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  1. Hi all, Is anyone taking Gabapentin? Does it affect your fat loss efforts, or worse make you gain fat? I'm trying to lose fat now and I'm freaking out about the anecdotes online about the drug. Thanks for any help!
  2. Hi guys, For the men here; how did you find the libido/sex drive side effects of Cymbalta? Did it get better during treatment or did it continue throughout? I've started recently and the idea of sex is suddenly unappealing. It makes me feel inhuman. I know this is a common effect and I can live with it if it's temporary. But if it never goes away while on treatment I think I'll stop. Any anecdotes appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hi all, I'm just about to start Concerta XL. What's the general opinion on hair loss, particularly for men? Did you experience it or not during treatment? It's a side effect that worries me rather a lot. Thanks for any help!
  4. Hi all, I'm just about to start Concerta as an alternative treatment for my depression. Anyone on it here and did you (or did you not) experience hair loss while taking it? Thanks for any help!
  5. Good to know guys. LilyRain - no more difficult to lose weight either? Just the same as when without medication?
  6. Hi all (especially the guys here.) I just started on 10mg of Prozac. I'm concerned about the affect on libido. It seems less likely on this dose and I wondered how people here on the same dose reacted? Also, did you gain weight more easily, or was it more difficult to lose while taking Prozac? I realise there are many posts on these subjects, but less so regarding lower does. Thanks, Alex.
  7. Hi all, I know this has been covered a lot on this forum, but I'm panicing somewhat about my new prescription for Prozac and what it might do to my weight. I'm an avid fitness enthusiast. Work out often. Body-build and like to keep myself really lean. Are there people here who are into health and fitness who have been able to take prozac for some time (I will probably need it for a year) have had no weight gain problems and are able to progress in the gym as usual? My mental health is obviously more important, but exercise and a healthy body help me with confidence and I know a setback there would be terribly detrimental to my mental state. Thanks so much for any help. Alex.
  8. Hi all, I'm a 30 year old male and have been on Agomelatine 50mg for a month. It seems to have killed my libido and muted orgasm. I had been told (same old story...) that this wouldn't happen on this drug. Has anyone else had the same experience?
  9. Thanks both. Interesting! Hopefully lots of people will add their experiences and this topic can be a little resource for those worried about the same thing! Fingers crossed.
  10. Hi all, To those who have taken Agomelatine (especially the 50mg dose) have you experienced any weight gain, or found it difficult to lose weight on a diet? Have you noticed any negative changes in body composition at all? I'm about to start taking it and am concerned about this side effect. I know it's advertised as being devoid of weight gain and sexual side effects, but I'm cynical of drugs and would love to hear some personal experiences. Thanks so much. Alex.
  11. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  12. Welcome To DF :)

  13. Hi all, I've just today started on Wellbutrin for non-purging bulimia (no vomiting etc., so the increased seizure risk is not an issue) and depression. I'm really worried about the medication's side effects. I've searched the forum and understand there are topics relating to this already but I wanted to ask about two specific areas. Firstly, did anyone notice pimples/acne as a side effect? I suffered from this a little in my teens (didn't we all?) I'm 28 and another breakout would make my despression so much worse. Is this a common effect as there is lots of discussion about it on the internet. Also, will the medication deplete my obsession with food and calm the need to binge eat? I crave sugar and fatty carbs a couple of times a week and end up binge eating. This is the primary reason I'm on Wellbutrin. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!
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