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  1. You won't be sent to any psychiatrict hospital or clinic, no. I have had suicidal thoughts, as well, and have told my doctor and psychiatrist and therapist about them. Nobody sent me to any hospital. They won't send you to a hospital for just having the thoughts. They will talk to you about your thoughts, but they won't institutionalize you for them. Best of luck to you! It's good that you're finally going to talk to your doctor. ps: your 'barrage' of text is not a barrage. It's your story, and thanks for sharing it. :) Awesome, thank you. Knowing this will make it a lot easier and more comfortable telling my doctor. Thanks again!
  2. The writing between the dash marks is just blabber, if you want to skip right to my question, go to the ***. ------ Well, it's been a rough 10 years. As a little kid, I had an ill-tempered, violent, and impulsive side to me. I'm 18 now and just about had enough with whatever is going on with me. I went to the ER once about my condition when I was 12 because of a severe "anxiety attack" but was afraid to tell my parents and doctor about my suicidal thoughts - so they told my parents and I it was just the awkward stage of becoming a teenager. Since then, I've lost my friends (from pushing them away) and managed to get held back my senior year due to my severe anxiety of the social classrooms and haven't really accomplished anything outside of my social and school life. So, I have a physical coming up soon and plan on telling my doctor about what's been going on - I have never been professionally diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder but my grams has it and was really bad when she was younger (my mom told me what she acted like when she wasn't taking medication) and also, her siblings were plagued with mental disorders too. Not to mention my dad's side of the family has its share of anxiety/depression related disorders. ------ *** But whatever is, I hope the doctor can give me the right diagnosis and I can just get on with life. My only worry though, is telling him/her about my suicidal thoughts that I've had since I was 12 or so. I've never acted upon them or even thought of acting upon them... they just started occurring one day and always come back in episodes, along with magnified depression and isolation. So my question is, am I going to be sent away to a psychiatric hospital for an extended period of time where I'm being constantly evaluated because I told my doctor I have suicidal thoughts, even though I've never considered them or thought of acting upon them? I'm already trying to cope with the fact that I'd have to go see a therapist, as I'm not a real intimate person... so if I do have to go away to a specialty clinic, I'd rather just know before hand so I can start coping with it. Thanks for any help, and also, thanks for taking the time to read this barrage of text.
  3. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  4. Hey there, well here is my story. I'm 17, for about five years I've been dealing with impulsive thinking ... here a few thoughts I have and other issues: - Involuntary suicidal thoughts (I have never acted, or considered on acting) - Thoughts of driving into oncoming traffic (I've had this since I was about 14, when I realized I was close to being able to drive and was excited ... then this thought popped into my mind and hasn't left. Haven't gotten my permit or license yet.) - When I'm in class, I'll get urges to just throw my chair across them room and walk out. I've never done this, but the thought constantly runs my mind while I'm in class some days. - Other day-to-day "insignificant" impulsive thoughts/actions (e.g. skipping my classes) - For a short amount of time I'll be proactive on my daily responsibilities and then I'll go to being lethargic. - I get extremely nervous with simple things, such as ordering food, talking in front people, etc. ___________ This whole ordeal has really messed my high school years up, my social anxiety got really bad since my sophomore year. My parents think I have no interest in women, when I really do. I just know with this problem I wouldn't last in a relationship; I'd become obsessed with it maybe for a few days and be excited ... but after that I'd lose interest - and I'm not going to waste someone's time. I've grown apart from my friends, partly because of the life style they were experiencing with though as well. A lot of people seem to enjoy talking to me at school, and I enjoy small talk with them, but I don't create any real friendships out of them due to thoughts of hanging out with them and being put in an awkward social situation. I'm really cutting it close to graduating; I've made it my top priority though, and put myself in a situation where I have to pay for a few courses - but it is better than dropping out or anything else. My worst fear though is that this problem is going to keep me from joining the military, which I wanted to make a career out of. And it seems like that fear is becoming reality. Should I see a therapist? Are there alternative resolutions, alternative/natural medicines, yoga instead of going to a professional and being diagnosed with something? Any help/advice would be appreciated, thanks!
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  6. Thanks guys, Yeah, I'm eating healthier and cutting stuff out of my diet (sodas, which is popular in my house) - try to drink 5 liters of water a day. I put down video games for the most part and started reading stuff like London, Thoreau, Tolstoy, etc (the thinkers). Gonna look into that herbal medicine. And also, that's what I worry about, it getting worse. I'd like to see if it's just something due to being a teenager, might go away once I'm done growing. Thanks for the responses! Take care
  7. Hi, I'm gonna try to make this as concise as I can. I'm 17, ever since around 12 I've been getting these instant DEEP pit feelings in my stomach (The feeling when say, a loved one passes away), then completely random suicidal thoughts come to mind. I have never attempted NOR will I attempt to take my own life or someone elses. I get really depressed and anxious if I find myself in large crowds (such as cities, school gatherings, etc.) ... It really pi**es me off, like I can't even control my own thought process, it gets tiring, but I've kept it to myself. Now I'm not here to diagnose myself, but I do know there are people here who have already been through this age and maybe can throw some advice my way. (It seems to get much worse at night than during the day, these feelings, and they seem to come in 3 month-waves) Anyways, I really want to enlist in the USMC after I graduate HS, which is fairly soon. But, I also want to get this problem straightened out (if time doesn't do the trick) - problem is, I don't believe I can enlist if I have history of medication and/or any mental illnesses. So I guess my issue here is: I'd like to see if I need any sort of help but I'm afraid if I do, that it will interfere with my goal. And another thing, looks like I suck at making things concise, hahaha. On a serious note - any advice/help is really appreciated.
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