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  1. Yes I've started 25mg. Its my 9th day but I have still tremendous amount of side effects. When will it be set with my body? This is my question. I'm in trouble. Confused! Help me please.
  2. Omg! This is so sad for me that your side effects were never gone while taking Quetiapine. I would talk to my doctor if side effects don't go away. I'm at house on holidays. It means, antipsychotics never set in your body like antidepressants? Am I right @sober4life ?
  3. Hi, Can anyone share his or her experience with me? In how many days Quetiapine adjusts and sets with our body? For example, we take escitalopram. It takes 7 to 11 days to adjust in our body and then side effects disappear. I don't know what we says this process in medical. So, I'm asking same thing about Quetiapine. Kindly help as early as possible. It's my day 2 with quetiapine prescribed by my doctor. Regards,
  4. Plz Plz Plz help me!!!! In how many days Quetiapine sets in body? For example, we take Escitalopram, that sets in our body in 12 to 15 days. So how about Quetiapine?
  5. Is there anyone who can tell me about olanzapine or Quetiapine? How many days Quetiapine takes it to settle down in body? Steady state concentration? I mean in how many days a person's side effects finish off? Help me Plzzzz!
  6. Hi, I have seen SSRIs, Paroxetine, Citalopram and Escitalopram take 7 to 14 days to set. I mean reaching Steady State Concentration of these SSRIs are 7 to 14 days. So, how many days these Anti Psychotics like Lurasidone, Quetiapine and Olanpine take them to set? Regards,
  7. I'm asking about steady state concentration of Olanzapine. Like, Citalopram, Escitalopram etc... take 10 to 15 days to set. How many days Olanzapine takes it to set?
  8. Hello Everyone, My doctor recently has recently prescribed an Anti-Psychotic named Olanzapine 10mg for schizophrenia. It's been almost my 4th day of Olanzapine. So, I've been feeling its side effect now like dizziness, drowsiness, shaking etc...... My question is that in how many days I'll get rid of these side effects? Regards, Qasim
  9. Hi, I'm anxiety, depression and Panic attack patient. Taking Paroxetine CR 25 and Fluvoxamine 50mg. Problem is that I feel day time depression, Suppose: 6AM to 12AM Depression on Peak. Remain sleep as well. Cannot wake. Not meet to friends. Don't wanna do work. Don't wanna eat as well. 1PM Depression little reduce 2PM More reduced. 3PM Feel well, No Brain Fog, Happiness and feel good memory. Willing to work. Meet friends.Eat well too. If I sleep at night early, same situation occurs next day if I don't sleep at night, then same situation will occur again. Kindly help me. Regards, Happpy.
  10. Hello, Guys! I've been taking Zolpidem 10mg since a year but now I want to leave it as it's impairing my memory and finishing thinking ability. Plus Melatonin is working well for me. Problem is that I've read very potential side effects of Zolpidem Withdrawal on Internet. So, Is there anyone who has taken Zolpidem and left it as well and have so much experience about that? If YES, I request him/her to please help me how to leave it? I don't wanna suffer from its side effects. My job is very important. Please help. Regards, Happpy.
  11. Hello, Guys! I'm on Zolpidem due to insomnia. Sometimes, while sleeping it doesn't effect at all. And sometimes it effects very quickly. I don't know why it happens? Can you please tell me which medicine fasten the action of Zopidem? For example I've seen that Antacids sometimes do this job. Which medicine if I take together with Zolpidem can fasten its effects? Your ideas guys? Regards, Happy.
  12. Thank you Fizzle for sharing your thoughts. So it means this problem isn't a Sleeping Disorder?
  13. Hello, Guys! I've Panic and Anxiety disorders. Taking Paroxetine 25 CR, Fluvoxamine 50mg, Xanax 0.5, Zolpidem 10mg per day. My problem is little tough to define but I try if you all understand well. When Sun rises a little bit, I become so so much sleepy and despite all efforts of awaking in day time, I cannot make myself awake in day and go to sleep. When Sun starts to do down like in afternoon, I start to get awake and sleepiness slowly slowly finishes. At evening, when Sun sets, I fully get freshness and awake. I feel more fresh as night fell. At night, I can do every work without anxiety and despite all efforts of sleeping, I remain unable to sleep. I don't know what's this? Is it a type of Anxiety or depression? OR whatever we say it in medical? Please tell me what could be the reason of this? Which disorder is it? Please help me. Regards, Happpy.
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