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  1. Brokenme

    Finding It Hard

    hugs, we gave blades to cm too and been wanting them back
  2. glad someone hears you xxx
  3. Brokenme


    struggling at work. a lot. just dk how to manage it anymore. we probably appear uninterested and i dont know how true or untrue that is anymore. had a good appt today. asked cm about those organisations she had mentioned before and we are getting a referral for something called partners in recovery, i think she said its one on one support, tailored to our needs which is basically improving socialisation and isolation. i am scared but i think it will help. we will see.
  4. i understand. we are a qualified veterinarian and now not sure what to do with the degree. DID and PTSD not helping. we are on disability.
  5. hugs..glad to hear you got someone that will work with you this time. understand how it can be on disability, we are on disability with a two year review, dk how that will work out for us because i want to work but not managing even one day a week at all
  6. Brokenme


    i dont know if i have mentioned here but cm is holding a snake. we made a deal that if we graduate in 2014 she would hold a snake. so now shes holding a snake tomorrow having a bit of a hard time with more sui thoughts, but hanging in. going back to volunteer on friday i think. dont feel ready but we have committed to it..
  7. Brokenme


    eating small amounts of food at a time like cm suggested. she was so much better than the gp on the weekend. so grateful that we have her..been with her for three years now and it has transformed our life. i dont really know where im heading still. on disability and dont know if we will ever be able to hold down a full time job :( it was only our first day last week but i was feeling like i never want to go back again. but i think we will. we have to. we have committed to this :(
  8. hugs..i understand being on disability. we are on disability too
  9. Brokenme

    Not Well

    severe anxiety at work. cant even manage one day a week how will we ever manage a full time job? :( threw up few times when we were there. still kind of sick. lost more weight when cm weighed us today. if we lose 2 more kilograms they could put us in hospital :( cm did have some suggestions for us tho. going to try i guess.
  10. Brokenme

    Another New Pdoc

    lots going on! so glad you have a competent pdoc, know from experience that that makes all the difference.. hugs
  11. doing better since the holidays ended and seeing case manager and stuff and having more support. starting a new volunteer job tomorrow, once a week at a vet clinic we loved when we went there on placements as a student. first days are always hard but im hoping we will get through smoothly.
  12. Brokenme

    Tw Sui - Stuck

    it didnt go terribly, but not great. i guess i should have expected that tho. stayed for a few hours :/ just feeling stuck. got a sample of mirtazapine. shrugs idk
  13. missing our counsellor so much. had to say goodbye three months ago and the holidays compounding the isolation has been triggering the grieving. thinking about sui*ide..feeling like i did when overdosing in the past but cant even do that now. seeing a gp tomorrow, dk how that will go :(
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