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  1. I have been on different medications for depression and ADD , in the past and I cannot even remember which ones. (Zoloft, Prozac, Adderal Stratera ??) I have not continued, mostly because I had not noticed any improvement in my ADHD, nor depression. The only effect that I noticed was that the meds interferred with my ability to maintain an errection. I am stilll depressed, and still have problems with concentration. On a postive note, I have discovered that I sometimes gain more of a benefit from regular exersize, like bicycling, than from medication. I don;t like taking medication, but I am tired of being depressed.
  2. I am a 54 yr old divorced male, with two teenage daughters. I did not really understand that I was depressed until about 2005. I did not understand that I also have ADHD without the hyperactivity component. I take the topic very seriously, however it seems that these days, everyone you talk to is depressed, or has ADHD or thier child or someone they know is ADHD or depressed or bi-polar. So, most of the time I don't evern mention it to people unless it becomes neccesary. Sometimes I even wonder if I am just making excuses for myself. Unfortuently, my best freind is bi-polar and recently had spent two days as an inpatient due concern from his wife and family because of suicidal urges. I have not recently, but I those thoughts have crossed my mind in the past. The only two reasons that I don't think about that too much is that I have two daughters. I cannot imagine how my ******* myself would affect them. So, I don't even go farther with the thoutht. But, it has crossed my mind......
  3. I am new to this Website and to these forums. I am supposed to be working right now, but I am wasting time on the Internet. I am severly depressed at the moment. In regard to this poll, I probably have been depressed at different times during my life, but did not really understand what depression was or new that I was clinically depressed untill about five years ago. I am 54 yrs old. Now that I understand, it still does not do me any good to know, however.
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