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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Sounds like quite a healthy response to me. It is not good for anyone to be that emotionally destressed. I know years ago when my husband wasn't being a husband and I was so hurt and emotionally drained I suffered my first bout of depression. The antidepressant they put me on gave me the will to put my foot down and take charge of my own happiness. For example, last night I got in his truck to go to the store and found woman's make up in the cup holder. It is not my makeup and I have never worn this type of makeup so of course it became an issue. When I got home I addressed him and he came up with a rambling story that I did not believe, but for some reason I was like I don't care. I was telling him I just didn't care if that's what he wanted to do!! UMMMM.... something is wrong with that! I should be bouncing off the walls trying to figure out where this came from, but I simply walked away and didn't care! I think this will get better with being on the medicine longer hopefully!
  3. Better call and tell your Doctor Newbie. He needs to be aware of it for sure. I always call around and ask a few pharmacists too because they get all the nitty gritty on thier patrons, even more so then Docs. I have been on 20 mg for 3 weeks and no suicidal thoughts at all. \i'm only 2 days into 10 mg of celexa and have had a few suicidal thoughts. i have never contemplated suicide before. now all of a sudden... and it was right when i woke up this morning. really weird. only 10 mg and 2 days, and this? i thought this only happened to those with bipolar or SEVERE depression. eventually this gets better, right. this is normal? please help. thank you!
  4. Hi all, Yeah today was really good. I decided to stick it out in Math Class and not withdraw again like last quarter. I made it to my ladies meeting which turned out to be very awesome. We walked around the church and prayed encouragements to all our ministrys etc..which is my niche in life. Now I found people that really share it! Had good fellowship with them afterwards at the restaurant. So glad to be meeting new people in my new area! LivingLife
  5. Kitty, for the first time in my life I have found myself speaking up also. It is fighting back against the depression that will engulf us if we are once again passive. One of the building blocks of healthy development is expressing our anger. Being taught it is ok to do so as a child in a healthy constructive way. I was never allowed to do so and always stood by while the drug/alcohol addicted in my family ranted and raved. As a result of growing up in this I drew people to me that were drug/alcohol addicted or otherwise addicted. An addiction is an addiction. I had discerment, (seeing the red flags) but had to ask God to teach me use it. God did, and also started taking me thru a study on righteous anger. This has been a slow teaching but very instrumental in my growth. As you know with your ex some people will do anything to try to be with someone. While they do need to be held accountable and you need not be sorry for your angry outburst, forgive him readily and try again soon to build relationships. It is hard to get right back on that horse I know. If I don't then I tend to isolate which is really bad and sets me really far back. The addicts too need to be with someone as most desire to be. God created us that way. Nothing we can do about it. I do hope you and I both learn to be around healthy people and with someone healthy, encouraging and worthy of our love and devotion. LivinginLife
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