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  1. I just had a long and massively nice nap. Bedtime is good time. In other news, my sense of family is warped. I never had any brothers or sisters, nor any serious feeling like I wanted t marry, or have kids. I live 1000 or more miles from extended family, who I realize have their nuclear families they need to take care of. So I don't want to be that overbearing, mysterious relative. I don't have anything in common with any of their kids anyway. Plus, I am disabled, and feel like the black sheep because of it. And on top of that, as much as I get into lonely situations, I have social fatigue. I just can't win. On top of that, my heating is not working like I think it should, and the resultant coldness seems to be impacting me physically (well, mentally, which is connected to physical health if you see things holistically).
  2. So glad to have a break from my mother. She's very taxing. Well intended, but taxing. I actually unintentionally find myself avoiding age peers and other social peers that are like her, personailtywise..
  3. The day's actually started out quite well. Feeling well, getting things done. Hope it continues.
  4. I'm kind of down and I don't know why.
  5. I forgot one of my few social engagements of the month that was voluntary on my part. I used to be much more socialy organized in the 80's, as a teen. Bummer!
  6. I'll have my first dose on the 16th (I have to wait because I'm disabled). Should be interesting. Thinking i'm hearing it's the second shot that does people in, but it may depend on the type. Anyhow, doing relatively OK. Kind of cold. Also needing to redry a wash.
  7. Lost a glove, so now I can't push into town. The isolation continues.
  8. Kind of heartbroken. Wishing I could stop crushing on girls.
  9. I have good days, but they do seem fewer and further between. Also, I'm definitely prone to sadness about being sad, and anxiety about being anxious. It's a hopeless feeling, but little things I do temporarily alleviate it all. It's actually a pretty interesting life, but full of frustration (to the point where I wonder when the merry go round will stop).
  10. Anxiety already about Easter. Having a huge dinner party with family and their friends. Already being nagged my one parent about wardrobe after the other said I was fine. I have also seen way too much of my parents this week. Really, wednesday will be my next real break day.
  11. My parents and I (they are early 70's, hippies, etc. I'm 45 and not) don't have the healthiest relationship with eachother regarding food. But somehow---and I can't even remember how---they did legitimately convince me to go on BistroMD. Mostly very palatable food. But I haven't read enough about its dynamics. I have no clue why it seems to work. I think I'm having smaller portion sizes, and that the food is filling me p a lot more than I manage to in cooking on my own. And that's a good thing. I seem to fit in proper dress pants for the first time since COVID started. Which leads me to my next post on another thread...
  12. I woke up way, way earlier than I had planned, and I know it's going to catch up with me later on. It was like I had had a Red Bull too late in the day. I did get to see the SN11 launch, though, which I had admittedly forgotten about. The investigation ought to be interesting.
  13. One of my favorite messageboards was just suspended. Concerned it may have to do with Colorado, and that it may have been a trusted member's attack. I'm not even sad; I think it will come back somehow. I'm just having withdrawal. Plus, I want to know what happened, why, and what can be done. Hope you all are OK today.
  14. Plugging along with Catcher in the Rye. It's reminding me of my general annoyance with people.
  15. Weight loss thread 2021 With apologies to @Nightjar, there was a 2020 thread for this, that was not locked, but also hasn't been touched since December 2020? How are you all doing? COVID has done me in a bit. My main achilles heel seems to be carbs, but sugar and salt are also urgent issues. I was an athlete (wheelchair track/field and casually other things) back in my teen years. I am 45 now and almost 90lb overweight. This is a really bad time to have any health emergency because of how COVID is messing up ER's across the US. Thankfully I haven't had any besides a recurrence of 2002's lymphedema. I was ultrasounded for clots and was negative. But this has all been a sudden, and heavy, shock, so I am forced into some drastic changes, including possibly an Atkins diet. Onward and upward, though. I do feel like this is near rock bottom. Transitive times. How are you all getting along with food and your bodies? What measures are you taking to shed weight? How's it going?
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