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  1. I've had anhedonia on and off for 6/7 years now but full on anhedonia for say 2+ years now. Anhedonia was what kicked off my depression too and I was the same you know wondering what on earth is going on sort of thing. Now my anhedonia is pretty permanent it seems. I hope there's a solution but nothing is forthcoming in the UK it seems which really is depressing!! Still when I feel less down I keep the fight going but I do worry my life is disappearing right before my eyes.
  2. Sounds interesting ... is that it though? I know recollection of past emotions can help trigger emotions in the present but it doesn't allow you to experience fresh emotions much I found. Also I don't want to experience misery i.e. be off medication as a long time answer to cure anhedonia. Pain can **** I've been told and the dark moods one can experience when off meds are triggering the pain parts of the brain. Its scary to think what prolonged suffering/misery can do to the brain/mind. Personally I think its this that triggers severe anhedonia well it certainly appeared to in my case. I would like to come off meds but I don't fancy suffering for an untold amount of weeks/months hoping that my brain will recover. Anyways guys your thoughts are welcome on that matter. Cheers.
  3. Hi guys, My issue with this Anhedonia Support website is that she's attempting to make money off people's illness. Personally I don't get why someone would do this. If I had the answers then I would give them for free as I wouldn't want people to suffer. That's just my view - no criticism of her as a person though.
  4. Interesting its good to know there are options out there!
  5. Mate please don't give up there is always hope in this life.
  6. Doctors are stupid ... was this in the UK? They always think the answer is therapy for anything they don't have a cure for. Totally dumb I know!!
  7. I'd agree with Tinamommy too. I know its not the same medication but I have had some bumps in the road with Mirtazapine and Abilify even though they've been pretty reliable at keeping my mood stable.
  8. Moclobemide sounds interesting. Seems not to have the food issues related to other MAOIs. Does it help with anhedonia if so I'd love to give it a whirl!!!
  9. Have you just started taking Mirtazapine because when you first taking it really knocks you out I recall. It took a while for the med to settle in but I still feel sleepy during the day even though I've been on it for years. I'm on Mirtazapine 45mg and Abilify 15mg.
  10. Done a bit of research and it appears superficially that both meds are available in the UK. I can't believe my luck. I just need to go to the psychiatrist and move on with my agenda. Thanks Jaiho!!! Hopefully something good comes out of this. :-)
  11. Mm when I spoke to the psychiatrist last time and mentioned Parnate she said she'd never heard of it. I couldn't believe it. What about Nortriptyline is that available in the UK or NZ?
  12. Yeah I came across her website too and I posted it in another thread. I think consensus is that it seems very opportunistic to try and make money out of such a horrible condition. If she knows something and has been through the same then why on earth isn't she giving out that information for free? If I had a cure for this I would share it.
  13. Jaiho I live in the UK but my father is from New Zealand so I think I can apply for a NZ passport. I'm wondering if the combo you speak of is available in NZ or would I need to come to Australia? Look forward to your response. Many thanks.
  14. Interesting thread. I too am scared of Parnate but if you say taking Nortriptyline counters the dietary restrictions then that is indeed a great thing. I don't suppose Parnate plus Nortriptyline are available in the UK though?
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