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  1. anyone heard of or tried this device? You hook up these things to your forehead and turn it on for 20 minutes at a time. Supposed to increase serotonin, endorphins, and other neurotransmitters. Would be nice if it lived up to its expectations...think of all the drug side-effects you could avoid!
  2. I love to eat grapefruit...I even eat the seeds because the phytochemicals seem to help my depression.
  3. it got "cancelled" by the FDA probably because of the liver toxicity issues. But I did read they might try to develop a sublingual form that might not reqire the liver function tests.
  4. There is a new experimental drug in the works in Ireland...known as ALKS 5461, it is a proprietary medication of buprenorphine and ALKS 33 a opioid antagonist. Has shown effectiveness in treatment resistant depression PTSD and OCD also. This could be the medication we've all been searching for...let's hope it will get FDA approval soon!
  5. just wait till amitifadine hits the market ! It may replace everthing that came out since 1987 !
  6. Just read about a promising new antidepressant on the horizon....called vortioxetine ( Lu AA21004 ). It affects a number of neurotransmitters all at once including 5ht7 and dopamine....looks like it may make it to the U.S. market in the future !
  7. I just read on the internet that Novartis, the sponser of Serviers new antidepressant Valdoxan, has dropped their new drug application to the FDA ! Crap ! I was so looking forward to trying something that sounded so unique in its operation. Seems like life isn't fair to us depressed people...we get our hopes up and than we get them smashed....Valdoxan had made it to phase III trials and it would have been only a short time before we could have tried it....guess I'll have to move to France...
  8. Yes, it is disheartening when your new hopeful med disappoints....but rest-assured there are a number of new things coming up soon including Valdoxan, Serdaxin, Triple-reuptake inhibitors and numerous others
  9. Hello There ! Thanks for stopping by ! Feel free to leave a gretting.

  10. Just read the other day a promising new add-on drug for anxiety and depression may not be the wonder medication they thought it would be. It was a mirror image of an old high-blood pressure drug. The new compound was simply called TC-5214. Phase III trials were disappointing and the companys stock dropped something like 50% ! It is called a neuronal nicotinic receptor antagonist...but it may still come onto the market yet. We'll just have to wait & see....
  11. I've had good luck with magnesium supplements. Have been taking it for almost ten years now...250 mg. 1-4 times a day. It helps with sleep, anxiety, mood problems, and shaky-ness in your limbs (at least for me). It comes in several forms. Right now I just take the plain old over the counter type.
  12. Hi Better Off, I may have been the one that mentioned Deplin on this forum as I DID mention it several months ago. I don't take it myself but am glad to hear it has helped you so much ! Perhaps I should give it a try also !
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