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  1. not sure if this will help, but i have high blood pressure at the doctors office and everytime i pass a blood pressure machine at the supermarket, i got a home bp monitor and its fine, maybe its your anxiety causing the high blood pressure, mine is 160/100 at the docs office and 113/72 at home, you do the math.
  2. about 2 months ago i went to the doctor due to anxiey and panic attacks, and high blood pressure due to these issues i beleive. a month before seeing doc i stoped smoking pan which ive smoked for 13 years, and a week before that my dad got real ill with a very rare disease, i was losing my mind, my bp was always high at walmart and docs office, but great at home. anyways, the doc said Nefazodone 100mg twice a day would be great, willing to try anything to feel normal i took the meds along with some .25 xanax, which i didnt take often at all, only during attacks, its been almost 2 months and i wont leave my room , im always tired and dizzy. i also take 25 mg antenlol for bp. i was never ever depressed in my life, but i feel like i am now, so i decided im dont with the Nefazodone , but now im nervous about quiting due to side effects, i will start taking half of 100 mg for a few days then only half at night. why do doctors give these meds when im not depressed ? any advice would be great, my question for you guys is am i at risk of bad withdrawls from this drug ? i ve been taking them since january 26th. so just over a month and a half.
  3. i have been on nefazdone for less than 2 months, 100 mg twice a day, and now im depressed, i wont leave my bedroom, always tired, dizzy, and cant stand it, im gonna quit asap, i ve cut dose in half and plan to be off in a week, i wasnt that depressed to begin with just anxious, and had panic atacks, but never depressed, i stoped smokeing pan 3 months ago and doc thought this was good, but i dont think so. he wanted me to go up in dose a week ago, and i didnt, so i called him friday and said i gotta stop this drug. im worried now that coming off it will harm me.
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