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  1. Well I stopped the Brintellix today and I have upped the Effexor to 300mg. I have no headaches or dizziness and I'm less sluggish this morning (though I won't know how better my mornings are until the Brintellix is out of my system). Thanks for your support everyone and the kind words Mavigo and GiGiLynn. I agree that a little help is better than none but if the Effexor has a stronger impact on my depression then it's worth the sacrifice of the side effects. I've read of another poster and she is taking 300mg of Effexor and 10-15mg of Brintellix which was temtping for me to try but I'll stay with Effexor for now. I guess I'm more annoyed at my shrink for stating what a wonder drug this 'Brintellix' is. From reading many comments on a few forums it's definitely not for everyone. It had a great side effect profile (no sexual dysfunction) but that was about it for me. ladysmurf it may have taken two weeks for the drug to fully get into your system which perhaps may be why you are experiencing the drugs histamine properties???? See you doc for an antihistamine or it may even pass with time. The fact that this drug has helped your anxiety a lot after only two weeks is very promising. Good luck everyone! Cheers.
  2. Thanks GiGiLynn and Mavagio.:-) Yes I have read up on Ketamine and it is also known as a street drug here as 'Special K' but I have read about it's clinical benefits in depression. I added 150mg of Effexor to the 15mg of Brintellix three days ago and I think I'll go back to Effexor and cut out the Brintellix. I know I'm only on 15mg and not up to 20mg of Brintellix yet but my psych wants me to wait before upping me to 20mg and then wait a month to see if it 'kick's in at 20mg. I realise all anti depressants work differently but I've never been on one that has taken this long to take affect. Usually when they don'pt work at all for me I've tried them at the highest dose for up to three plus months. I figure if Brintellix is doing nothing now then it's unlikely to do something in a month's time. My depression has been getting worse, not better since starting Brintellix. It was great having my sex drive back but my depression is getting worse, I'm not eating and I haven't been able to go to work for the past few days and I just want to avoid people. I can't see myself continuing on like this and from what I've read about people on Brintellix, most people who benefit seem to get a positive response within the first few weeks. Anyway I wish everyone the best with whatever they are taking and thank you all for your support. Cheers.
  3. Well I'm sorry to report that I feel like crap and each day just seems to feel worse. I rang my psych a couple of days ago to ask if I can be put up to 20mg a day but he wants me to tough it out another week. Right now, the way I'm feeling, it looks like I'll be through with Brintellix by then. I still feel very down, no energy, I can't seem to enjoy anything and I'm just tired all the time. I think this drug is doing nothing for me. I'm going to go back to adding Effexor tomorrow to it and see if it takes the edge off. I realise you are not supposed to mix anti depressants but I'm hoping this will help me stay on Brintellix for a while. If I feel like I'm back to my ususal 'normal' self then I'll withdraw the Effexor. If I feel like crap then it's pretty fair to say that the Brintellix just doesn't work for me. I'm sorry that I didn't have a happy story for people about Brintellix for everyone but don't let my experience dictate what this drug may do for you. Wishing everyone the best. Cheers.
  4. Good to hear Mavigo. How long have you been taking Brintellix for since you first started? Personally I'm disappointed in saying that today is now one month (exactly 28 days ) since I commenced Brintellix. I'm currently on 15mg (which I upped from 10mg a day a week ago). I just feel depressed with no energy (both physically and socially). I can't seem to enjoy anything that I usually do. My psych who is a Professor of Psychiatry in Melbourne stated that this drug is 'the one that will make all other antidepressants obsolete?????' I'll try and hang in there but I can't get to see him for another 4 weeks to up the dose to 20mg. However if this continues I may not make it that long if I have to continue feeling like this and will probabloy go back to Effexor. I hope that I am proven wrong and that things pick up. However I know how my body and mind operate having taken every psch med know to man over the past 30 years. No matter what you are told or read, there is no magic bullet. Wishing everyone the best of luck and I'm hoping things on this Brintillex may change. The fact though that I feel nothing in the way of improvement over the past month indicates that this is very unlikely to happan. Cheers.
  5. Thanks for the update. Even by taking it orally (instead of under the tongue you don't recall any sedation)? I'm just asking as my psych wants me to try this drug but it's an anti psych medication that has many of the anti psych side effects. Cheers.
  6. Hi all, Well this is a different post. The dizziness is nearly all but gone as it is now nearly a week since my last Effexor. So too however is my mood. I feel as if my depression has been ok up until 3 days because it's really being treated by Effexor. I have been on Brintellx now for nearly a month and I think it's doing SFA. My sex drive is back but that's about all. I know I need to give this medication a lot longer at the right dose to give it a fair trial however after 28 year on AD's I'm starting to realise that perhaps there is no magic bullet for depression (certainly not in treating OCD). For the past three days I've gone from feeeling flat to depressed. I'm now on 15mg of Brintellix and I have to wait nearly four more weeks to see my psych until he can put it up to 20mg a day. If I continue to feel this way I don't know if I can wait that long, let alone make it! The way I am feeling (depressed) I don't know if I can make this week (especially with work, etc) but I will stick it out as long as I can. I hope I wake up before then and my depression has a turn for the better but I'm starting to realise one thing. I think Effexor not only is as good as it gets, but for me, it's probably the best option I have at treating my depression. I think I just have to accept that I will always have OCD. Also it's very different going frm drug to drug in your 20's or 30's but as you get older you have more to lose (more responsibilities) each time you make a switch. Anyway I'll try and persevere and hope my mood improves.
  7. I saw my psych this morning and he has upped the Brintellix from 10mg a day to 15mg a day. It has now been three weeks and I see him in a month so that will be an extra month on 15mg. If there is no improvement then he will up it to 20mg. So far the mornings are the worst (waking from bad dreams) and I'm experiencing a lot of dizzines. However, this all could be due to my depression, or more than likely, withdrawals from the Effexor still. Either way, they're nothing compared to depression and my mood seems to get better as the day goes on. Last night I felt somewhat 'happy' and today the dizziness is still there but I would honestly say that my mood is better. :-) It will be interseting to see how I feel over the next four weeks on 15mg and I will keep everyone updated. This is also the first time I've had my sex drive back in full for YEARS so that's one nice thing about this drug for me too!!!! I'm really hoping that this drug will not only continue to improve my depression but will also improve my anxiety (OCD) so anyway I'll see. Good luck to everyone! Cheers.
  8. After 28 years of trying different medications (and CBT) for my OCD, today 'may' have been different? It's three weeks today and although my OCD is the same, this afternoon I did feel I guess, what you might say a bit like the old self. The dizziness/bad dreams are still there, as are the headaches and it's still hard getting up in the morning (which still may be a withdrawal phase of the Effexor leaving my body). However I do feel better in my mood as I type. :-) Tomorrow I see my psych and I'm sure he will up the dose of Brintellix to 20mg a day and I will report back on how I'm progressing on this drug. If it means anything to people out there, I have always been treatment resistant 'all my life' to meds in treating my OCD (with the short lived exception of Anafranil over 20 years ago). In terms of depression, Effexor has really been the most beneficial and many others have done nothing for my depression, so I will defintiely keep everyone up to date on my progress. Good luck to everyone and I will keep you updated. Cheers.
  9. sober4life did you find the drug itself sedating and also did you notice any weight gain?
  10. If anyone has tried Saphris for treatment resistant OCD I would be glad to hear from you. My psych has wanted me to try Saphris for a while but I've said no from what I have read on it's sedating side effect profile.
  11. I've now been on Brintillex 10mg for just over two weeks. Today I will stop the Effexor 75mg as the dizziness seems to have died right down. To be honest aout this drug Brintillex (and I know it's too early to really say) I have felt a bit flat over the past couple of days and my anxiety is the same. It could be that my mood has hung in there from the last traces of Effexor and they have now petered out. It could also be that it's just too early to say that Brintillex has started to work? I see my psych this week (on Thursday it will be three weeks on 10mg) and he will probably up the dose. When I last saw him he told me it will take four weeks before it will start working though I have read other people's posts saying that they felt that they have had a good response after 10 days - 2 weeks. Good luck to everyone and I will keep you updated. Oh one nice thing I will add is that it's nice having a sex drive again! :-)
  12. Well it's day seven on 10mg and I see my psych today and I will report back. I have to say the dizziness is actually still there and I'll wait until it passes until I drop the last 75mg of Effexor. I feel a little tired towards the end of the day and getting up in the morning I'm very cranky but I'm under lots of stress as well at the moment. Otherwise I can't say though that I'm feeling like I am back in a dark depression but the OCD anxiety is still there. I'm hoping after 2-4 weeks on the right dose that I may start to see some strong benefits. Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone! Cheers.
  13. Well it's day 5 now on 10mg of Brintellix. I have tapered down from 375mg of Effexor a day to 75mg now. Today most of the dizziness has past (from Effexor withdrawals). I'll drop the Effexor 75mg entirely in the next few days and hopefully that will give the Brintellix about 10 days to at least be in my system. It's too early to say if it's doing anything as I have to rule out any role Effexor may still be playing (although I've never been on this low a dose of Effexor and had any positive response). So far I have felt flat (not depressed) and grumpy (possibly just from the Effexor leaving my system) but also tired during the day. I also take Clonazepam 2mg a day for my OCD and interestingly I didn't need to take it on the first day and for today also. Today on day 5 my mood feels ok and not as flat. I see my psych in two days and I'm prettty sure he'll up the dose to 20mg per day when I see him. He's very enthusiastic about this drug. I will keep everyone up to date with any side effects and any positive benefits that I experience while I'm trialling this drug. Wishing everyone all the best! Cheers.
  14. I have just taken my first 10mg tablet of Brintellix this morning. I suffer from OCD and Major Depression. I have had some help with my depression with Effexor and 2mg a day of Clonazepam for the OCD as well. I have tried every known drug available to man over the past 29 years. I'm hoping at best that the Brintellix may at least help take some of the anxiety out of my OCD and help keep my depression at bay. As many may know, Effexor is a very hard medication to wean off. I was on 375mg a day of Effexor for many years and I have managed to get down to 150mg a day now. I would rather be 'Effexor free' starting Brintellix but tomorrow I will try dropping down to 75mg of Effexor with the Brintellix. In a week I go back to my psychiatrist (and I hope to be off Effexor) and we'll see where I'm at then in regards to how well Brintellix is working. Today (even though it was my first day on 10mg of Brintellix) I actually felt pretty good (placebo or otherwise) apart from feeling slightly tired (which may not have been due to the drug). Also of interest, I didn't feel the need to take my 2mg of Clonazepam, so we'll see! I will keep everyone updated as I go. Good luck everyone! Cheers!
  15. Thank you everybody for sharing your experiences with this drug. I am slowly tapering off Effexor and in two weeks I start on Brintellix. I've had to come off Effexor before so I know what to expect. I suffer from depression and OCD. I'm really hoping the Brintellix will take some of the anxiety out of the OCD. I have heard other people who suffer from anxiety disorder's say that they have benefitted from this drug. Initially I was just going to stick with Effexor which I have for years (since trying all the others over the years). I want to try Brintillex just so I can rule it out if it doesn't work (and if so I'll just go back on Effexor which at least helps with the depresion somewhat). I look forward to heatr others are going with Brintellix and I'll update everyone with how I go with this drug. Cheers!
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