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  1. Bad drug. Trazedone is better, plus taken at night and helps sleep.
  2. When one is feeling "much worse" after being prescribed to take more of a drug, it's time to get off it. Lexapro is being pushed. Get off it and try prozac and trazadone; older drugs, but safer and won't make you feel "much worse." And maybe get into a support group. Good people and a good life are out there somewhere, but we have to go find them.
  3. Lexapro sucks, it does that. Get off it a.s.a.p. At most, just do prozac, train yourself to do something you enjoy, do talk therapy, and learn to meditate.
  4. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  5. Hi wduclos and welcome to DF

  6. My wife has been on Lexapro and decided in March to start tapering off it. She has been gradually reducing dosage, as recommended,
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