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  1. After turning down Seroxat due to some concerns, the doctor put me on 50mg Zoloft. Its my third week and I am still anxious but my activity level has picked up and am doing more things. How long shall I give it before raising this issue with my doctor? Had no side effects on this medication, by the way. Thanks.
  2. I have been on Fluoxetine for about 2 years but recently I have been having panic attacks and bouts of anxiety which have been kept at bay by the medication. I went to my doc who upgraded my dose to 30mg from 20mg but the anxiety and attacks got more frequent. Today he prescribed Seroxat but I have heard that this medication is controversial due to suicidal thinking and behaviour etc. Is Seroxat any more dangerous than the other ones? I remember it being featured on a programme on BBC1 on televison some time ago warning everybody of the dangers. The alternative is for me to go back to trying Celexa, the first medication I took. Thanks.
  3. It may just be coincidence but whenever I feel at my worst I always seem to have physical symptoms of a cold occur such as a headache, sneezing and blocked nose. Does anyone else suffer this? I would not think that depression could cause such a thing but I am not sure.
  4. SpaceAce, thanks for the advice! I will keep trying to think the best. I did attempt it before earlier just after the messages were posted but my automatic way of thinking took over and I got angry. Maybe it comes down to practice and time? Have a good Xmas.
  5. I have a habit of mind reading people which leads me to build up anger and I end up stewing in it. The latest example was because of my brother on facebook. I made a status saying that I was really ill with a cold and he replied with "man up, i've had it for 3 weeks." I said something back, not aggressive or anything, just trying to make light of the situation and he replied again with yada yada....anyway, man up. I began to think about what he meant by this, and considering I already had my friends reply beforehand, I had all kinda of thoughts and questions such as, "is he trying to belittle me in front of my friends?" I was trying to make light of the situation at the time so I think I was trying to fight against the mind reading but eventually the automatic mind reading thoughts took over. This has got me into trouble before which caused me to lose a friend. Does anybody know how to deal with it? Thanks.
  6. Hi DF, Yeah, I have been seriously considering returning to taking antidepressants once again. They did great for my mood. They took care of both my activity level and my mood. I chose to go off them as an experiment and unfortunately, I have experienced a return of it somewhat. I may book an appointment with my doctor next week. Thanks for your help and good luck!
  7. I'm now off my antidepressants and have been following my CBT techniques that I were taught. While the CBT techniques have definitely upped my motivation and activity level, I'm still almost constantly irritable. And I cannot think of a reason why. Does anybody struggle to find a reason why? Does biological depression really exist?
  8. Basically, a friend of mine who I've known for 13 years has been diagnosed with depression and paranoid ideation. His fiance is thinking of kicking him out of their place because she is getting fed up of him not helping himself. Paul has had an 8 week course of CBT but has not responded. He is also taking Resperidone and has been on this for the best part of this year. All that has seemed to have done is make him gain lots of weight with little to no positive effect. I visited him tonight and he was virtually bed ridden, just laying down on the sofa with a blanket over him. I could hardly make a conversation with him. Every answer would be one or two worded answers. I asked him what he thinks is bothering him and making him depressed and he said that he doesn't know. I tried to employ a little CBT technique by asking him to play on the Wii console just for 5 minutes. He didn't want to, so I said 2 minutes. Still nothing. All he wanted to do was lay down with his eyes closed. Their place is registered under both of his and his partner's names so I said to him that she can't really throw him out but there was no fight in him at all. He said he just didn't care. His doctor apparently has refused to change his medication for some reason. All this has been going on for most of this year now and very little progress is being made. Is there anything that can be done to help him? We are in the UK. Thanks!
  9. I had left-side testicular torsion. Because it had gone so long untreated, I remember getting shoved into the car, I remember getting taken into the ER at night, like maybe 10:00 at night, and pretty much it was all a blur, I remember being taken into surgery, and the next thing I really remember is being in the recovery area. And they were there. And, my ***** crazy father, who was never a father to me, said one thing "they saved it" and that was all anyone said to me. No doctors every told me anything, etc. I was left on my own, really sick, scared, embarrassed, and again, as so many times before and since, no one was there for me when I really needed someone. "They saved it" was a blatant lie. This condition can only be resolved to save the testicle IF it's treated surgically within 2-3 hours of onset to restore blood flow before tissue death. I went at least 48 hours from onset, before I passed , and I was throwing up constantly with a very high fever and it felt like my whole abdomen and my left leg were on fire. They didn't "save it" -- medically not possible, they put a prosthesis in there so I would appear to be a normal male. So, I went through this trauma. And afterwards, my crazy father, who never talked about sex except for calling my mother a all of the time, suddenly took great delight in telling anyone and everyone he knew, in my presence, that I had had this condition and surgery, and he told them the story in graphic detail, and took pains to make me look bad because he would say things like "the kid was too dumb to tell us what was going on" - I wasn't "too dumb" I was too scared of HIM. Also, for like 2 years after this surgery, I had "phantom pain" and got nauseous a lot, to the point I could throw up, and this was pretty random, but activity or something like a bumpy car ride could bring it on. So, I was pretty miserable ages 12-13-14 about this thing that happened to me. I related on another forum here how my first suicidal thought came a couple of months after this surgery, when my father was telling my adult cousins at a family gathering all of this, and I was sitting there wondering if I could hang myself in their garage using my tie. Ah, good times (NOT!). This has been a festering psychological wound in my mind for 35 years almost. I'm still angry/hurt that my parents chose to lie to me about the outcome of the surgery, and I was very "damaged" by the way my father then told this most intimate life detail to anyone who would listen. I had physical repercussions with any form of sexual arousal for a few years, anytime I would become aroused as any teenage guy would, I quite often had pain and twinges of nausea, that finally stopped when I was more like 15-16. I had the embarrassment of more than a couple of follow ups with the urologist at ages 13-14-15 AND my father always INSISTED on being in the room and watched while the doctor did the exam. I to this day kind of think of that as almost being violated, and I kind of wonder why the doctor would allow that? LIke I needed my tormentor to watch me strip naked and be probed and prodded at a REALLY sensitive age in psychological development. The damned ***** doctor didn't even pull a bedside curtain or put up a screen there, just let my father sit there in a chair in the exam room and watch. This really destroyed my confidence as a man. I didn't even date until college. I did manage to have a couple of intimate relationships with women, but well, hey, let's just say the title of "lover of the year" wasn't appropriate. I gave up even trying to date like 15 years ago, just too hard, with the depression and all. NOT saying this is the only cause of my depression, it's not, I have other issues as well, many, but this is a pretty good-sized chunk of it. I've always questioned my masculinity as a result of this. My voice never really did change much, still too high in pitch, I sound wimpy and whiny. I didn't have to shave daily until like 19, that bothered me, I wondered for a couple of years if I would ever grow a beard. I still have no self confidence and a lot of doubts. Not that I've ever been in that position, but I wonder if I did want to be a father, if I even could. I know, in theory, I'm perfectly capable, but I still wonder, a lot. And I even wonder if my testosterone levels are normal, or if those could be low and that could be part of my problem? Probably not, but I do wonder. What should I do about all of this? I think I have a plan - I think I HAVE to bring this up in therapy when I start doing that. AND, I think for my own peace of mind, after the dust settles with the whole bipolar thing, I think I should make an appointment with a urologist and request a fertility test/semen analysis just for my own peace of mind -- at least I would know where I stood that way, even if the opportunity to be a father never arises (which it won't, it's just too late for that, and I'm too messed up). Guys, help here, please? What should I do? You can get testosterone injections if your testosterone is low. I know you see it as an embarrassing thing but I don't and I'm sure others do not either. You should tell your GP of your concerns. He/she will be fine about it. Trust me.
  10. I can be having a great few weeks or months with no reason for a setback and then my activity level may just drop all of a sudden and then I have to take the "1 step" approach all over again to build myself back up again? Does this happen to anyone else? I'm not sure what causes it with me. Maybe I get bored of doing the things that I do and it drags me down but that's just a guess.
  11. Hi, thanks for the replies. Yes, they were there before starting on medication so it is not a symptom of a side effect from medication. Perhaps taking up anger classes may help me. I will stir over these thoughts for a short while and then I will just get over them until they come back again and it gets to me. Objectively, I think it is a symptom of my depression and it may be something that is worth mentioning again, even though I told my CBT therapist. I will take a look at the pinned anger topic. Thanks.
  12. I am taking 20mg fluoxetine and have been on it for 3 weeks. I have moderate depression and OCD and am a 31 y.o male. So far, it has increased my motivation and am even getting back into weight lifting again. Anyway, I get what I can only describe as anger "episodes." Basically, my mind can automatically think of thoughts of people that I don't like or have had problems with in the past and this can really get to me. I can feel quite angry when having these thoughts. I'll have thoughts about what I would do to them (have fights) and stuff like that. My family, especially my mum and dad, do not know that I am on meds for depression and so other times I will have thoughts about telling them but then imagine that they will think it's best that I get off the meds (my mum in particular can try to be a little too controlling at times), and I'd imagine getting angry at that as I am feeling otherwise pretty good. Anyone know what that is all about? It's like I get angry at made up scenarios. I told my cbt therapist when I was having therapy (I have been discharged now) and she thought it was "pretty normal" but I don't like feeling the way I do when having those thoughts.
  13. Thanks for the reply, Ep1c! Citalopram was good to me for seven months although I had to keep increasing the dosage. I hope it works for you on a long term basis! :) Thanks.
  14. I took my first pill last night before bed and could hardly sleep. I must have had about 3 hours sleep. I was previously on citalopram which pooped out on me after a while so the doc moved me on to this. I feel fine still and am wondering if it's my imagination, but I think I can already feel a difference in my energy. Anybody have this effect? I have had no side effects yet.
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