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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. jgillen

    Seasonal Affective Disorder...in Reverse?!

    Oh, Diva. I could have written your post as it describes my situation perfectly. I am a teacher who absolutely DREADS summer. And Tom, you're right...my depression is also usually in overdrive from Memorial Day to Labor Day. As a newbie, I am incredibly grateful for the honesty on this board. I feel less alone.
  3. jgillen

    Cymbalta Losing Effectiveness So Soon?

    Jonitus, I was grateful to read your post. My doctor switched me from Lexapro (which had pooped out after 8 years) to Cymbalta (60 mg) a little over two weeks ago. Days 10, 11, 12 were great for me, and I thought...okay, this has kicked in and I'm going to be okay! But the past couple of days have been not so great...and my head has been filled with the nagging negative thoughts that are always there when I'm clinically depressed. (Mainly, that I'm NEVER gonna get better.) Trace, I was also grateful for your response. Perhaps I do need to wait this out and give the medication plenty of time to regulate things. I thought since I was switching from an SSRI straight to an SNRI that things would pick up for me immediately. Perhaps patience is the key. But sometimes, I'm just so scared...
  4. jgillen

    Anxiety And Napping

    I understand this perfectly! The ironic thing is, what I want to do MOST in the world at that particular time is go to sleep...so I can get a break from the yukky feelings.
  5. Welcome To DF

    Please Feel Free To Browse Around & Post On The Forums! There is a lot of information here for you to glean from and much support is given.

    You're not alone.

    Girly :)