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  1. Plugging along with Catcher in the Rye. It's reminding me of my general annoyance with people.
  2. Weight loss thread 2021 With apologies to @Nightjar, there was a 2020 thread for this, that was not locked, but also hasn't been touched since December 2020? How are you all doing? COVID has done me in a bit. My main achilles heel seems to be carbs, but sugar and salt are also urgent issues. I was an athlete (wheelchair track/field and casually other things) back in my teen years. I am 45 now and almost 90lb overweight. This is a really bad time to have any health emergency because of how COVID is messing up ER's across the US. Thankfully I haven't had any besides a recurrence of 2002's lymphedema. I was ultrasounded for clots and was negative. But this has all been a sudden, and heavy, shock, so I am forced into some drastic changes, including possibly an Atkins diet. Onward and upward, though. I do feel like this is near rock bottom. Transitive times. How are you all getting along with food and your bodies? What measures are you taking to shed weight? How's it going?
  3. An ambient techno playlist on Spotify. Current song: Between Form and Matter, by Steffi
  4. Today was OK, but I'm back to my transitive feeling. Listening to music as meditation, of sorts.
  5. Transitive, but OK. Tomorrow will be good, I think.
  6. I'm like that with a song by Portishead. I think it's called the Rip. Gorgeous background. No voice needed.
  7. Another doctor's appointment---one I tried to cancel over the phone. As soon as my mother (my ride) caught wind of that, she blew up, because there was the chance the cancelation went through, even though I was put on wait for longer than I had. The appointment wasn't cancelled, but she had a point. On the way home, in her newfound state of relief, she became extremely chatty, which I have a hard time with regarding other people. Now I am finally home. No TV, no radio. Just silence. Getting away from people.
  8. I feel in a weird state of transition, but I'm not sure from where to where. But it has me unsettled. I do feel somewhat accomplished, though. Big doctor's appointment today. He asked for bloodwork and a UA, and for two appointments with other divisions of the hospital. Blood and UA got done. Other apointments friday and monday. Then had my PT over Zoom, which was pretty good. First session of the semester. Not really sure why the funk, but hopefully I'll be OK tomorrow.
  9. Blocked a favorite messageboard of mine for what will hopefully be a month. I came out as physically disabled on it, and things are all of a sudden getting a bit toxic after I called out a poster on their ableism. Hopefully a month's break will ease things.
  10. How am I today? I don't know. My mother kept showering me with compliments today and seemingly would not shut up. She has a tendency to hide her real feelings and then it comes to a blow. Which it didn't today, but something just seemed not quite right. I'm also socially fatigued. I just feel like this episode is not over, but I'm not sure what's next.
  11. Futurism (?) and nostalgia are quite interesting to me, and I tend to get trapped in the latter. Too obsessed with wanting o go back to the 80's again (my childhood). But I also know deep down that I'd be in for a culture shock despite the comforting memories. As for the future, I don't even know what to expect. I actually do find it easier to live in the moment than the future, though I like to think about the future. But then it's also easier to live in the past than the present (for me. YMMV, as they say).
  12. This is one of those days when I'm really feeling my social/developmental impairment (a byproduct of my congenital disability). Made a misstep on Twitter last night. A good faith attempt, I guess, at connecting, and did so incorrectly. And I was gently called out on it this morning. Confidence is a fragile thing. And social development is lifelong, it seems.
  13. A changing of the guard is something we need. Here's hoping the new guard guards us.
  14. Disabled and now worrying about money. And it seems like I should have started a long time ago.Wondering what the new government will be like, but far from convinced that any problems will be solved. Second constitutional convention, anybody?
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