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  1. Well, I have truly wonderful news to report. It took about ten days post-discontinuation of the Rogaine, but my sleep cycle has returned to baseline. Thanks to everyone who wrote soothing assurances, which I read often during my state of imbalance.
  2. Aw, thank you for the soothing assurances. They feel good to me right now, and I appreciate you writing them.
  3. So here's my background: Back in the late 1990's I was having a stressful time at work and my sleep started being impacted. I wouldn't have much difficulty falling or staying asleep, but I would wake early (4-5 a.m.) every night, leaving me exhausted throughout the day. I tried various naturopathic remedies to no avail, and finally visited my doctor. Working with him, and eventually a psychiatrist, I tried a number of antidepressant medications, none of which helped. Finally in the early 2000's after years of struggling with my sleep, a new doctor recommended that I try Remeron. Within my first dose I slept like I hadn't since the onset of my issues, and felt rested and happy. I had finally found my miracle drug. I've tried coming off Remeron a few times over the years and haven't been successful in doing so, and have now been on the drug for about 15 years. I have experienced no diminishment in effectiveness over that time and have kept my dose at about 33 mg. (I take 3/4 of a 45 mg. tablet at bedtime). A few weeks ago, I decided to try Rogaine to counteract my slightly thinning hair. I noticed early on that it was effecting my sleep, making me have vivid dreams and wake early on some days. I decided to try to stick with it for a couple of weeks to see if this regulated, but finally abandoned my regimen a week ago. Unfortunately, my sleep issues remain, and I've been waking up wide awake at 4-5 a.m. every day, even though my Remeron dosage has remained constant. I feel headachey, tired, and all these feelings that I remember from when I was first having issues 15 years ago. It appears that my depression has returned once again, and now I'm terrified that my Rogaine trial has upset my Remeron miracle cure. I've read that Rogaine has a fairly long half-life and am hoping that once the drug has fully cleared my system that I will return to my normal state, but I'm struggling every day right now. Any advice on what is happening to me or what to do?
  4. Well, I'm at 11 weeks since a single dose of Buproprion 300 mg. XL began my bout with tinnitus, and the ringing still remains. It has, for the most part, grown fainter, and there are times that I barely notice it (like when I wake up), but others when it still screams pretty loudly (I seem to get this most when I'm around a lot of electronic machines, and I'm not sure what to make of this). My tinnitus has gone from agonizing to mostly a minor annoyance, but I sure hope that I continue to improve. I've tried supplementing with zinc and ginkgo biloba, have been really taking care of myself (have been working out and eating right and have lost 15 pounds), but I'm not sure if any of this has really helped my T. I'm still on 33 mg. nightly of Remeron and my mood has been pretty good, and I've decided to not add any other AD's until my T fades more, when and if that ever happens. I remain encouraged by other accounts I have read of people whose T has subsided over long periods of time. But I still wring my hands in disbelief that this whole thing was caused by a single dose of medication...
  5. Well, tomorrow will be one month since I began experiencing tinnitus as a result of a single dose of Buproprion XL 300 mg. The intensity faded after the first week, but hasn't faded further, and today it seems to be ringing more loudly again. I keep coming back to this thread for comfort and hope, but man...
  6. I'm now at three weeks since the ringing began, and it really hasn't subsided much. I think I've gotten much more used to it to the point where it doesn't really bother me a whole lot unless I'm in a quiet place, but man, I sure hope this goes away eventually!...
  7. Yeah, I didn't get any ringing at 150 mg. It wasn't until my first dose at 300 mg. that it began.
  8. Wow, what a comforting account you have written. I guess I didn't realize this side-effect was so prevalent - it really has freaked me out. I've taken Remeron for years and it is my wonder drug, and I was hoping to add the Welly in attempt to fully resolve my low-level depression. I'm just not sure if I'm willing to endure the side-effects of another add-on, and may choose to leave well enough alone, but it sure is nice to hear that there is a good chance that my residual tinnitus will indeed resolve. Thanks much for taking the time to post.
  9. I recently abandoned my second attempt at a Wellbutrin trial due to the development of tinnitus early in my treatment. After being at 150 mg. XL (generic) for seven days and noticing nothing unusual, I moved to 300 mg. XL (generic) on the eighth day, as prescribed. Shortly after taking my first dose at the increased strength, I noticed a high-pitched ringing in my ears. I contacted my psychiatrist, who told me that he had this happen with another patient, and when they switched to the name brand the ringing went away. Terrified by this development, I stopped the medication altogether. Still experiencing the ringing a week later after my last dose, I saw an audiologist, who said (after a full range of tests) that my hearing is completely normal, and also an ENT, who said that because the tinnitus was medication-induced (instead of noise) combined with the fact that I have suffered no hearing loss, that it is likely that the ringing will abate over time. For twelve days after my only dose of 300 mg. XL, the ringing in my ears was intense and agonizing. Two days ago, the ringing began to subside and it is now not as loud as it was previously. However it is still present, and I worry that I won't experience further progress. It hasn't helped that I've had a miserable cold the past four days, so who knows what role that plays in all this. I'm getting ready to leave on a family vacation Monday and really don't want this worry hanging over me. If anyone else has experienced tinnitus with Wellbutrin and had it go away over a period of time, I'd sure like to hear from you. It's not so much the ringing that bothers me, it's the fear of permanence. Thanks~
  10. Thanks. It occurs to me that nostalgia is rooted in depression, and the holidays seem to bring a lot of that about in me...
  11. Every Christmas season I look forward to viewing this timeless classic, and for whatever reason watching it steamrolled me this year. I viewed it with my wife after the kids were in bed on Christmas night, and by the time I woke up the next morning, I felt severely depressed and had several tearful episodes throughout the day. I still feel extremely depressed today and can't seem to shake the joyful images of this movie. Maybe it's that the film, even through it's dark undercurrent, carries such a message of hope, and for us depressives the tight-knit community of Bedford Falls where everyone knows and looks out for each other seems utopian and a far cry from today's e-society. I think being sad that this highly-anticipated Christmas for our six-year-old boys was now over compounded the sentimentality of the film; usually, we watch it before Christmas actually arrives. Whatever the case, it has sure thrown me for a loop and is making the time I have off with my family this week much more tenuous than I had hoped. I actually thought about taking a Wellbutrin that I have on my shelf from my last trial to see if it could help break this depressive cycle, but haven't done so yet. The holidays are always an emotional time for me, but I'm sot quite sure why my mood this year is so much more somber. Not sure what there is to respond to in this message, but it feels good to write it down and get it out. I sure wish I could be a happier presence with our little ones buzzing around and having so much fun. Thanks for listening. TM
  12. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  13. Since I canceled a business trip due to my sheer exhaustion today, I'm planning on going cold turkey off Wellbutrin as long as the withdrawals don't get too bad (and since I've only been on 150 mg). I've got a few days available to lie around feeling miserable if I need 'em. I think Wellbutrin, on my good days, effected my energy level more than my mood. I think the Remeron has done a pretty good job at keeping my mood elevated. My good days on Wellbutrin felt energizing, but alas, I'm very sleep-sensitive, and like Celexa before it, Wellbutrin simply ended up effecting my sleep too dramatically. I'll post any noteworthy developments as they come. I still think WB is a great drug for the right people, so best of luck for everyone else in their continued journey!
  14. Thanks for the thoughts on a cocktail that might work. Ironically, I take Sonata from time to time to help when I time zone travel, etc. I took a Sonata early this morning after waking up wide awake and it did nothing to put me back to sleep. I've also tried Trazadone in the past at varying doses but it hasn't helped at all. Remeron solo is the only thing I've found to restore my sleep, and it works wonders for me. I agree that the extra norepinephrine from the WB is surely the culprit for my insomnia. I wish I was in a position to try a few more combinations, but at this point I'm just going to disco Welly altogether.
  15. Thanks for the kind replies. I posted in an earlier thread that in keeping a mood log, on a scale of 1-10 on Remeron alone I stay pretty much at a consistent 7, while with the addition of Wellbutrin I was hitting some 9's but also some 2's on really bad days. I'm going to settle back on Remeron alone and then decide if I want to leave well enough alone or explore another medication. I'm getting started in a new job right now and just can't afford the down time, so maybe there will be another point in the future when it makes better sense to start another trial. Thanks again for the generous support. TroutMask
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