attorney. What would you all think of something like this? I'm asea.
  11. Waiting on word from SS on my hearing.

  12. My memory has definitely been affected by my depression. I really worried that it might be signaling something worse, but my doctor assured me it is a common symptom of depression. Still sucks, though.
  13. My hearing before a judge (since they kept denying me during the "faceless" end of things and I stubbornly continued to appeal) is on February 1st. It appears they're going to have three people there on the side of SS (which I gleaned from the paperwork I was sent). I'll have my disability lawyer. Wee. Wish me luck.
  14. Meistersinger, if you're in the US, the Amended ADA says that they may NOT consider whether or not medication can control a disability when making their determination. You may need to approach your attorney with the updated information in hand. Good luck!
  15. FMS is Fibromyalgia Syndrome. It can keep me from being able to get out of bed, much less walk, when it flares up. My latest determination letter said they felt I could engage in normal life activities. They're wrong.
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