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  1. Reboxetine is available in my country, tried it while ago at 8-12 dosage. did nothing to my depression. Good luck
  2. Hi To all, my Dx is --depression anxiety PTSD and BPD. I was prescribed 25mg instant release. 25mg for one week 50mg for the next week 150mg xr at the third week. Has anyone had any success with this course of treatment in treating any of the conditions above. ? Thanks! Barak.
  3. Hello, I am 36 and few weeks ago i was diagnosed for the first time in my life by a new dr that i suffer from ADD. I also suffer from treatment resistant depression, social phobia, Anhedonia and chronic fatigue. So far I have tried Ritalin SR 40mg with no success , it has just made me tired angry and depressed. Ritalin LA 40mg has worked well but the relief i get from it doesn't really last long enoough thru the day . Concerta is a medicine that my new dr doesn't like to prescribe, but is it worth a try?? My dr has suggested that i try Vyvanse 60-50mg daily to help treat my ADD. She thinks that Vyvanse will also help me with all of my other symptoms. and if it does then she will take me off Lexapro 20mg Wellbutrin 300mg and klonopin that I have been taking daily with no relief and hate them so much! Adderall and dexedrine are not to be considered as per the dr they could provide a rebound effect which might increase my depression. The dr thinks that Vyvanse which works well on her other patients who suffer from add and depression can also work for me. Please share with me your experience (only good please lol) you have had with Vyvanse . Many Thanks! Barak
  4. my dr has suggested Vyvanse 60mg to treat my treatment resistant depression, social phobia, Anhedonia and chronic fatigue. please share with me your experience (only good please lol) you had with Vyvanse or any other Stimulants . Thanks Barak.
  5. lexapro without no doubt ! imo only. Luvox must be taken twice a day while the morning dose makes you very tired and spacey.(we don't like that right?) as for depression it made it worse for me. was ok for anxiety(general not social) it has a lot of Drug Interactions (look it up online) bottom line, if you don't have OCD then go with lexapro. Good Luck Barak
  6. which one is better for motivation and energy as an add on to SSRI(Prozac)? which one has more of dopaminergenic effect? (the cost is not an issue) Thanks Barak
  7. You're absolutely right - motivation is the desire. And I have no desire even to live. I just exist. I've tried therapy, and it doesn't work. I mean, I really tried therapy, 20+ years of therapy. Instead, my motivation has progressively gotten worse and worse. I'm not looking for a miracle pill. Just a pill that gives me an interest in doing something, anything, a hook to latch onto while I do the rest. But now I have nothing. Stimulants don't do much for me except keep me wired - no improvement in neither depression nor motivation. And I've taken Ritalin and dextroamphetamine. hi have you tried Parnate?
  8. Has anyone had success with the treatment of Anhedonia ?
  9. does anyone have a solution for those disturbing dreams?
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