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  1. I do anything possible to feel better. I hate feeling like crap with depression. Will always seek help through my psychiatrist. My father finally began seeing a psychiatrist again after 11 years. He never had a good one till now. Before this new development, he refused seeing a psychiatrist because he feels our family always tries to control him. He is a narcissist, victim and bipolar with multiple manic episodes throughout his life. He is 83 now and has not an episode since 2012. It is incredibly hard to endure these episodes and we all know the family suffers the most while they like being manic, at least he does. I am bipolar and hate being in the midst of an episode, which I have not had since the 90's. Since he is aging and showing signs of dementia, we feel the volatility is getting extremely worse. It is unbearable and it has completely fractured our relationship. I don't care anymore. I am glad his new Dr is part of a Sr. mental health clinic with dementia testing available. His next session will include my mom and I. We will suggest this testing and his Psychiatrist is on board with this as well. Has anyone experienced this type of situation and how do you survive it or live with it now? Thanks for listening. I will post an update after his next session.
  2. I completely understand your situation. I did not feel Wellbutrin worked. Yet, now that I have excluded it from my daily Rx protocol. On lamictal 400mg as well as I am bipolar. I feel horrible, still stressed and feel so sensitive. So maybe Wellbutrin was working. I am talking to my psychiatrist soon and will revisit this situation with her.
  3. Found this old post and wanted to reply. I am only on 150m of Wellbutrin. The constipation began immediately. Added a significant amount of fiber and water, it helped.
  4. I have been on and off meds since I began antidepressants 18 years ago. I know my life is better on medication, currently on a mood stabilizer and antidepressant. I hate relying on it and I hate being mentally ill - bipolar II. Acupuncture worked great for me years ago. It addressed stress, irritation and perimenopause. What is great about acupuncture is it works on several parts of your body and also physical and mental issues. I never took the herbs suggested, just the treatments. My mom just began acupuncture and I have noticed a huge difference in her behavior. She seems less stressed and less irritable. At the beginning of treatments she was a little more irritable since acupuncture, at least for me, released a lot of emotions and brings things up. This subsided after a few treatments, and has done the same for my mom. I was lucky and our acupuncturist is well respected in our city and has had a long career in acupuncture. Sometimes it can be hard finding a good acupuncturist , just like therapists, doctors, etc. There are good ones and not so good ones. I take several vitamins a day. The B complex is essential for me. I rely on a local pharmacy that specializes in alternative medicine to help alleviate physical and mental conditions. GABA supplements help me relax in the evening. This is my journey and how I have had success with acupuncture and supplements. Best wishes on your wellness journey.
  5. on lamictal 400 mg and just began Wellbutrin. Took about 2 weeks to feel the combo result, it has helped immensely. I needed an antidepressant to help with my chronic stress and severe depression. Hopefully this continues. Just my story, everyone is different. Good luck and best wishes for a better journey.
  6. I have been on lamictal for five years. It worked for about 1.5 years then depression set in, again, just like before taking lamictal. My Dr. increased my dose to 400mg. It helped, some. I finally convinced her to put me on an antidepressant so I am having some relief. before lamictal, I was only exclusively on antidepressants yet I knew, since being bipolar (mainly depressive side) I needed a mood stabilizer. I once tried lowering my dose back to 200 mg, BIG mistake. This proves, to me, yes, the mood stabilizer, lamictal is working. I will stay on it forever. and continue taking whatever meds I need to feel better... of course at the advice of my Dr., she is great, I lucked out finding a good psychiatrist. My life is very stressful, chronic stress for me leads to severe depression. Just my story, everyone is different. Best wishes on your journey to wellness.
  7. I have depression because I feel it is genetic and then I have a life situation that causes me chronic stress. Chronic stress leads me to depression. I will be mentally ill (bipolar, mainly depressive side) for the rest of my life. I don't like that fact yet it is just the way it is. Medication helps me immensely and I will be on it the rest of my life. I am lucky to have found a great psychiatrist. As for natural remedies for depression, acupuncture has helped me immensely in the past. It helps me with stress, therefore depression. So this is my story. I hope you find peace and feel better. Depression is not a a good place to be in. I have surrendered to the fact I will probably be depressed, not all the time, just frequently. Surrendering allows me to come to some sort of peace with it. And staying on my meds is totally the answer, for me. Best wishes on your journey. Everyone is different, I am just sharing my story.
  8. I was extremely irritable for the first 7-10 days upon onset of taking Wellbutrin. Then one morning felt great and I have more energy, just feeling lots better with a better outlook on life. I have a lot of stress due to pandemic (who isn't?), taking care of older parents and a handicapped brother. This stress is not going away, it is my reality. I just hope the Wellbutrin continues and my psychiatrist will let me increase my dose if needed. I am on 150 mg now.
  9. I know this is a late posting yet since I just began Wellbutrin recently, thought I would let you know, YES. I am having constipation. This happened to me when I began Effexor and the constipation eventually subsided. To help with the Wellbutrin constipation I am taking Senekotn drinking lots of water and eating lots of fiber. I am finally feeling less depressed from the Wellbutrin.
  10. My latest combo: Effexor, Lamotrigine and Gabapentin. Effexor for depression, Lamotrigine as a mood stabilizer for bipolar and Gabapentin for sleep and relaxation. The journey is ongoing picking out meds. They seem to fizzle out and the hunt begins, yet again, to find comfort in pharmaceuticals !!!!
  11. It has worked for me. I noticed a difference within four days, but I always can tell something new is working, since I usually feel so horrible before taking the "new" med. Zoloft seemed to have fizzled out. So, been on 10mg. for several weeks and now will begin 20 mg., probably within the next few days. The 10mg. does not seem to be working as well... as in the beginning. And that is fine. I will still take 200 mg. of Lamotrigine and probably will never get off that.
  12. OOPS Wanted to correct my post and cannot figure out how to edit it. I began Brintellix 9 days ago. After visiting pdoc came home, had three horrible days of depression and decided to begin (yet again) an AD... Brintellix, an Rx she gave me months ago but was hesitant to begin. I had been off Zoloft for about two weeks and just wanted to take the Lamotrigine but even though I chose to get off Zoloft (and felt it had fizzled out), I could totally tell the AD was missing. The depression came back with a vengeance. Anyways, especially this time of year (dead of winter) and heading into summer (a season I dread) I decided to give this AD a try. Will keep ya posted.
  13. I jumped from Zoloft to Brintellix 12 days ago. I have not had the type of fatigue you are speaking of. From my experience, Effexor is definitely more of a revved-up AD but it has lots of not so great side effects. It takes awhile for your body to adjust to a med. Not fun because you want to feel better asap. Years ago a therapist told me to be kind to yourself during this transition. Rest as much as needed, stay home, etc. (of course, if possible)... just kind of coddle yourself as you shift into another med. I get impatient, so this is not easy to do, but most of the time, it is worth the wait and relief arrives. So far, the Brintellix is working immensely. I respond quickly to a new AD, and this time was no exception. The Zoloft just did not work anymore and I needed a booster to add to my Lamotrigine. Wishing you better days. AustB
  14. My cousin and I have similar depression and similar constitutions esp. since we both have PTSD due to our siblings being handicapped and father's alcoholism. So..... our journey continues and we both seek peace, ie better living through pharmaceuticals !!!!! LOL Good luck on your journey. as always, sometimes it is trial and error when seeking Rx help !
  15. My cousin swears by it. Her insurance stopped paying for it. I found her a cheaper alternative where I live. She lives in a small town that has limited shopping. Please check with your local "natural" pharmacy or search online. I took it for several weeks. Hard to tell if I had improvement. I was able to take a lower dose of meds and survive the holidays and early winter (my most challenging timeframe) I have decided to wait and take the test that checks your need for it. Apparently the test tells your Dr. what certain meds (antis) will work for you and what you are deficient in. This is the test my cousin took, she started Cymbalta and began methylfolate, she is able to take the lowest does of Cymbalta. yes, my dream, to take the lowest dose of any medication! My psychiatrist recommended we wait another two months to take the test. We have upped my Lamotrigine and ceased my booster of additional anti-depressant. I would rather take Lamo and NO antis. the drying side effects of antis are horrible. I can look into this info more but hope these limited deets explain something.
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