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    college soccer/ gymnastics/tennis, travel, just trying to enjoy life, but at my own speed. I'm an atheist.

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  1. I feel uneasy and I don't know why. It's very transitive.
  2. As a preteen I thought God belief was the default position, but at 44, I am an atheist and wis we could gt rid of the God concept. The God portrayed in holybooks is creepy, abusive, and negligent to m. OTOH, science is something I take great comfort in. Not because it's provided all the answers, but because the method works. As much as I'd like to reincarnate, I won't. Death is he only thing ahead, which makes this life so, so important. More important than any god has said.
  3. I think it's a lifesaver for some people. It i my window to the outside world. I'm disabled, so my mobility is bad, plus people don't really treat me well in person because of the disability, whereas I can hide certain things with my online personas, depending on my trust and needs. That said, the internet is addictive. And I am addicted. But, most of my family is on it, and that's important, because everything else I have in life is fleeting. This is a good conversation, though.
  4. I have a splitting headache that is keeping me awake, and anxiety over my pending birthday.
  5. I have had an ongoing rubbing injury on my elbow because of my crutches. Now, fter a n appointment, I have been told to stay off of my crutches, and use a loaner wheelchair until I can get a custom one. It has been so, so long since I have used a wheelchair, and my body is much different now. So this is a real period of transition, which is giving me blues and anxiety. I particularly wonder if I will ever be abl to fly to see family again.,
  6. I am an only child twice over. I did not inherit siblings when my mother remarried My biological father died of MRSA after years of being bedridden with a stroke brought on by agent orange, which also presumably caused my spina bifida. So there was a while when my mother didn't get much help in parenting, and this affected me greatly (though I'm so glad she didn't rush into marriage just to give me a father figure again. She waited for the right guy, and has been married to him for over 20 years). My mother and I have a difficult, draining relationship. We just have varying styles of communication. That's all. Good intentions all around, but my tolerance for differing styles of conversation is low. My mother has a great relationship with her family, particularly with her only sibling, her brother, my uncle. I envy that. It makes me wish I had a sibling growing up, but my mother keeps saying the first and only time was the charm. I had trouble making friends growing up. I was always the only disabled person at school, and in high school, I moved around, attending 4 high schools in 3 states. And to this day, I still have social trouble. I wish I had siblings (two max, I think). They could be neutral bodies during arguments with my parents.
  7. Glad to have gotten some laundry done, but sad to be missing a soccer match I had planned last week for. Also stressed about upcoming travel.
  8. I'm grieving something, and I don't know what. I can't get to bed because of it.
  9. Had a very good medical appointment yesterday, which was a welcome surprise. But now I'm dealing with a conflict with my mother regarding that. At 43. I'm just tired of it.
  10. I feel overscheduled. Plus, I have some anxiety bout my next phase of life.
  11. Seems pretty humid out, but I've only gone out on my patio.
  12. I have kind of a lump in my throat, but have no clue why. I will say it's been a frustrating weekend, and nothing got accomplished, and I'm not looking forward to tomorrow.
  13. Grief over lost opportunities, some of which are spilt milk. Seem to have a sore throat as well.
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