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  1. Your not alone. I'm 27 next month. Same boat minus the sexual assault or religious preference. Just letting you know there's many out there like that too. :>
  2. i have one. i never use it, but i didnt close it because i didnt want to feel like i was closing doors to possible social interection. who knows someone may search my name one day and find me. but the main reason is i have no freinds. i have aquaintances from high school 3 years ago who somehow found me and added me (why i couldnt tell you, i havent had more than passing conversation with these people so why do they add me!?) which makes it seem more fake. but its not the site that does this its the people. like i said why add someone you barely even know just because you recognise my name? they never talk to me anyways! ive tried talking to them. so what the hell? facebook is for people with a lot of freinds in real life. and for the people who have more than 100 "freinds" like 300 and stuff... really? cmon now.
  3. I picked black bacause of what it says for meaning. But I would have though white would be more fitting for numbness and void of emotions. because its blank.
  4. mine says: Buckle up! I want to try something. lol
  5. my room. just kidding. uhm. my moms friends old apartment complex.. it was so nice and peaceful there. and the grass was green and she had cable tv. and a pool :3
  6. it sounds like it would be because everyone has forgotten me. I know they havent. so its because i have forgotten myself. i trying to get myself back from where i hid me. I dont feel any emotions for msyelf and i dont feel alive or connected. like auto pilot or something not even sure if i exist. and also i want to forget my past and all the bad things and people ive run into. forever.
  7. food shelter clean water (some dont have this) place to shower warmth good teeth a phone a car internet clothes shoes safety coffee a mother a father my cat God who listens to me my ipod my bed Grammy Carl That my dad found a place to live The movie he took me to see yesterday my medicaid *that my cat is okay * that i have opprotunities
  8. I can cry at a sad part in a movie. or book. my daily struggle is having emotions for myself. i cant cry for me. i dont feel anything for myself. its hard to teach yourself to feel alive and attached to your own body. i always feel like i dont exist.like high or something. i cried yesterday at the vet because i was scared for my cat.
  9. not really. in fact id be much more lonelier if i had money. im poor and live off benefits. I dont have much will for anything let alone material objects. money could buy me a trip to concert or movie theatre but cant buy friends. I think more people are at the poor end. so you have more in common with people. But it doesnt seem to matter either way for me. :3
  10. im in the same boat so id be surprised if you could take me seriously. im 21. but maybe take just a simple little fun class at uni. maybe somethign that just allows you to fill your day while still being around others. like art.. or philosophy..or something. This is the only thing I have to look forward to. until i get money for it. maybe sit at a bookstore and read and chat to someone whos reading something similar..getting a job no doubt would help you meet a lot of people. youd be surprised :]
  11. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

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