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  1. Hey, no worries at all! I have also been pretty away from DF lately!

  2. Thanks for the happy birthday a long time ago- I haven't been on in so long. Hope you are doing good. :)

  3. Happy birthday!

  4. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  5. Hey hon, how are you? We are all doing ok, thanks for asking. :) I haven't been on much lately. Hope you and your family are well too. Take care friend.


  6. Hi KB, How are you?

    Hope you and your family is OK.

  7. Hey hon! Wanted to say and I hope you and Daisy are well. Sending you hugs.

  8. Hey hon. Hope you are feeling well! Sending hugs.


  9. Hey Violet. Thanks for your post, and I wanted to tell you I'm sorry you're having a rough time with your child right now. Motherhood is SO hard. Big hugs, thanks for being a friend to me.

  10. I did hear that song uncool. I like skinny little Biotch too!! =)

  11. Hey, I did listen to a couple of those new Hole songs, I love "Uncool" did you hear it yet?

  12. Hey girl. You're feeling better huh? That is wonderful!! I'm not doing so hot, but I'm hanging in there. Baby is doing great, more gorgeous every day. Good to hear from you hon. Hugs.


  13. Hi KB!!!!! How are you??

  14. ((((Violet)))) (((Trace)))) Thanks for listening. The support you guys give means a lot to me. I feel like such a weak needy person, but it does feel good to share these feelings. My head says you are right, things will be ok. My insides say no, I am just a broken shell of a person who isn't capable of being what my family needs me to be. But there is no other option besides getting through this, so that is what I will do. Thanks again ladies. Hope everything is well in your worlds. KB
  15. Thank you and hugs to you both. Right now I need to go re-apply for my health insurance so I can change my meds. It's just getting through this time right now, I hope, and then maybe I will feel better. It is just so draining to feel this way. Thanks for being there for me. I can't share these feelings with anyone here around me. I'm glad to have this forum. Hope you both are well. I feel selfish for just talking about my feelings and not replying much to others posts, but I just can't think right now and I don't know what to say. KB
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