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  1. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  2. Hello, andthen!

    Hope this finds you well!

  3. *****************May Be Triggering*************** Today I thought I had eaten a lot and I dedicated a lot of time and effort to preparing the food, picking it up, putting it in my mouth, chewing, swallowing, one by one. Then I did the math and I'd only eaten around 700 calories for the whole day. I wish there were a pill I could take that would automatically be the equivalent of a 2500 calorie meal like in all the sci-fi movies. I'm embarrassed by how thin I am. How do you motivate yourself to eat? I don't know if it's the depression in general, the lack of sleep resulting from the depression, or eating too little, but I have so little energy. Sometimes I can barely stand. I'll feel hungry, and know that I should eat, but I keep putting it off. I'll just do it after such and such. How do you motivate yourself to eat?
  4. When a movie ends for me, I am overcome with depression and anxiety because I have to go back to the real world now. I am definitely affected by movies, and I did once cry at a movie theater. The movies these days are so realistic in terms of special effects.
  5. I can't imagine what you must have been through, rover, and I'm in no position to offer advice myself as I am still depressed, but I just wanted to say that your story touched me and I hope the best for you.
  6. Kind of sleepy but more of a groggy feeling, mostly in your eyes, as if you didn't quite sleep enough? Does anyone else feel this, all day?
  7. Is there anyone who didn't get their license until later and then spent a long time thinking about it constantly, feeling so depressed about it and wondering how different their life could have been? It seems like everyone who got it later never really cared much anyway (because they had other ways of getting around usually) and I can't relate to that.
  8. I do this all the time too. I have several different ways that I imagine my life as being and having been. I'd pick any one of them over this.
  9. Ideally I would like to shower everyday, brush my teeth twice a day, wear clean clothes each day, etc, etc. Realistically, I just... can't bring myself to do it. I used to be able to, but now I just can't find the motivation. I try to shower and keep putting it off. Finally it's 8 PM and although I meant to shower that morning I ended up just sitting around feeling low all day so I just think, well, I can do it tomorrow. When I finally do reach the restroom with plans to take a shower, I leave the water running and running before I can finally motivate myself to get undressed and get in. Then I just sit there under the running water as I think how I should really be shampooing my hair but I just can't find the energy.
  10. I have the same problem. Often it will be with regards to a timeline... like, I'll remember 2 events but I can't remember if they were on the same day or weeks apart. Sometimes I'll think, "Such and such was last week right? No, it must have been this morning," and I'll have to actually reason out when it must have happened. And I used to be able to remember my dreams really well.
  11. Thanks for your responses guys... they did make me feel a little better because recently I've been feeling like I lost a lot of my life due to not having a driver's license, and not by my own choice. For those of you who got your license later than the legal age limit where you are, did you ever feel depressed about not having a license? And did these feelings of sadness fade over time?
  12. How old were you when you first drove a car? (Driving with a parent or teacher does not count.) This can include if you drove illegally. I thought about driving illegally many times but the thought of getting pulled over and not having a license was just too scary for me.
  13. I'm 17 and a half and have the same situation. I feel like not being able to drive really limited my social life because if you don't drive at 16 you're considered a loser and unless you can get someone to drive you you can't go anywhere. So I haven't had that experience either. I don't care so much about getting a girlfriend (it usually ends badly anyway), I just feel lonely in general and I hate that I lost a year and half of my life to not having a license. I completely agree about girls having it easier. An attractive girl can just toss back her hair and guys will ask her out, and she gets to decide if she rejects them or not. And even if she did ask a guy out and he rejected her, who cares? She can get another one easily. This has been my fantasy for a long time... you have no idea. I feel like this a lot. :(
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