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  1. My little boy (18 months) in just his nappy and black leather shoes trying to water the back pavers with a tiny watering can.
  2. I'd love to get up earlier for exercise, however the sedating effects of zyprexa mean I am zombie until mid-morning :( Good for you though, hope it becomes a habit for you.
  3. 1 Playing organised sport again 2 Being able to wake up early enough to go for a ride before work, and not be drugged all the time 3 Being well enough to take the exciting job opportunities that pop up every now and then 4 Getting my finances in order 5 Having a nicer back yard for my son to play in 6 Losing weight and keeping it off 7 Going to London again 8 Go to Alaska or Antarctica before it is too late 9 Change of Government 10 Remission (this should actually be number 1)
  4. I think you have kind of answered your own question with those parts of your post where you describe how the need to journal is disrupting your everyday life. It seems to have impacted on your social relationships and is disrupting your work. I'm sure constantly trying to remember everything would be very draining as well. Journaling can be great for getting an emotional release, but for you it seems to be creating more negative emotions than it is helping with. Unfortunately I don't know what to suggest, but a therapist might. There might also be people on DF who have experience trying to wind back obsessive thoughts and behaviours, so hopefully they will pitch in.
  5. I have this experience as well. I always pretend everything is fine around my family. I don't want to be the downer and I don't really see what good telling them would do anyway. Indeed I got into a bit of trouble with this recently. I was going through a bad patch and my partner called me out on it when I told my family I was doing fine. She thinks they should shoulder some of the burden of being concerned about my well-being.
  6. Amazing! Free from anxiety for the first time in months. I also did a yoga class today for the first time in ages and not only do I feel great physically I also have this nice smug, self-satisfied feeling. It's awesome!
  7. I used to have a high-paying job that came with constant stress and worry. Made me very ill. Now I have a lower paying job with a fraction of the responsibility. I am much less stressed at work, and I feel that has been vital for me during my recent relapse. Overall I am happy with my decision, even though it meant down-sizing my lifestyle. The money wasn't worth it.
  8. Maybe some CBT or mindfulness would help you with those feelings. But if it something that has come on with your depression, you may want to treat it as a symptom and see improvements as part of recovery.
  9. I run out of brain today.
  10. Instead of unilaterally adjusting your meds to try and pin point the role of your dose on the twitches, I would really recommend you talk to your doctor first. There might be something else going on and in any case adjusting your own meds is kind of not a good idea. I have sympathy for you though. I developed some really violent muscle movements/twitches in my neck when I was on an SSRI. Very disconcerting.
  11. Even though I stuck to my calorie limit and exercised, I put on weight last week thanks to my anti-psychotic.
  12. I read a definition of 'emotional affair' which talked about situations where the 'cheating' partner gives something to the person they are having the 'affair' with that they would normally give to their partner/spouse. Do you feel you are now missing out on parts of your partner's energies/personality/time?
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