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  1. Bsantos, I agree with Danny. Before you make a very big decission, see if your meds stabalize. Do you have a therapist, or someone you can talk with?That might be very helpful. I am glad that you are feeling better and I hope htat continues. Perhaps you can sit down and make a plan, if leaving is waht you feel you really want to do, so that you can take the steps needed to take care of yourself and your child. You do not have to make a decision like this in one day.Weigh out the pros and cons of leaving or staying and then if you decide to leave, get things ready before you go; i.e. have a place to go, a bank account, a support network of people who can help you.... The decision is ultimately your, you have to decide what is best fro you and your child. I wish you luck, and we are all here for you no matter waht you decide.
  2. Hi Trying, thanks for sharing your story and venting. Sounds like you have been going through a lot.Sorry to hear you have been having these troubles. I have found that even out in the buinsess world, things can be pretty dysfunctional, and that is waht it sounds like in your new work place. Sometimes, we even end up in these places, becasue they seem to emulate the dysfuntional familes/ environment we grew up in. We just dont see the warning signs going in to it. You have a couple of choices here, you can stay, and continue to go with the flow. But it sounds like it is pretty unconfortable and may end uop contributing to your depression. You can try to set some healthy boundaries and stand up for yourself and others, who they all make fun of; but htat can be very difficult and you cant change other people, so they might not change. Or, you can look for another job again , and try to get yourself into a healthier environment. It is a really tough situation you are in. I found myself in a similar situation this year, in an internship for school where it is so dysfunctional, people are mean and cruel, passive agressive, and it is a really poor working environment. I tried to do something about it. That changed things only for a couple of weeks. I need the internship for graduation, so I chose to stay becsue ultimatley, my school would not do anything about it . I changed my perception and chose to see my therapist more often. I learned that this work place is a realy unhealthy environment and that the people there have their own issues to work through, which they have not and may never do. I will be done with that place in 4 weeks, so there is some light there for me at the end of the tunnell. As for you, you have to decide waht you can put up with and what you wont. It is difficult. I hope another job presents itself to you, so you can choose to leave. It stinks being in a place where you have to earn a living, but you hate going in to your job every day....
  3. Hi Tisha, I know this step is scary for you, it is a change, it is unknown and that can be difficult. There acould also be some positives to going inpaitient. It could help, you could meet some nice people, and you might even start feeling better. You ask, what if it doesnt work. Well, if it doesnt work, then you are just where you are now... you really havnt lost anything, but maybe you are a bit stronger for having tried something new. Try to get a little something, out of each new expreince in life. Your life will not be perfect when you get out, no one can guarentee that, ever. But perhaps you will lern something of value. In doing new things or challenging ourseleves to do something we are afraid of, we conquer our own fears. This a brave step you are taking. Try to go in with an open mind and just see what happens. Please do let us know how you are ddoing and how things work out for you.
  4. Zoloft? I have read that it is supposed to be good for both anxiety and depression. I took it years ago and it did seem to help, but evryone is different and reacts differently to meds.
  5. Thank you for your posts I have felt how you describe feeling; no interest, apathy towards sex, intimacy etc... wanting to feel something and not feeling anything... Thank you for putting words, to what I also feel. It stinks.... Wish I could feel otherwise, but like you it is just switched on, and I cant control it. I am sorry to say, I dont know what helps... maybe others will have suggestions
  6. Hi Eric, I am glad you got a diagnosis and have found some releif and hope. Propper diagnosis is important, and if you go to different practitioners, you will probably get different diagnisis. many times. That being said, mental health practitioners do have more experience than GPs, I would tend to trust their diagnosis more, in general. I wish you grat success on the road to recovery and hope you are feeling better.
  7. I would like to re-frame what you said, or what you asked. You asked if you shouldapologize to those you lied to in the past. I would like to say, that if you are recently diagnosed, and you yourself did not know that you were not abused, then you did not lie. At least, I do not see it as a lie. You told people what you actually beleived to be true. I feel there is a dffference between that, and lying. You have a mental health disgnosis, that explains why you beleived what you beleived. Perhaps you could explain the illness to people. But you should not have to apologize for having an illness. It is not your fault, it just is and it is very common. I am so gald you have support from your husband, that is wonderful . I hope with the support of him & your new P Doc you are feeling better.
  8. I am not a haorder, but i certainly can relate. I have a hard time staying organized, putting things back in place and keeping up with cleaning.. I dont knowwhy that is. It is something i feel shame about, and guilty. I have books and clothes laying around my room, along with other items... I feel shame, becasue i feel inhernetly something is wrong with me, most people manage to stay clean and organized. I feel guilty, becasue my family also lives like this and it is embarassing if a neighbor or my kids friends come over... yet i can not keep things straight. I am really not sure why. From a CBT perspective, I am wondering if it is self defeating thoughts and internalized core beleifs that began in childhood. Becasue my parents were such perfectionists and nothing was ever good enough( as well as i was never good enough) , and nothing was ever clean enough, perhaps I gave up trying??? The thing about my family is that they contribute to the mess, and will not clean up on a regular basis. My husband stopped cleaning up years ago and it is a struggle to get my kids to help on any regular basis. So now, I just live disorganized. Once it becomes a mess, I get overwhelmed and dont know where to begin to make things nicer, my anxiety kicks in and it just gets harder...
  9. Ok, here are the top few; Liquid mind- Serenity Deuter Steve Gorn Reiki- Offering Reiki- Hands of Light The Tao of Healing Snatam Kaur- Grace
  10. Liquid Mind, definately, that would be my first suggestion too! Very, very relaxing!
  11. Hi Acantha, Lauren J cAt had great advice. I am sorry for the pain you are going through, you must feel kind of stuck right now. At this point it seems like getting out of the house would be a good idea. I wish you luck in your job search. I hope you can find something creative or that helps you to follow your passion- even if its part time. I can understand how yoiu feel, my mother wanted me to be a teacher too, for the stablity and all. I did it for 5 years, it make me have anxiety, depression and then physical illnesses started bothering me. I know i am not cut our for teaching in this day and age, so I can really relte. If you know that is not your thing, I say go for waht makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Try not to worry too much about waht your family thinks- this is YOUR life, so try to do waht you feel you need to do for you nad to take care of yourself Sometimes, when we are around toxic people or family members, it can make our depression worse and our healing/ recovery more difficult. I hope you find a way to get out of the house soon. Best wishes, Govinda
  12. Yes, that experiment is on " perceived helplessness"- people who have a higher percieved helplessness do have higher rates of depression.
  13. Yeah, but if people were not so afraid of it, or I hand't lost friends over it, becasue of their own fear and prejudice, then I would be more open about it with people in general. There are people in my life who know, but I have come to learn that there are also people who I can not share it with.
  14. Register for summer classes- begin classes- hike another section of the Appalachian Trail
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