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  1. I had a little blowout with my mother, who was over for a while. Thing is, it was hard to know when it turned into just a conversation (or attempt at such) because of her incessant talking. Either way, I was worn out by the time she left. On the other hand, I did practice good portion control not just today, but last night. So that's good.
  2. I could actually kind of see that. And more with Wonder Bread. For me, it would be somewhat easier to handle. But still sloppy in the end. Maybe I'll do the reverse and have Wonderbread stuffing in my pasta one day. But for this morning, I think I'm leaning toward a bagel and some veggie sausage.
  3. I had trouble waking up, but things are getting somewhat better, and I'm even mildly optimistic about the day ahead (ETA: just as I typed, I thought I lost this comment, but this website saved it). We'll see how the day went at, maybe, 2:15p (6 hours).
  4. Cranky, tense, can't tell if I underslept or overslept.
  5. A few too many pet names today at the grocer. At least no religious pamphlets or attempts to pay my bill.
  6. I'm actually OK today, but the day has gone at warp speed.
  7. This weird, vague, dullness. Maybe that's just the definition of boredom. I don't know. But I'm not even sure what I want to be doing. And there's some weird stress that goes with all that.
  8. I arose extremely early to the flow of traffic outside. That alone is aggravating. also, depressed because of impending heatwave and the holiday season happening soon.
  9. OK, but a bit rushed. Fairly optomistic, though. I'll check in tonight, likely.
  10. OK. The day went OK. I do need to develop some self awareness, though. I am giving off very incorrect vibes, it seems, to many in my life.
  11. First sore throat during the pandemic. Not sure what to expect.
  12. I had a miscommunication with my father but then a really good heart to heart with him, and all seems well. Also watched BookSmart and Irrational Man, but now I'm mentally looking for a needle in a haystack concerning another movie about a professor, but he lived in the midwest, IIRC.. Downstate Illinois, maybe?
  13. I overslept. Kind of needed it. The heat wave has me emotionally fragile right now. My AC busted but a loaner fan helped.
  14. Bad sleep and overheating, along with neurological deficits and developmental issues, leads to social errors. Still trying, at 44, to figure out where I fit in.
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