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  1. Fixaflat is something I'd be expert at losing, even if I intended to give it a try. Shoegoo, too, I bet. That's something I need.
  2. Up and down and up and down. What I may have not said is that I am moving in 2 wks, so in addition to the quarantine, I am in a transitive phase. And transitions are always hard. I haven't learned how to accept that life is full of them.
  3. Kind of "crumbly". Vaguely fragile. Eager for some semblance of normalcy.
  4. A bit overwhelmed by the latest numbers. and kind of missing my pre-pandemic life. And, frankly, contemplating death and the discomfort that usually leads to it.
  5. Overall an OK day. Likely because I got out, and it wasn't for family nagging me to. I had stuff I needed to do and I owned those errands. Unfortunately FedEx messed up and I think something I bought was returned to sender. but the grocery store had everything I needed and I got in quickly.
  6. Fairly stable day thus far, but CV is hitting close now. Belatedly watching a launch attempt that my have already been scrubbed. Ground hydraulics issue.
  7. I'm maybe overthinking things. Was told I was doing something annoying (on a messageboard). Pondering how to fix it. Considering blocking the site, at least for a while. Feeling like I'm becoming the very tryhard I don't like in other people. I seem to have lost out on certain social skills as the only visibly disabled person in my neighborhoods, family and high schools (mostly) and one who moved around so much in high school.
  8. Pretty smooth day. I'm at terms that my normal social activities have been taken from me. And I'm actually intrigued by the way our society is being forced to change. We don't know how things are going to look in a year, but we may be a better nation for this CV.
  9. My relationship with my mother has suffered in the past 48 hours. Not sure if she's antsy about corona or something else, but her tension is making me tense.
  10. I've had knots in my stomach due to this ongoing viral breaking news event. Things are just surreal. another one of those uneasy transitive times where you can't know what's next. I'm less mad about the virus than the social and logistical implications on my life.
  11. I feel uneasy and I don't know why. It's very transitive.
  12. As a preteen I thought God belief was the default position, but at 44, I am an atheist and wis we could gt rid of the God concept. The God portrayed in holybooks is creepy, abusive, and negligent to m. OTOH, science is something I take great comfort in. Not because it's provided all the answers, but because the method works. As much as I'd like to reincarnate, I won't. Death is he only thing ahead, which makes this life so, so important. More important than any god has said.
  13. I think it's a lifesaver for some people. It i my window to the outside world. I'm disabled, so my mobility is bad, plus people don't really treat me well in person because of the disability, whereas I can hide certain things with my online personas, depending on my trust and needs. That said, the internet is addictive. And I am addicted. But, most of my family is on it, and that's important, because everything else I have in life is fleeting. This is a good conversation, though.
  14. I have a splitting headache that is keeping me awake, and anxiety over my pending birthday.
  15. I have had an ongoing rubbing injury on my elbow because of my crutches. Now, fter a n appointment, I have been told to stay off of my crutches, and use a loaner wheelchair until I can get a custom one. It has been so, so long since I have used a wheelchair, and my body is much different now. So this is a real period of transition, which is giving me blues and anxiety. I particularly wonder if I will ever be abl to fly to see family again.,
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