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  1. I arose extremely early to the flow of traffic outside. That alone is aggravating. also, depressed because of impending heatwave and the holiday season happening soon.
  2. OK, but a bit rushed. Fairly optomistic, though. I'll check in tonight, likely.
  3. OK. The day went OK. I do need to develop some self awareness, though. I am giving off very incorrect vibes, it seems, to many in my life.
  4. First sore throat during the pandemic. Not sure what to expect.
  5. I had a miscommunication with my father but then a really good heart to heart with him, and all seems well. Also watched BookSmart and Irrational Man, but now I'm mentally looking for a needle in a haystack concerning another movie about a professor, but he lived in the midwest, IIRC.. Downstate Illinois, maybe?
  6. I overslept. Kind of needed it. The heat wave has me emotionally fragile right now. My AC busted but a loaner fan helped.
  7. Bad sleep and overheating, along with neurological deficits and developmental issues, leads to social errors. Still trying, at 44, to figure out where I fit in.
  8. AC broke. Heat wave. I got up really, really early. Naps ahead?
  9. Went to outpatient to get my ear checked out. Feeling much better now, though it was very, very hard to wake up. The COVID protocol at outpatient went very well, though, and overall it was a pretty good day, and tomorrow looks good, too.
  10. Fell out of my wheelchair, lost two phones. But I'm up now, and breakfast went well. Sick of this earache but afraid of going into the hospital due to COVID.
  11. I'm kind of down. Bad earache that has lasted several days. Also, I posted incorrectly on another messageboard and was called out on it. That always makes me feel like a dunce. Pretty good rice and beans from my crockpot, though. also having a bit of fun with character and place sketches.
  12. The local jazz station but the playlist won't load. 😕
  13. I also don't want to give the wrong idea and force family away even more quickly. I had a short FB exchange with an aunt which felt really good. She also connected me to a market party that a cousin was hosting online.
  14. I get that, but it really shouldn't be that way unless you know it to be illegal. Anyhow, videos and pics are always good. I've also found messageboards where people post that, but also discuss the psychology of the fetish or kink. It's really been helpful for me.
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