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  1. I just have personality differences with the parents, pretty much. My mother is immensely popular with everyone she meets, it seems. But she and I are prone to blowouts, even in my middle age. She's extremely high energy, especially for 71, and I am rather low energy. She likes it hot, I like it very cool. Etc. And my father is very in control, and blunt. If he needs to leave, he leaves. If he wants to linger, it's very hard to say I've had enough. And his temper can be bad. So, nothing of the magnitude of drama you speak of, but many of the same thoughts of just wanting off the family merry go round (if I may ).
  2. Much of the same, but I've been catnapping. Tomorrow should be better. Farmer's market and all.
  3. I have an emptiness in me and I'm not sure why. Not sure if a nap will make it better or worse.
  4. It was actually OK. I would like to go out for a push, but don't need anything at the supermarket. Maybe I will just for dinner, though.
  5. Mother coming in today. Warm weather expected, plus partial opening. I couldn't care less, but her emotions are going to be intense.
  6. And she's planning a big huge Easter celebration with an egg hunt in June. I'm not a big party animal at all. I'd have preferred she just let that go. So in comes the anxiety.
  7. My mother came over to simply deposit a check and stayed almost an hour rambling about our email communication plus other tangents that are meaningless. She is a very taxing personality. And I tend to find age peers with those attributes to be toxic.
  8. Relieved. I checked in earlier (or yesterday? I forget) and repeatedly wasn't able to access DF. DF is a place I can vent like no other, so I got kind of depressed.
  9. I had a decent day today, but I know I'm going to feel rushed tomorrow morning. Plus, a part in my pushrim fell out once again tonight, meaning decreased mobility.
  10. Saw my mother today, and we were on different wavelengths today. I asked if she was OK and she got a bit defensive and asked if I was OK. Much warmer weather lately, so maybe it was me. I like it cooler and my mother celebrates the heat. Also, got kind of annoyed by my mother speaking of plans weeks ahead to go out to a movie or restaurant. Again, she wants to celebrate when COVID-19 becomes better managed and we're off quarantine. TBQH, I am a recluse. I am used to being home due to my disability. M?y home is my cocoon. I treasure my own company.
  11. Wow. It's been a while since I posted, I guess. Corona stuff is mostly becoming easier. The masks mentioned upthread are kind of the least of my concerns; I had a friend who had a lung transplant and that was part of her daily wardrobe, and it is for many people in Asia as well. If it keeps us well, that part can remain. Shopping for groceries has gotten very, very weird with hoarding and with lines (now subsiding) and trying to maintain that six feet. I'm ready to see all that go. And the sneezeguards. I'm disabled, so this pandemic on a whole has not affected me as greatly as most able-bodies, but I do crumble slightly from time to time. The limited stuff that I can do has been cancelled: movies and sports events. But the news has been interesting, as has social media. My mental health did take a blow over the move to a new apartment, though. The cable and phone could not be set up for almost a week because people at the utility kept dropping the ball. 10 operators in all. But overall, today has been good. Alone for the day. That's usually good. Emotions are pretty level, though my stomach is a bit crampy.
  12. Fixaflat is something I'd be expert at losing, even if I intended to give it a try. Shoegoo, too, I bet. That's something I need.
  13. Up and down and up and down. What I may have not said is that I am moving in 2 wks, so in addition to the quarantine, I am in a transitive phase. And transitions are always hard. I haven't learned how to accept that life is full of them.
  14. Kind of "crumbly". Vaguely fragile. Eager for some semblance of normalcy.
  15. A bit overwhelmed by the latest numbers. and kind of missing my pre-pandemic life. And, frankly, contemplating death and the discomfort that usually leads to it.
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