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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Its estimated that 1-2% of the population has a skin disorder called vitiligo, so I'm just curious... Vitiligo role call! I know there are more of you out here on these forums! P.S. Your skin is unique and beautiful. Mine appeared when I was about 15.
  3. '- Keep a sleep diary. Keeping a sleep diary may help you uncover some clues about what's disturbing your sleep. If possible, you should do this for a month, but even a week's worth of entries can be beneficial." Sorry - What is a sleep diary and how is this beneficial? Can anyone elaborate on this?
  4. While you're right, the rudeness tone of some of them could go down a notch... at least they're letting it be known that they don't have the mental or emotional capacity to support someone who needs that kind of support. Better to avoid it all together than have both people suffer the frustration of not understanding/supporting each other.
  5. Am I the only one that finds this a little bit laughable that the gender assignments are so cliche? That it has to be a boy leaving a girl. I like this, I think it's meaningful and I'm definitely going to be taking some time to pay more thorough attention to it when I can really focus on it.
  6. I am, but with little to no progress. My diagnoses has been changed almost as frequently as my medications, and progress is slow going. For both he and I, every few weeks is another roulette game of, 'how is THIS new medication going to make her act/feel' because usually it's a change for the worse. He's really made an effort to try to understand. Sadly, my doctors won't be much help - I get as cynical about their ability to 'fix' anything as he does at times. But he started with online reading about coping with family member's with depression, and even picked up novels on understanding depression. He still just feels like it's, for lack of a better descriptor, bull-s***. That if those people REALLY had the willpower, they could just pick themselves up.
  7. Frustrated with therapists and psychiatrists. I have been to several professionals over the past few years. So far I have not been impressed by a single one. I feel like psychiatrists rely on medication more than their ability to deduce what is wrong. Like their method is to throw medication at you until they find something that works. I've never met a psychiatrist who waited beyond a single meeting before medicating me. I know, thats the difference between a psychiatrist and a therapist but REALLY how can you feel certain after 45 minutes of knowing a person that what you're giving them will help? I just feel like this has been my experience: 45 minute meeting. Diagnose anxiety disorder. give meds 2nd 45 minute meeting. she clearly needs more meds. must be depressive disorder. add more meds. 3rd 45 minute meeting. depression not fixed. must be bipolar. add lithium to the mix. 3 months later I've got enough pill bottles stacked in my apartment that I feel like a pharmacist, and I still feel no better. Worse, I feel like half of them would be HEAVEN for those with drug-seeking behavior. I hadn't seen the aforementioned therapist in 5 months, and decided I needed more Ativan. I had previously been given .5 mg pills, 30 pills, no refills when I saw him. Walked into his office after he hadn't seen me for 5 months, simply stated that I wanted Ativan. He asked if I wanted the .5, 1, or 2 mg pills. So I though "F--- it. I want the 2 mg". He gave it to me, no questions asked. Thats 4x my previous recommended dosage. Then he made it a 90 pill bottle. 3x my previous allotment. Then he was like "Well Im going on vacation for a few weeks, so ill put 3 refills on this." So I walk out with a script for 4 bottles, 3x the pills, at 4x the strength. Wow buddy, thanks for handing out an addictive medication so easily. /sarcasm. Good to know it's easier to get psychoactive substances than M&M's. My newest psychiatrist was the same way. I actually wanted to avoid medication, and asked her if she could help more along the lines of 'learning disability' type diagnoses because of the problems I'm having with college work. I feel like my anxiety might be caused by the fact that Im struggling in school, and rather than try to treat the anxiety... I should try to fix the school problems and the anxiety will go away. It's like she ignored everything I told her when I talked about what I wanted, and what was going wrong in school. She just heard the word "anxiety" and jumped on it. "Well, throw some medication at it and we're done." I hate to sound like I think I'm smarter than someone with a lot more education, life experience, and field experience... But I just feel like some of them have such a "rhythm" of throwing medication at a problem that they fail to even take notice of the person. I know I'm younger, much less educated, and just too frustrated to fully understand... But I just can't wrap my head around how reckless they seem. Anyone else share frustration? Feel like their doctor is a moron at times even?
  8. I like Ativan, but I feel I rely on it too much. also, recently my psychiatrist (who I don't entirely trust to be correct) claimed that Ativan will cause problems with transfer of memory from short term to long term. Since Im in college and struggling in class, she thinks part of my problem is the ativan interfering with memory. anyone else experience this?
  9. My increasing frustration with medications is making me lead towards 'anti'. But thats probably because I've been on dozens and have not seen improvement, and often times feel worse.
  10. So, let me preface this post by saying that my boyfriend is not a bad guy. He IS very caring and loving, and very much takes care of me. I've been with him for 5 years, and I'm with him because he is good for me and makes me a better person. I'm not looking for advice along the lines of, "Yeah he's a jerk you should leave him". Every relationship is going to have negatives, I just need help handling this one. But this post is going to paint him in a very negative light. My significant other very much looks down upon the inability to 'just not be depressed'. If I am feeling down, he asks why. If there is no particular cause, as many times there is not... He feels that the rational part of your brain should be able to just say, 'Look. Theres no reason to be sad." And you just won't be sad. He very much values logic above all else, and to him depression is just not logical. He doesn't think anyone should ever need to see therapists or psychiatrists. He thinks the logical part of your brain should just be able to fix it on it's own. He sees it as being weak and/or irrational. Needless to say, my increasing difficulty to manage my depression is starting to wear him out. He desperately wants to fix it, but since there isn't anything causing me to be upset, he can't. So he just gets frustrated and gets angry at me for being irrational. Or, not so much angry, but wants space. Wants me to leave him alone. So obviously the problem is... That during the times when I am most depressed, and need someone to be there for me the most... He is at the peak of his frustration and just needs me to give him space. Anyone have similar experience? Who do you turn to? How do you teach them? Is there a solution?
  11. Hrm. Thats a little disappointing. I reported my feelings in detail to my psychiatrist at about the 3-week mark on Lexapro, and she immediately took me off of it. I'm trying to get myself straightened out before the next semester starts at the end of August. =/
  12. Hi Mythica,

    Welcome to DF.

  13. Welcome To DF Mythica

    Please Feel Free To Browse Around & Post On The Forums! There is a lot of information here for you to glean from and much support is given.

    You're not alone.

    Girly :)

  14. So not sure what to say. Im 22. Ive certainly got problems, but they haven't been accurately identified or medicated for. Ive gone through multiple psychiatrists who have diagnosed me with everything from anxiety disorder, insomnia, depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, and the list goes on. Have been on many different medications from lexapro, citalopram, lorazepam, lithium, annnnnnnnnnnnd the list goes on. So far, everything has just gotten worse despite years of therapy and psychiatry. I'm barely keeping my head above water in college, despite having the potential to be a brilliant student. I guess thats a good overview. Hi.
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