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  1. I'm picturing everyone having to turn off their engines at red lights here... I'm guessing only 50% of the normal amount of cars would make it through the light that way. Especially if you factor in older cars that take longer to start. The delays would be infuriating.
  2. Honestly, many people try different meds and/or different cocktails of meds before hitting on the right thing for them. It can take a long time, and it can be worth it for many people. Things to keep in mind: Most start-up effects improve or go away after 1-2 weeks on a med; some meds take up to 4 weeks to show initial benefit; and ANY med will be a major trial for you if you stop taking it cold turkey. Even if you aren't liking how it makes you feel, your doctor can help you wean down. Bupropion is a stimulating medication, especially at first. For many people, the stimulant and insomnia effects level out after around two weeks, but for others it never becomes tolerable. I encourage you to talk to your doctor about other options, since there are a lot out there. Good luck.
  3. You can file a complaint if you signed an arbitration agreement. The arbitration form you signed only states that you won't sue them, but you can by all means file reports and complaints with every office and/or board you feel is necessary. I'd do it too if I were in your position.
  4. I'm unclear on what you're asking... do you want to know why we think child abusers try to rationalize or justify their actions, and the possible reasoning behind the specific justifications? I think part of the standard cycle of abuse is for the abuser to blame the victim - and there are surely a number of factors behind why that happens.
  5. Dragon Age: Inquisition And did you play ALL of outlast, that's very impressive. I am too scared to ever attempt it.
  6. If you're not having a problem with it now, I don't see a problem with it. Obviously I can't give you medical advice, this is just based on my experience. Also - the fact that alcohol is a depressant doesn't mean it will make you feel depressed ;) Although it can, it really depends on the person and the situation.
  7. It can be very triggering when people complain about themselves, and their bodies in particular, via the use of self-hating language and slurs. I've seen examples of that here and other places that have been really upsetting. I do think that while we should be able to share our struggles in a safe space, we should all take care to avoid or at least warn for triggering and abusive language, even if we are directing it at ourselves. It can be upsetting to people regardless of the intent.
  8. 1. Generally, depression just comes and goes with me (although I have a diagnosis of dysthymia, suggesting that I'm always slightly depressed). I've had situational triggers of course, but I get seemingly random "episodes" too. If I am on meds that work well, this doesn't happen too often. 2. I'm a pretty standard mix of both types. I have good people/social skills, but don't like to socialize all the time - I like alone time too. 3. I've had ongoing depression with recurring "major" episodes since I was a little kid, and I figure it's just a thing I inherited. There were contributing factors too, but I honestly feel like I was born this way (same goes for anxiety). My entire family + extended family has a long history of mental illness and addiction. No one is safe. (lol) 4. I've had therapy regularly for about 5-6 years now (I'm 33). Just talk therapy, no CBT/DBT. I mostly struggled with it until I found a therapist I really clicked with, and I've been seeing her for over a year. I do feel I get benefits from therapy now. I went through four therapists before her. 5. I've been on meds as long as I've been in therapy, and they've been the most helpful thing for me by far. It took a while to hit on the right med/s for me, but I've been really satisfied with Cymbalta for a while now and it keeps me pretty stable/functional (although I still have low times, they're not so dire like they used to be).
  9. Based on some of your other posts, it sounds like the sexual thoughts and issues with regards to your family members is an ongoing problem. I also see that you've tried many different meds for your depression, but I think that therapy should be your primary focus right now. As well as creating some distance from your immediate family whenever and however possible. Best of luck.
  10. Hey, What I was trying to tell you in chat was that the symptoms should lessen soon. What you're experiencing is awful, but you'll get past it and feel much less sick. There are great pain doctors out there who have many different treatments, and I really hope you find one that works for you. Take care, Henri
  11. Kate Gompert in Infinite Jest is one of my favorite depressed characters.
  12. Not sure where you live but a similar story happened here yesterday... and they're finding out REALLY upsetting details about it. I won't elaborate in case it's a completely different story though. Either way it's really tragic. :(
  13. Nice tips :) I've recently decided to try eating more nutritiously, too. I reactivated my CSA box service (twice-monthly delivery of locally farmed fruits and vegetables) last week, and I'm going to start working in more veggies when I cook. Fruits are harder for me since I actually don't like most fruit. I know, I'm weird :P I love veggies but it can be hard to pick things that the whole family will eat in the same meal. My tip: A basic, small juicer is relatively inexpensive (not like a $400 vitamix!), and you can come up with some pretty delicious blends when you experiment with juicing at home. You can even work veggies into your juice, and make them taste like nothing. :) I have a Breville compact juicer that works very well for small batches - it makes roughly 2 glasses of juice in one session. It's actually really easy to clean, too. I love juicing fresh pears and blueberries together. Also, veggies go great in marinara sauce, and picky eaters will usually eat spaghetti. You can even employ a stick blender for making veggies disappear in sauces and soups, if you or your family prefer it.
  14. Hi Broken!!! It's so good to hear from you! How are you my dear?

  15. I have had this experience on Cymbalta as well, but if you feel concerned you should definitely talk to your doctor. Hot spells can also be a sign of high blood pressure or other things that should be checked out. While starting up on Cymbalta it can be very stimulating, so I would recommend cutting down on caffeine too. Take care, Henri
  16. What you are describing (the strange feeling) sounds like anhedonia to me. Many DF users suffer from it, in fact there is even an Anhedonia subforum here :) Please check it out, there is a lot of great support here from people who can relate to what you are going through. Take care, Henri
  17. 5'9" is the average height for a man in the U.S. at least. And I think it's 5'4" for a woman. I think without shoes on though I'm closer to 5'6-5'6" & a half though, but my drivers license says 5'7" so I always just say I'm 5'7". I feel like this is one of the biggest issues with online dating. Maybe someone only wants to look at particularly tall people online, but if you're meeting someone IRL, their personality will almost always be a bigger factor than their "stats". Of course women deal with this too - sometimes you're outside of the ideal age range, weight range, etc. I wish it were easier to go out and meet people, but I dunno, I guess after a certain age we all get less social. I'm not single, but I know a lot of people struggling with the online dating scene, and I think it's very flawed.
  18. I'm sorry to tell you something you don't want to hear, but buying meds online from a place that requires no prescription isn't safe. You really do need a doctor to manage this for you, especially where dosages are concerned. Your age makes antidepressants more risky for you in general and they need to be monitored. Until going to a doctor becomes an option, I would just recommend that you continue to seek out support at places like this, and find resources online for coping techniques for your depression. There are things like DBT self-help workbooks, even meditation, that you can use to help regulate your moods and work through your depression-related issues. Take care.
  19. I wouldn't say most women prefer taller guys. Anyway, 5'7" is taller than the average woman. Also, what Hertz said.
  20. Flea markets are great for little gifts too! And, heh, I forgot about it being too cold for the farmer's market some places. :P You know what can be a great gift if you can find it? Local honey. It's delicious, fancy sounding, and great for allergies this time of year. Is your giftee someone who likes manicures or pedicures? you can get a gift certificate for a mani or a pedi (probably not both) for under $15
  21. For a $15 and under gift I'd go on Etsy and buy a nice handcrafted something or other. I am not crafty and don't know how to make gifts myself :P I have a friend who sells amazing artisan jams and pickles, I love giving out his stuff for gifts and it's very affordable. Is there a farmer's market around? They will have gifty things too. And lots of yummy jams and pickled things this time of year.
  22. watch some anime, it'll cure you out of your depressions, naruto is a good one at that, which is why it is the #1 anime If only I'd known this sooner... :D Seriously though, meloella, I like your posts and I've got your back on this one, but you can only speak for yourself in this life. Share what works for you but not everyone will relate. :)
  23. Yeah, I didn't have what I would call a traumatic childhood, although there was bullying and other stuff that exacerbated episodes of depression. I really think it's mostly genetics for me, and the stuff that has happened over the years (bereavement etc) has just made it harder to cope at times.
  24. That's not enough to really feel bad about being turned down... it's a statistically insignificant number, honestly. Also, the more you ask people out, the less you will feel upset when they say no. Believe me. It's just a normal part of life, and it happens to everyone - everyone! :) Just try not to feel discouraged. Keep meeting people, and keep putting yourself out there... it's good for you.
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