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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. Thanks Karen. Yes, she has other problems that we are working through. Her current job sucks and has done so for a year or two. She has been interviewing for other jobs though and we are optimistic. She has very marketable skills. We'll see how it goes. :)
  4. Thanks guys (and gals). Muggle, it's interesting about some of the other uses of Elavil. I've noticed that my sore hip has almost entirely quit hurting. I'd almost keep taking this stuff just because of that. I have a friend who used to take it for migrains... I think. He said that it worked well but made him groggy in the morning. But he also said that morning griggyness beat the heck outta migrains all day. Sammy, the dr. prescribed elavil primarily as a sleep aid. That's why he has me taking a relatively small dose. I think he wanted me taking it because of its sedative effect, and because my primary reason for waking up in the middle of the night is usually anxiety, or fear of anxiety. I'm gonna try it for a while and see what the long-term (2-3 months) effects are. I'll continue to take it if necessary and if it works well. Ocracoker16, interesting info about the spacey feeling. I was experiencing some sense of drugged feeling yesterday morning, but maybe I was just really relaxed from having started it... or it was just psychological. I took it last night (around 7:00) and had a pretty good night sleep. Today I'm feeling more normal. Well normal for me anyway. :;):
  5. weeks ago. Well she started taking it last October and was pretty darn happy with the effects that it had on her. She said that it allowed her to focus better and get stuff done at work and at home. She managed to gain about 10-15 pounds though, after being almost the same weight for about 20 years... ever since high school. Things she has noticed since quitting are: Sleeping difficulty: wakes up at around 4:00 AM each morning. Appetite still good: but not as good as when taking Z. Less relaxed: Reacts to things a little faster now, and not always in a good way. She is looking for a new job and wants to regain that "edge" she thinks she is missing from years ago. The one that will allow her to be quicker on her feet and mind. The main reason that she started taking it back in October was depression from "a severe lack of available men", as she put it. She had several bad relationships and was getting depressed about her life and job. I guess she's lucky that I showed up. We'll see how it goes.
  6. Well I went to the doctor yesterday to get some antibiotics for my long-term sore throat and got into a discussion about my sleep problems and anxiety/depression thing. So he gave me a prescription for Elavil, with the direction to take a 10 mg. pill each evening at around dinner time. I took this stuff years ago for the same purpose but it gave me a hangover on the following day... probably cause I took it at bedtime (around 11:00). So I took it last night at about 8:00. I totally crashed at about 9:30. Woke back up at 10:00 to drive home and then crashed again at 11:00. Slept great till 3:00 AM, woke up feeling drunk or drugged (for obvious reasons), and took about 3 mg. of Ambien. Then slept great till 6:30 (time to get up. Well today I'm feeling so darned relaxed that almost nothing is bothering me. I think that I could almost put my head down and fall asleep... at work. Is it normal for Elavil to make you feel so relaxed/tired for such a long time? Will this sensitivity to it decrease after a week or two of taking it? Should I start off with a lower dosage at the beginning? Oh, P.S. At this point it seems like a pretty good tranquilizer, perhaps.
  7. The doctor gave me a beta blocker after my first problems with anxiety kicked in (back in 96). It was weird. I tried to go out and mow the lawn. That concept of keeping your heart rate down really sucks when you get some exercise. So they didn't work for me. I ended up taking some Buspar and Elavil to help me sleep. I think that beta blockers only affect some of the symptoms of anxiety... but don't do enough for the primary problem.
  8. Hey, I made the trip... and have a few questions to post as well. :)
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