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  1. Deadoralive4, I understand what y'all are going through. I've been there and depression does seem to run ones life, but it doesn't always have to be like that. My depression keeps me from being the way I 'Used" to be. We are living in such a digital age it's easy to forget some of the more meaningful things in life. for starters a few text a day if you don't have alot to say might mean the world to her. draw a picture of flowers in photoshop and tell her how you are feeling about her at that moment, bring up good memories. and don't forget snail mail, get arts & crafty and send her some things in the mail, people love geting mail not email. I know it's hard to get into the "i want to do this" mood really i do, i struggle with it every day. Now i don't know your situation but 12 hours isn't a long way away, maybe plan a trip a couple times a month if you can,, heck one time would probably mean alot to her too. Relationships are a compramise not a percentage. do as much as you can to show her how much you love her, words just aren't enough sometime in my opinion.. i can ramble on and sorry for my spelling. best of luck to you!!!! i have a good ear if ya ever need it.
  2. I am really sorry about your dad. I went through the same thing 3 years ago. they gave him 3 month and he survived three year with my mothers care at home. Love is what gets us through everything, love is what will get you through all this. it's love that has gotten you and you dad this far. keep up the good work and love will heal not time.
  3. Happy birthday!

  4. Hey Nerdski! Haven't spoken to you in ages, but I'm hoping that no news is good news. Still painting nails?

  5. holy canole its been a long time havent been on here in long long time how u been? been getting better i hope? has cutting out caffine been helping you? how are ur doggies?

  6. Howdy ho!!! hope you're well. Talk to ya soon..

  7. Hey how goes it. i haven't been on in a while. I hope you're doing well. talk to you soon. let me know when you'll be on.

  8. hey Nerdinski, It has been a while! hope you are feelin mighty fine! I'm not doing so well, and haven't had the energy to be online for long. But still like to chat. I'm not sleeping much, but there's rarely anyone in the chatroom at that time. Perhaps I'll see around during the US evening peak hour. lol

  9. long time no chat. hope all is well with you.. talk to you soon

  10. Thanks, I've been getting some ok sleep.. better than what i was getting before. I am going much earlier than i used too..hope to talk to you soon.. hope you're doing well.. talk to you soon

  11. thats ok nerd i havent been on a whole lot latly. i hope you have a good day! and an even betetr ngiht (((((((hugs)))))))

  12. Well looks like I won't be in chat tonight. that darn sleep thing again :D hope you have a great night and day.. ttyl

  13. hey nerd sorry i havent been on earlier i have been getting on around 4 and 5 am ill try to get on earlier my sister went to stay at a freinds house for 3 days so that will help lol

  14. yeah. but i don't every see you online during the day :P

  15. i hope you are getting some sleep nerd now we will be able to talk in the daytime! lol

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