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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. because that's the main reason i went to the doctor, because i was already extremely fatigued... (along with a feeling of emptiness and emotional tension around people) i don't want to be more tired than before. i've just started the medication. it may be the wrong med for me?
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    You're not alone.

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  4. thank you for your answers. i feel this way since i was little, but in time this mood problems have worsenned. i wasn't that kid loud and full of energy. and that's what my teachers "encouraged".. looking back i see i really wasn't a good example for others (as teachers believed) ...i had issues. yet i sill had moments of joy. as i said, i loved drawing, playing sometimes with other children. but in time i became so lifeless and not anymore pleased by social contact... i rather feel anxious. i can't draw anymore, i lost my passions and everything. now it's like i have 2 left hands. and yes, i can say i have an abuse history, as some people in my family bullied me and my mother was rather absent towards my suffering. i didn't feel loved at all. the thing is i'm 21 and i've never had a boyfriend, i mean a healthy relationship. i fell in love 3 times, but it never came out to be a beautiful, healthy relationship. i suffered a lot, i don't know if it's really worth falling in love again, maybe i just can't handle a healthy relationship. i get sometimes compliments for my looks but i'm not pleased at all with the way i look. i see hundreds of girls who look better than me, i'm envious sometimes (but not mean, as in, i see a lot of girls for whom i could think "i'd like to be in her place") normally i wouldn't admit this, but hey, i'm trying to be honest...
  5. i feel empty, numb, i have no energy do to anything, i can't enjoy anything, in fact i can't feel anything... i had before moments when i felt sad, but now i don't even feel that... i just feel nothing. when i was little i had some kind of energy, little comparing to other kids, but at least i had moments when i enjoyed playing, drawing, watching tv, or talking with others. now i have no passions, no pleasurable activities, just nothing. i feel so tired, exhausted, i just want to stay in bed without moving, and i wish someday i will fall asleep and never wake up. cause it just seems meaningless. i don't feel SAD right now, but i just feel nothing....is this depression, or what? do you experience the same? would talking to a psychologist be helpful? i mean, it's like i'm feeling like i have no reason to talk to one, cause i don't feel sad. i just feel nothing... my general physician said it might be anemia or something, but my blood tests were right. yet i still feel the same the thing is it happens that sometimes i get through phases when i feel down and i'm suicidal (i never tried to commit suicide but honestly must say i've projected in mind myself doing it ) ... but i must say most of the time i feel like this. i never have too much energy (only if i don't get sleep 24-32 hours, i'm a little euphoric, but otherwise it never happens to me) i'm just empty, without energy and exhausted so, have you ever felt like this? could this be depression or what? i'm 21,female
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