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    college soccer/ gymnastics/tennis/volleyball. Just trying to enjoy life, but at my own speed. I'm an atheist.

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  1. Very cold lately. I think my heater doesn't work and I was convinced by the maintenance crew that it does. Today I napped for about three hours. I also ate a fair amount. I feel some shame at all this. I feel vaguely uneasy right about now. Kind of a lump in my throat, but I'm not precisely sure why. Tomorrow was to be for grocery shopping. Now? Hopefully wheelchair maintenance that is now desperately needed after dropping bolts who knows where downtown coming back from the ballet.
  2. It's rainy and cold and my heater doesn't work, which is all impacting my cognition. My mother called today kind of pleading for me to let her help me with something. I need a break from her. I am going to Nutcracker on Saturday and she is taking responsibility for it even though it is my event for which I bought tickets. Also waiting for a new wheelchair, which has been delayed due to COVID. Surrounded by people, but lonely nonetheless.
  3. It's Thanksgiving here, and I am not feeling well at all. My family intends to come over both today andtomorrrow, plus I have to call other family, and send gifts. Anxiety is pretty high.
  4. I keep going up and down. I had a good workout today, and did some laundry. But I'm feeling some vague sense of loss and failure as well. Hoping I can sleep properly and have a good perspective on it all tomorrow. All I know is I'm tired of being sick.
  5. Failure in communication with a dailyish attendant who stopped showing because of my sickness. Failure on my part of missing a request from my doctor. This all has created a lot of anxiety and a sudden decline in health, even though my cold seems to be abating. Wondering, as long as I live, how long I can maintain my current health, or improve it. Wishing you all well.
  6. Cought what appears to be a cold, but with kidney infection symptoms. My PT people are requiring a COVID test, and an online e-visit with my HMO is suggesting ER.
  7. Same here. Kind of numb, maybe? I have an LD that centers around organization, and that just got really badly tested today when I couldn't find one phone, the other hadn't been operating for a while (I thought I needed a new battery and didn't know where to find one), and the third has been missing for about a week. The platform locator button wasn't helping at all. The missing cell was too charge-dead to ping back to the platform. Luckily, about an hour after losing the second of my two landline phones, the cellphone starts working again like it hasn't in weeks, and the landline appears under my bed. I'm happy. Don't get me wrong. But I'm still decompressing from crisis mode and am really presenting like some sort of zombie. Hopefully this ebbs.
  8. Hot, overscheduled, and fragile. Been sick lately with a UTI. Been curious about some emerging mental health issues.
  9. Riding a wave of optimism and feeling pretty well accomplished today. We'll see if it sticks.
  10. I woke up at 4:30a for Olympic coverage, but my webstream kept conking out, so I had to give up halfway in. Now I'm really moody due to being underslept.
  11. I got locked out of my Twitter a few days ago and can't even get a code to reset my password. Maddening and consuming of my energy.
  12. I just had my second healthcare worker resign on me since I applied for this agency a couple months ago. Kind of worrisome.
  13. Lost in translation. Has to be about the 30th time. Love the moody cinematography and the soundtrack.
  14. My Spotify weekly list of things I might like: Morrisey: Speedway - 2014 remaster
  15. I went out for a good push today around the neighborhood. Dropped off a bill that was urgent. Got a few groceries. That was good, because as much as some of us are homebodies at heart, our abodes can really turn into prisons quickly. I did have a ride issue that prevented me from attending my dental appointment, though, and they actually asked me to wait to reschedule, which struck me as weird, and kind of the last straw. That's been bumming me out a bit.
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