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  1. Thank you for responding and for the information. I know deep down my hubby of 20 years thinks deep down that I could just snap out of it, if I could I would have a long time ago.We also have an autistic son (19) that I am the main caregiver of so that in itself is challenging even though he means the world to me. It's been 12 hours since I took the 20 mgs and so far so good. I was worried it would be like when I first started taking them, but other than feeling a little tired I am doing fine. Thanks for listening and take care.
  2. I remember one time I stopped my med and felt happy, free like that but, it didn't last long and I ended up going back on it. I'm no doc, but I think it could have to do with the med being still in your system (long half life) and you thinking it's not in your system giving maybe a false sense of pure joy, you know? Do you smoke for depression? I would tend to think that would make you feel down and actually make you more low. Just my opinion, though.
  3. Have been on 10 mgs for a long time and I think it's not working anymore. I know that 10 mg is a low dose but, I am med sensitive. I have noticed in the last month that I am acting as I did before I got on the med. I am ashamed to say, but I wake up so angry for no reason and I feel like I'm a living terror to my family. My health is not the best in the world (have Panic disorder, depression~maybe bipolar, terrible low back pain and pain from fibromyalgia,two hernias in my stomach area, the list seems to go on and on). I realize this is odd, but I get anxiety about even taking meds even though in my mind I know it's to help me). I have been so down, just feels like I can't cope with the simplest things. I normally to take the 10 mg citalopram at bedtime because I take Tramadol during the day for pain (only take what is prescribed) and I am responsible with it. I have been concerned about Sera. syndrome combining these two meds and doc said it was rare, but of course I will have anxiety attacks over it This morning I got up at 6 am, took 20 mgs of citalopram and at 10 am I took my regular dose of the tramadol. So far so good. I feel a little tired, but I'm home today to see how I reacted to it. My question is, can my anger be part of anxiety (because I feel so out of control in my life) or does it stem from depression? I haven't seen a counselor in years and I don't think it helped me back then at all. I appreciate any opinions good or bad as I have a thick skin!
  4. Why him? Lost my Dad to stomach cancer 13 years ago and always seem to get lost in how things would be if he were still alive and healthy....
  5. I wish I knew of any as well. The way you explained it fits me to a T. I have had a trauma happen to me when I was 14 (now 47) and have had years of panic disorder, guilt and shame even though it wasn't my fault.I never told my parents and I know holding all that emotional pain in for years certainty didn't help and is probably the reason I have so many issues today. I take low dose citalopram and klonipon (sp) as needed.I have took lower doses to see if it was the meds and I have been med free at certain times in my life and it changed nothing with the numbness. I've never been diagnosed with bipolar, but have a feeling that I am.
  6. My uncle was in agreement to check himself in. He has PTSD (was a cop and went through a trauma on the job) that caused him to breakdown. He was very worried about the same things you posted and to his surprise it was nothing like he imagined (in his mind) and he said he had never felt such relief about being there for a while (they put him on meds that helped him become stable. The place was very homey and comfy/cozy feel to it when I visited him. Also the staff were genuine and caring, they took time to explain things to my Aunt and answered her questions/concerns about him. Wishing you all the best. just me 2
  7. I got up instead of pulling the covers over my head and made myself do some housework. I actually feel better and am more productive when I keep myself busy.
  8. "Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul - and sings the tunes without the words - and never stops at all." - Emily Dickinson
  9. Perhaps what draws you to that style of music is that you can truly relate because you have had similar feelings/thoughts and it strikes a chord within yourself. That's what it goes for me and has actually been a good therapy for me over the years. Wishing you the best. just me 2
  10. Clever idea and fun! I have a habit of when I call someone on the phone I will say it's just me and my mother will say hey just me! lol Thanks for making me smile
  11. I have often wondered about that I take celexa and when I go over a specific dosage, I gain weight pretty fast and always seem to be hungry which is out of character for me. I try to eat healthy and watch what I eat.
  12. I tried bupropion (welbutrin/zyban in U.S.) while in my early 20s and found that it made me feel very angry so I had to discontinue. Maybe my dose was too high? I've researched it as well and it has helped a lot of people, I ended up trying other ads and eventually stuck with citalopram (celexa) and am on a low dose now. I guess I am med sensitive because anything over 10 mgs, I feel numb and depersonalized, gain massive amounts of weight, ect. I have thought about switching to Effexor/cymbalta, but too nervous to try something different. I;ve been on it for 5+ years. I also take Ultram (low dose) for chronic pain and can take up to 1 mg clonzopam (sp) as needed (only take if I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack or extreme anxiety). I've never been over 1 mg and (even though others may become addicted I've never felt the urge to take more than directed. Been taking for about 10 years on and off. I have read somewhere a while back on the effectiveness of ads if you have very low serotonin to begin with and have wondered the same thing. I am 47/ female and have had a hysterectomy (kept ovaries but they never woke up) due to endometriosis when I was 41. I tried HRT, but have breast cancer in my family and doc felt it was too much of a risk. I also have Panic disorder (since I was 14), low back issues (bulging/her.disks), Fibromyalgia and Depression. If you find/learn anything new on the subject of low serotonin, please let me know and thank you for listening. Be well
  13. I am a lot older now, but I can remember when I was in my 20s and going through a period of thinking I would always be alone, what was I here for, who I was really as a person and being very depressed as well as having panic disorder.I didn't meet my true soulmate until I was about 27 and 20 years later we are still going strong. We met by chance through friends (I had to force myself to go to the get together) and am so glad I did. I wasn't into the bar scenes either and my anxiety pretty much kept me from getting out in the social scene during that time. I was a loner and many people thought that I was aloof and snobby, but if they could have seen what was in my mind at the time they would have seen a very introverted, shy and anxious young girl that just wanted to belong and feel accepted by them. So I am living proof that you can and will find friends, love and acceptance one day and I truly wish you all the best.
  14. I get what you are saying.When my anxiety gets so severe it makes me want to avoid being out in the world, so bad sometimes that I even avoid family functions, ect. Some days are better than others and I have discovered that the fear of these situations is worse than getting out there and doing it. (work, grocery store,social functions). Hope this makes some sense as I am having a low day today myself. Hope things get better for you soon and thanks for listening to this tired ole lady. lol
  15. I hope you are doing better and the chronic tiredness seems to be an old friend of mine. Between the anxiety, depression and chronic pain it just seems like it robs me of anything good/positive in this life.Some days it is all I can do to just do the basic tasks (day to day things) and the one thing that helps me push through is my son who is moderately autistic (since birth). I have to be there for him even though it gets so hard sometimes (feeling hopeless). I truly hope things get better for you and I can relate. It helps me knowing I can come here and be heard. Be well and hold on.
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