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  1. Yes I took it. It worked for me to get to sleep sometimes and also to take down my anxiety a little. I really didn't think it worked that well as it made me feel too tired and dopey. It's just like a very strong Benadryl. For severe anxiety imho it wont work. I have ocd and severe anxiety as well and it just didn't do what I wanted.
  2. Thank u so much! Your advice is much appreciated. I feel much better about trying it now. The Effexor is working wonders so if I can take the Inderal to clear up the rest of my problems that would be great. Really my only symptom right now is insomnia and I restless feeling when trying to sleep. I get tired but cant sleep. It is weird, like a jittery feeling. Are u saying the Inderal could help with that? Or should I ask for some sort of sleeping aid?
  3. I wish I knew. I am at 5 weeks on Effexor. When I was on 37.5 I didn't really feel anything, maybe some insomnia and some tooth clenching and that weird detached feeling every now and then. When I went up to 75 mgs (I am on that now) I had bad insomnia and I am still dealing with it. I also have days like today when my anxiety is ramped up and then says when I feel really tired. But overall I feel better. Give it a few weeks is all I can say.
  4. Thanks for your response jmg. The dreams! They are crazy lately, well If i do sleep that is, lol. Last night was another sleepless night. The thing is I feel tired and my body seems to want to go to sleep but I feel like an internal jittery feeling. It is hard to explain. I need some sleep though. I love the Effexor it has given me so much relief in so many ways, I don't want to stop it but I am worried about not sleeping. I do get some sleep as once my son goes to school I can take a nap until like 11am but that just screws up my whole sleeping cycle and once I go back to work I cant just sleep until 11am. What kind of sleeping meds are good?
  5. Glad to hear that it should get better. Today is 5 weeks. My mood is greatly improved and my ocd is not prominent as well. Last night I tossed and turned all night but I think it was my fault because I forgot to take my pill at my usual time and I ended up having to wait until like 5pm to take it. I normally take it at 10am. So maybe that explains why I had like 2 hours of sleep last night. Thanks for your help.
  6. So far I think this stuff is actually working. I have been on it about 5 weeks and my side effects are not to bad. Some minor teeth clenching at night, and sweats but that is not big deal for me. The thing is my sleep is pretty bad since I started the Effexor, some nights are better than others though. I already take melatonin to get to sleep every night and that works wonders but I wake up a lot during the night and sometimes I wake up at 4,5 or 6 and I cant get back to sleep. I feel restless but I am still tired. I just toss and turn. Is this going to go away? I know I am only at week 5 so maybe it will get better, please tell me it does!? I really do like the Effexor, its the first med that has worked for me in years so I don't want to get off it. Help!?
  7. So I started Effexor like 5 weeks ago and at first it seemed to do a little something. I don't have any bad side effects which is nice because everything else makes me crazy usually within 2 weeks. I feel a bit happier I guess and I am not having so many ruminations like I normally do but is till have them. The thing is I am not sleeping to well and I feel overall restless like internally or something. It is weird. So my p.doc gave me Inderal for this. I am freaked out to take this and I don't see how it will work. My anxiety is all in my brain, sure my body does get tense and I sweat but I am not sure if I feel okay with taking this, especially since I cant find much info about it for anxiety. Anyone can u help?
  8. Hi, I am having the same issue right now. So I understand your frustration. I started on 37.5 mgs and was feeling a bit better, my ocd intrusive thoughts let up a bit and I felt some relief. I went up to 75 mgs and still felt okay. I have now been on these meds for almost 5 weeks and the last two days I have felt pretty bad. I keep getting waves of depression and crying spells. I also feel no motivation to do anything, like cooking. I have a son too and I feel bad being so lethargic the last few days. I have been making easy dinners and I feel guilty. I don't know why is going on. My therapist said the depression might be a good sign for me as I am realizing my feelings. He said for so long I was so anxious and thinking bad thoughts that now that the depression that was there but pushed aside is resurfacing. He thinks I will get through it and he said I seem to be happier and less worried but I am not so sure. I see my p.doc today so I will let u know what he says. You are not alone. Keep me updated on how u feel.
  9. Just my advice and I need to take my own advice more often, ;) but drinking is just counterintuitive to taking meds. When I drink I only get more anxious and more depressed the next day. I didn't even put the two and two together until a couple years ago. I drank for years on meds and let me tell you, not one of my meds have ever worked and now I have to wonder if drinking was the reason. I drank like you, at least it sounds like it. I think a couple drinks one night will be fine but binging is not good. Just my opinion.
  10. Thanks. Just spoke with the nurse. I told her I feel jittery but that my intrusive thoughts have been less. I also told her I cant sleep well. So we shall see. Thanks so much again.
  11. Thanks for the info. Wow so it is stimulating? Is it for everyone though? I guess no one can say so for sure. I know meds affect everyone differently. But I kind of thought It was making me feel jittery. It is helping with my ocd intrusive thoughts though. What really sucks is my son had to stay home today with lice again. So now I missed my doc app and I can't get one until sept 2nd! What am I going to do now!? I called and a nurse is supposed to call me back. But I cant explain everything to her the way I can my doc. This sucks. Not sure what to do now.
  12. So been on Effexor for 4 weeks and so far the good is that u have not lost my mind on it yet, like I do with every other med. I am only on 75mgs and tomorrow I am due to see my p.doc. I know he will ask if I want to go up. I am not so asure what to do. So can someone please help me out here and tell me some info. Some background the first 2 weeks i was at 37 mgs I felt nothing, maybe some happiness I guess and I little less anxiety. Then at 2 weeks went to 75, had teeth clenching but it was not too bad. Now the last week has been horrible. Everyone in my house has lice. My son couldn't go to school, I got lice, my hubby did and he has long hair so I have been dealing with a lot! Tons of laundry! Picking nits. I am exhausted and I have been sleeping like hell. Plus as much as I hate to admit this I drank twice since starting the meds. I was just so fed up last week with everything. So now the last few days I have been very on edge, anxious etc and I worry its the Effexor, but is it? It could just be life ya know? I mean the last week has been crazy so I think anyone would be on edge right? I don't know what to do. I also know not to drink again, that was very stupid. Could that be making me anxious as well. Is Effexor a stimulating med? I ask because I have been having trouble sleeping at night. Thanks.
  13. Sorry u have it too. Mine has let up a bit. But now I feel just kind of blah. Not sure if its working or what? I guess its only been 3 and a half weeks so I should just chalk it up to not enough time but I felt better a couple days ago and today has been kind of awful. Anxious and stuff again.
  14. Thank u. I am seeing him June 9th. In all honesty it is not near as bad as with celexa or Prozac so I am sticking with this. I will speak with him then. I am afraid to go up in dosage though because I fear it will get worse. What sucks is I think some of this is just in my head. It's like I fear it will happen so I focus on it so much that I think I clench because of that. So stupid.
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