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  1. Hi Thank you, I've since been off of it and it's clearing my system. I've never been more afraid in my life! I had many terrible days where my navigational system in my brain felt like it was 'disabled' and I felt helpless. I still hope someone does reply eventually though, if they've experienced it.
  2. I've only taken Gabapentin - for anxiety. Lyrics was created some time after Gabapentin, and they're a bit similar. I heard that Lyrica does help - but I've never tried it before. You can google more about it, and there are also Youtube videos about it. Take care!
  3. Feb 6 2018: Went from 10mg to 25mg after 7 days, where I started becoming slower and couldn't think properly and started freaking out. Been finally lowering my dosage to the lowest, but I'm still experiencing it and has been the scariest thing I have ever experienced; where I cannot feel, it's like everything that I know - I do not know anymore, I cannot feel or relate to anything -- my habits/my routine, everything vanished.. I came across a youtube video where it mentions 'blunting' of the frontal lobe.. but this time it was the most extreme I've ever had, libido / self-awareness / self-direction.. all numbed out, almost like I am clueless as to the person I am. Update Feb 8 2018: I'm now at 10mg and am still a bit concerned about the cognitive troubles / memory loss. Do I need to decrease to 5mg first for a few days before stopping or can I just go off of 10mg? Does memory improve once I stop taking Nortriptyline (which I believe is from the Anticholinergic effects // or Norepinephrine increase in the brain)
  4. I was experiencing numbing and memory troubles at 25mg, So I went down to 20mg for 2 days, then 15mg for 3 days.. and now 10mg (again) starting dosage for 2 days now... But the memory trouble / self-awareness are giving me anxiety/panic attacks because I feel like I don't know all the things I used to know.. Do I need to go down to 5mg first before stopping or can I just stop from 10mg???? And does your memory improve when you're off Nortriptyline. Please I'm worried sick. Thank you.
  5. Hi there, it's usually around 100, 150 or 200mg where people find relief with Fluvoxamine - when it comes to "heavier" depression. I send you my prayers that you'll get there soon. Many blessings.
  6. I just bought 200mg but I now read that there are people taking 1200mg / 1600mg daily?? Now I don't know how much to take and whether or not to increase the dosage - please advise! Is it necessary to take the 200mg twice a day to notice any effect??
  7. Are you still on it? I just started day 1 on 200mg... not sure if I should increase the dosage and for how long before any noticeable effect... Thanks
  8. Has anyone taken it at this amount for an extended period of time before? and if it has been proven to be effective as such. I have ruminative ocd.. and also the heavy-head sort of brain that affects thinking and processing. Also how do you go about it if you're to take this 14g-18g at night - and then take during the day, like do you stick to 2-3g 2x a day for that, whilst taking the 14g-18g at night? Are there possibilities of exceeding daily amounts etc..? I'm still confused if I should go with St. John's Wort instead, Lithium Orotate or SAM-E... (these are perhaps the worries appearing at this point of typing) I'm just in a state that I find it difficult to commit to memory things and find I"m always stuck.
  9. I want to hear from people (if anyone) who has taken Inositol to this level and if it proved to be effective in a the course of a month or longer. Thank you! Also how do you go about it if you're to take this 14g-18g at night - and then take during the day, like do you stick to 2-3g 2x a day for that, whilst taking the 14g-18g at night? Are there possibilities of exceeding daily amounts etc..?
  10. Hi There, I'm glad you're posting and keeping in touch with the community. I've been with the community on and off for almost 15 years now. Now im going to explain my experience. It does to an extent take "experience" in taking these things long enough to know where you stand - because you Also need to learn about yourself by journalling, living life to know whether or not you need that amount/dosage or if you can eventually learn to live without them. That being said, there are people Born with ocd who require taking this - but there is the other co-morbid Ocd which I had as a result of traumas as a sensitive child being scolded, and not being given the proper love and care at times - along with growing up feeling "forced" into society without being able to tend nor listen to my own heart and emotions. With my own scenario explained; Personally - At 75mg, it was the line-drawn I find. That's where it was almost at the cliff.. and the depression can show up and manifest itself IF YOU ARE NOT YET READY TO battle or cope, or have yet to develop the necessary coping skills; bear in mind, just going for therapy and talking out your moods (which is Very useful) may not be the only weapon you need. You may need to teach yourself meditation, listen to relaxation audios at night for sleep - you have to take care of you, as this one can be tricky if you are under the support of family/friends telling you what to do. You have to journal daily, once every few days or on weekends if you can't afford the time during the week. Speak to yourself in writing/music/singing - and yes I empathise and know how "disconnected" you feel with this medication. It can numb you, and the scary part being that when you tell some doctors, they may even disagree or say "this medication doesn't do that". So it is important to write, and keep writing it all out and put Your pieces together. Figure out what triggers you, figure out what scared you as a child, appreciate as much as possible (in spite of the emotional disconnect/low libido) your sexuality. Do all this Bit by Bit.. Don't try to Force emotion or actions when on this med, because it can be rather numbing and you yourself can tell when you are being over-confident. Keep writing to you, or blogging - like the blog I created at my profile, you can read about my experieces - which Vary greatly from period to period of taking the med and what point in my life i was at. You can choose to work things out in your life first (if you can) before cutting down.. However if you do sense something is wrong emotionally and are trying to cut down - my perspective is that 25mg is actually "a lot" of the medication in the body already from my experience having cut down from it. My Advice to you that you can refer to in future - You need to buy a pill splitter or request the liquid form from your doctor to go down from 25mg and down. There are videos on youtube especially one which I've gone back to time and time again - I'll private message you the link. Also there's this other link. [please see member for link to 'Tips for tapering off Luvox (fluvoxamine)' on Surviving Antidepressants] You need to have your goals, and mental support as written above / maturity, personal time (off time from work/school) and other supports, like this community and family support - when you are going 50 to 25 and below.. go slow and set around 2-3 weeks for each cut, (25mg for 2 to 3 weeks, 12.5mg for 2-3 weeks, 6.25mg for 2 weeks-ish or longer). Best to you! Hi there Lumi, I've never taken that before together with Fluvoxamine. I take it you're needing Lithium for Bi-polar?
  11. I'm not sure if this the place to post - but I am going 1 day at a time in the 'quitting process of an SSRI' and, aside from Fish Oils - What other things could I be taking to alleviate possible withdrawal symptoms and after-effects of quitting? I already take B-Complex daily. And I have magnesium to take when I need for sleep. I do own L-tyrosine which did help (which I am now placing as a back up - as it does induce insomnia in me and a wired state after it wears off). But is there anything else - any input is welcome. As a male, is Zinc necessary? Thank you guys, these forums have been a blessing to me over the years. P.S. / After-Thought, Not exactly related to my main enquiries -- I am likely possibly considering going with Natural Supplements, even St. John's Wort is a consideration. Not too sure about SAM-E after seeing some Youtube reviews and their overviews.
  12. Following the philosophy of Taoism has been one source of Gradual strength for me. In Taoist meditation as well - Where breathing goes to the heart, and then as the heart warms - sending this energy into the 'Dan Tien' / The tummy where our "hidden" emotions sit. This isn't a one-stop solution of course. But is a source of strength. You can read my blog about my recent / latest experience which I just posted to. So Much Love to You my fellow human. P.S. Thank you 'long journey' for your kind words that made me smile, in your comment. This user's comments at my blog have been a reminder to me, that showing gratitude for what someone has done/posted can cheer their day up - if even just a little.
  13. That's wonderful :) I've since updated my blog. Hope you are doing great -- so much love to you
  14. 12 years on SSRI's recently coming off - on my own. Now I'm sharing my story with those who are going through their rough times. Much My story: I had a lot of 'neglect' as a child and as an Intuitive, I was very sensitive; my parents didn't know better and some of the things they did and said was in fact "Abuse" to my psyche -- they aren't bad people, but parents' actions and communication are Vital to a child's development and confidence. I developed Borderline personality traits (on top of co-dependency issues which I am now learning to be Independent) Independence is a tricky one -- You need to learn how to Recognise 'You', and is a gradual process. I picked up on Taoism, and its teachings have greatly improved my mind, along with its meditation aspects. I was also fortunate enough to come across Lisa A. Romano's youtube channel -- she has helped change my perspective. As I learned to accept things with learning 'The Tao' from Taoism (and how Taoism does not acknowledge Karma and waiting for thing to happen), I went forth and spoke to my dad whom I hadn't in a long time. Crying ensued of course. The river flows within us all, and that River was once again set in motion within me. I've been gauging and learning to cut off Fluvoxamine. I realised as a sensitive person, bullying/traumas as a child REALLY get repressed; repressed memories -- they can be such that SSRI's can temporarily help, but without proper guidance or Doctors who care to listen when you say 'something is wrong with taking the meds', SSRI's become like Alcohol, it continues to block that out. And the question is: "Where is the reprieve from all the past hurts and pains?" You almost can't find any relief, because the Emotional Brain is blocked, but you can;t get off these meds because it's so darn difficult if you're new to quitting it or don't know how to deal with your sufferings/pain. It is not an easy journey, when with meds. I am not saying to immediately jump off of it or that coming off is the answer, but Inside you is a Light, that you can learn to trust -- You have to also sense and be able to tell if your doctor is helping You as a person or if you sense you need to take another course of action or see a different professional.
  15. Thank you for replying at the time. I was likely having a rough time and didn't check the forums. Much love
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