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  1. Hello, I m so sorry for your loss. It's a really difficult time when you lose a pet, they do really become part of the family. I hope that you will get through ok, remember all the good times, the joy that Rosie brought. All the best, my thoughts re with you. Bob
  2. Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply! Yeah, I don't know why I do it - I don't think any lessof others crying in front of *me* I just feel very vunerable if I cry infront of others. I've never actually taken notes - but I think it's the best idea as I do too forget to ask things - or indeed mention things... Normally when I get in it's a rush to get out!! Yeah, I know it doesn't totally matter - but It'd help if I went with as much on paper as possible as when I get there it's almost guaranteed I'll say little to nothing - or indeed be vague. I hope your well. :)
  3. Hello, I am going to a new doctor after my last one didn't *get* my situation and in my opinion belittled it - aswell as focussing on less important, or indeed irrelevant issues. I am going to take some notes along, but could you please also suggest some questionnaires that I could print out and complete to take along with me. Particularly to do with depression/anxiety/elation. As these are the issues that I have At the moment It's mainly depression and anxiety/panic attacks. My last doctor said our "chats" weren't helping because I was too vague - but I was just too uncomfortable and was trying to hold back the tears/emotions - I always put on a face. Thanks for any help...
  4. Hello everyone, Thanks very much for all your replies. Sorry my earlier post was rushed and unstructured I was just feeling horrible at the time. I'm going to try and get the courage to go to another Doctor, armed with notes on the whole situation and of my situatin particularly in the past 12-24 months. I really hope this will help as if I can't get help this time, I fear I never will be able to. thanks again, Bob.
  5. Hello Everyone, It's been a while since I've last been on here! Basically, I seeked help a while ago, well, months ago... It was going well for a while. I got sent to a 'self help' worker, then got put onto a psychologist and then a psychiatrist. Basically, I didn't feel comfortable with it all as it was just like a constant grilling. I'm just tired of it all. After being diagnosed with Anxiety and depression. Basically the psychologist has stopped making appointments as he says I'm being too vague in my answers and these conversations are not helping. They've also stopped my meds. He said that all that's wrong with me is that fact that I've nothing to fill my time, he actually asked if things were better in work and talked as if he knew they would have been - RUBBISH. I was signed off when I was working two jobs. And the reason I was signed off was because I wasn't coping at work and was basically causing problems. as well as suffering awful panic attacks. I can't really concentrate to write this the way I'd like - I know, I'm being vague... does that mean I don't need - or deserve - help. I feel that they think I'm a nuisance, I'm scared about what I'm going to do... I want to go to a different doctor, but I'm too embarrased... will he listen to me... what can I do?? I've started writing all the stuff down, like the psychologist wanted me to, and I'm thinking about taking it to a new doctor... do you think I should... the other week there I had a panic attack so bad one night, that I thought I was going to have a heart attack - I wanted to phone 999 but was too embarrased incase it was just a panic attack... he asked if I had any negative thoughts, I said yes, but I didnt want to go into it... I was chocking back the tears... What should I do? What can I do? I need help, how can I get someone to help me... I really thought I was gooing to get the help I needed... I really can't even face this time of year either, on top of everything else :S
  6. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  7. Hi there, thanks! I hope your well :)

  8. Hi everyone, I've been prescribed Viepax 75mg instead of Citalopram as it didn't seem to agree with me. I'm really nervous though because it seem's such a high dosage and i've also to take 10mg propranolol too! I'm scared that this dose might be a bit too high and that I might get side erffects. Is venlafaxine good? What's it generally prescribed for? I'm getting it for Anxiety/depression.
  9. Wow, this really rings true for me. I've lost many a friend - even potential friends due to my behaviour when I'm 'high' (i say 'high' because i've not been diagnosed (yet?).
  10. hoping you are doing okay.... take care

  11. Hi Dark Shadow, I've just read this thread. Firstly, I can relate to seeing things, it's not as often that I see shadowy figures though - I often see things clear like they are normal. I find that the shadowy ones are always angry - or don't speak atall, just loom over me. Do you find they are angry? neutral? or what? At the moment, what are you seeing and hearing? Have their vocals been any clearer? You really should go to a doctor, emergency room, meybe even crisis centre, mental health charity... Something, you deserve and need help. Mental health doesn't get better on it's own - Infact I can confirm - it gets worse without treatment. But if you catch it soon, the sooner you'll be able to get on with life without any of these issues. Please keep posting and please seek help.
  12. Hi Jimbow, Thanks for your input. I particularly noted your comment on time limited, at the moment I don't know when, or indeed if(!) I will receive correct therapy/treatment for my condition. I don't really know what I can do - I mean with the NHS it seems that I'll probably have to wait for upto 4 months for another evaluation - and that's if I don't have to fight for another refferal. The thing that annoys me is that there is a lot of mental illness in my family, and I have quite a history of mental illness too - which was not discussed. It seemed during my evaluation that the psychiatrist just wanted me out of his office ASAP. I really can't keep going on like this, it's just really rubbish... I'd like to know what it feels like being stable - something I'm not sure I've ever been - quite far back I can remember I've suffered hallucinations, dizzy spells (which became full blown panic attacks) and periods where I've been ' high and driven' and periods where I've been depressed. Even delusions too. I'm at a point where I just can't work because I can't really function - and I can't really afford to pay my bills because of this. I just want to be normal :-/
  13. Hi 1099, Thanks for replying :) Yeah, I went to a psychiatrist to get a diagnosis, but that was an awful experience - I posted about it in the Members Needing Extra Support Now forums about a week ago. I just want to know what I've got so I know what it is I'm dealing with really and get the correct treatment. Yeah, She's not a psychiatrist, so Possibly a Psychologist - I'll ask on Monday (thankfully I have an appointment). I'm still on Propranolol (which is for anxiety). But I'm off the Citalopram because it causes awful side effects that I couldn't deal with - my doctor wanted to see if I could go without any pills instead of prescribing more to see the re***** of my Psychiatrist appt, but he's said I'm "fine". I disagree and I have detailed this in the thread in Members Needing Extra Support Now forums. Basically I felt he didn't listen to me, he laughed at me at one point and all in all I left holding back the tears, having a panic attack and feeling like a waster, worse than I did when I went for the appt - even though I was really worried about it. I mean seriously, I left feeling awful because that was a door to help being shut behind me :( I really am just worried about my future - my ability to study, gain and hold down a decent job and ability to lead a normal life.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm 21 and in the process of trying to get an accurate diagnosis. I am currently diagnosed with Depression and anxiety and I'm currently (coming out of ?) a major depressive episode. Although my therapist (not entirely sure of her job title) suspects that I may be suffering from either Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar disorder and suspects psychosis (although I'm not sure if this is part of these conditions? Anyway, I'm finding it difficult getting a correct diagnosis and medication. I currently can't function enough to really take much in that I am reading, can't really concentrate on what I'm watching either. My memory is also affected at the moment too... I'm signed off work and my therapist and doctor don't think I should go back for the forseeable future. This is leaving me really down and at the moment I can't see a future for myself. I want to get a good job, something in a corporate setting, with a decent salary. I want to settle down and get into a relationship, I want a car (although I'm not sure I should be driving at the moment?). I basically just want a normal life. I'm just not sure at the moment how much of a normal life I'm going to be able to have. I've failed college on numerous occaisions due to many reasons - being unable to concentrate, going into a depression, going high, impulsiveness and many other reasons. It's made my past college/work record very shady and I'm worried about whether I'll be able to gain and keep a decent paid job. I'm just so worried, bored becuse I'm not working and my life just seems to be slipping away. Ugh, is there a light at the end of the tunnel, if I get on new meds - will I see an improvement soon? Can anyone give me any positives? I'm just so down at the moment :-/
  15. Hi Wild Child, I'm quite new so I don't think we've chatted yet? But I'm glad you see your not leaving. It's always good tohavethis place to come back to, have a chat and get some support... I hope your feeling ok at the moment- I'm going to have a look at your thread in the Members Needing Extra Support Now forum. :)
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