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  1. wheni started lexapro, i started on 10mg, and had the following side effects: severe insomnia, delayed ejaculation, increase in anxiety. i stayed on this dosage for 4 weeks, and i still had some minor insomnia, and delay in ejaculation. the 10mg wasnt working, so i got bumped up to 20mg. i experienced insomnia again for about 3 weeks, which then went away instantly. the only s/e that stayed were severe delayed ejac/inability to ejac, and lethargy. after a few months on 20mg, once my mental health completely stabilized, i went back down to 10mg (straight back, no tapering) and experienced no side effects, except delay in ejac. i staye don this dose for around 3 months, and just today i cut down to 5mg since im feeling very stable. it just depends how u can handle it. i had no problem making big jumps up, or big jumps down in dosage, but other people need to go up/down by 2.5mg - 5mg. just see how you go. all the best
  2. hey guys thought id just give an update, i posted earlier in this thread. im glad to say im still going very well on the 10mg lexapro, and after being on that dosage for around 3 months im thinking of cutting down to 5mg. my main reasoning is im still experiencing some sexual side effects, not as strong as when i was 20mg, but its still there. some days its barely noticable, somedays it can be rather annoying. i stil have some delay in ejaculation, some days alot more than others, and my libido is usually low. im hoping that dropped to 5mg will negate these side effects, and hopefully still do just enough to keep my head straight. i just got completed my CBT therapy, and im feeling good, so hopefully itll be enough to get me through. wish me luck guys, ill let yas no how im going in about a week or so. wish me luck! BTW, whats other peoples experiences like on 5mg of lexapro?
  3. Hi MAM, Saw my doc today because my 10mg dose didn't seem to be doing anything for my depression after nearly a month. It was helping with the anxiety though so she said it was worth sticking with a little longer. She's upped me to 20mg starting today, so I'll keep you posted as to whether I notice any difference or not :) THanks..I go back to my psych in a couple of weeks..I am trying to hang on until then.... 10mg to 20mg made a world of difference. im not gonna go into detail because its too long, but to put it simply: 10mg did nothing, 20mg changed + SAVED my life. only needed to stay on 20mg for a few months until i stabilized and was able to do what was needed and go through CBT, then i cut back to 10mg about 2-3 months ago and iv been fine ever since, pretty much back to normal before my severe depression/ocd/pure o ocd episode started. stick with it, it may be hard, but the payoff is 10-fold, well it was in my case anyway...all the best!
  4. i cut back from 20mg straight to 10mg not too long ago, its been maybe 2 months or more now? i didnt notice anything, except i had slightly more energy, sexual side effects lessened considerably, libibdo got stronger, more emotion (quicker to get angry, but also feel happy easier, on 20mg i felt ok, but very flat emotionally), feel more like myself. all in all i had a positive experience going down to 10mg =]
  5. lexapro caused me insomnia for the first 3-4 weeks on 10mg..then as it started to go away i had to bump the dosage up to 20mg. still had insomnia for a few weeks but then it went away completely. i used benzos during this time, and i quit em cold turkey after a while. didnt sleep more than 2-3 hours a night for around a week then i was sweet. about 5-6 weeks ago i dropped back to 10mg and my sleep has been fine, i think insomnia is just during the startup, because it didnt happen when i cut back the dosage. im pretty sure this issue should resolve itself, i remember being so scared of insmonia when i first started lex, its just the worst. all the best
  6. good to hear! i noticed when i went from 20mg to 10mg there was a big difference too. on 20mg i struggled to finish, sometimes i couldnt even. on 10mg its still delayed but alot easier. all the best mate!
  7. i may aswell drop my story in. i started off using lexapro after suffering from major depression (extrmemely suicidal, couldnt work, shcool, anything etc) very bad anxiety, insomnia and severe pure O ocd (im talking thinking the same s*** all day long, couldnt watch tv, listen to musci or anything. i always had pure o tendencies, but this episode occured after a period or extasy & illegal drug drug use, and due to extreme family circumstances (2 deaths in the family, one very traumatic one) plus unresolved childhood issues. anyway i started on 10mg lex for 4 weeks, didnt do much, bumped up to 20mg..slowly got improvement until the point i felt around 75% my self. stayed on 20mg for around 3-4 months then when i was stable i took the dosage down to 10mg and been on that for around 5-6 weeks. i feel around 99% normal now, living a good life. working, studying, going out with friends, pretty much normal again. its crazy to think a few months ago i was so close to ending it all. people can say what they want about lex, but to me its a lifesaver, literally. i just wish i started it earlier i was so hestitant and suffered for 4 months under those extreme suicidal circumstances because of people telling me "ohh the drug companies are evil" and al the bad experiences i read on the net. anyway here are the side effects 10mg (first time around): lost appetite, insomnia, increased anxiety, delayed ejaculation 20mg: insomnia for first 2-3 weeks, loss of appetite initially, extremely difficult to ejaculate, alot of times just couldnt finish 10mg (currently): delay in ejaculation, but its getting better and i take lex in the morning so by the evening its barely noticable. theres my story, hope it helps people out there =] overall so far very positive experience with lexapro. never thought id get so far =]
  8. hey guys yeah after i took the dose i got REAL sleepy and took a nap, not like me at all. felt lethargic the rest of the day and had a funny feeling in my head, not painful though just odd. anyway the next day i was ok still felt a little tired but thats it im fine again today. thanks for the input guys =]
  9. hey. just some background i was on lexapro 10mg for around a month, then bumped up to 20mg for around 3 months, then i went back down to 10mg and been on this for just ver a month, and doing well. anyway this morning i woke up and i was a bit sleepy and i forgot to break my 20mg pill in half...instead i necked the whole thing, taking a double dosage. how bad is this to do? will i be feeling different? or because its only one day will it not have an effect? because i have a few things today, including boxing training. also should i skip my dosage tomorrow? cheers
  10. good to hear its been smooth sailing. please keep us posted, as i polan to wean off in a couple months time...
  11. Why wife did not like the personality changes she saw in me when I was on Celexa (which is chemically closely related to Lexapro.) Also I has an intense difficulty staying awake no matter what I was doing. I kept falling asleep at work, and I suspect that's why I had a suspicious number of "random" drug tests that year. Also for some reason it did not seem to help my anxiety much. I would give the med just enough time to decide if this side-effect is going to stick around, unless it just too distressing. As always discuss w/ your Doc. -WS most likely the lexapro. i was on 20mg for around 3 months (was on 10mg for a month prior and was no helping whatsoever), and although the dosage did help me get through my problems at the time, i also felt very drained/sleepy/limp, and it affected my sex drive alot. i dropped the dosage to 10mg about 3-4 weeks ago, and im feeling better than ever, alot more energized, more happy, less zombie-like, and sex drive has returned somewhat. maybe the dosage is just too high. all the best
  12. i was put on lexapro for a depressive illness (never stated what type, but i was very suicidal at the time and extreme depressed, so i guess it was MDD), GAD and "pure o" OCD. started off on 10mg, did nothing, put on 20mg for a few months..did real well made a full recovery living pretty much normal again, so dropped the dosage to 10mg and iv been on 10mg for probably around 3-4 weeks now, feeling even better =]. thank god for lexapro, it literally saved my life.
  13. yes i asked my doctor he said it is perfectly fine, and i took it on both 10mg and 20mg lexapro doses. didnt take it for long though, valerian root does nothing for me. anyway my sleeps fine now without any meds/supplements, hope yours will fix up, messed up sleep is the worst!
  14. i think its ok to taper down quickly until you get to around 5mg, then take it slow from there. i started on 10mg lexapro for 4 weeks, bumped straight up to 20mg, stayed on that for around 4 months, then side effects were too much and i had developed coping skills, been therapy etc and so i just dropped straight down to 10mg, no taper and experienced no withdrawal symptoms, nothing. felt even better than before, more emotion, felt more like myself, and more energy. all the best!
  15. iv drank alchohol, on lexapro, i havent noticed any interactions. i MAY be getting drunk a little quicker, but not sure because i have fluctuating tolerance when it comes to alcohol, always have. btw i dont get it...alcohol isnt a depressant because it makes you depressed, its called a depressant because of the physical way it acts on your body LOL! that being said, i wouldnt drink/take drugs if i wasnt in a stable state of mind, and even then should def. be avoided on medication. im just saying my experience, but as always, YMMV
  16. yeh i was in an extremely similar situation. to the point where i was suicidal and suffering from MDD as a result of it. 20mg of lexapro fixed me right up.
  17. for me, cipralex(lexapro here) was very effective. look up some of my older posts. i was severely depression, super anxious, couldnt sleep eat etc. i was suicidal, almost put in a psych ward...all due to my pure o ocd. i missewd out around 6 months of my life. i can honesltly say lexapro saved me..im working, exercising, going clubbing on weekends with my friends, even pulling ladies..got my life back on track. btw 10mg of lexapro did nothing for me except make my situation worse (side effects like insomnia etc), but i bumped up to 20mg and within a week i noticed a difference. about 4-5 weeks into it i stopped obsessing about how i felt every day and got on with my life. im probably 3 months deep on the 20mg and im doing real well...hang in there buddy :) let us know how you go. BTW, ocd often requires jhigher dosages...usually the 20mg-30mg mark minimum...
  18. hey im going through the same thing you and izzy85 are going through as well...almost to a T..thinking about thoughts and stuff like that im in a real bad spot right now. could anyone give me some advice and let me know if they overcame this..iv bee like this for months now...iv been onlexapro 10mg for 3 weeks and its not doing anything..im really depressed and the only reason im still alive this moment is my little brother..please i need some help :( im hanging in by a thread.. Im sorry to hear youre going through that. Just try to hang in there. You will NOT be like this forever-something will help. I feel alot better on 20 than I did on 10mg, so you may need an increase, but talk to your doctor. I still have some bouts of anxiety, but it is much better, so I have to see if giving it more time will be better (its been 4 weeks at 20mg), or talk to my dr about an increase. Good luck and talk to people on this site-everyone is in the same boat and very helpful. Maria i know this is old but i just recently upped my dose from 10mg to 20mg of lex...after like 1 1/2 week i felt alot better for a week...then i got depressed and had anxienty again...so i been up on the does for about 3 weeks now...is it gonna kick in....i been on lexapro for almost 2 years (10mg)....iam starting to lose hope and it makes me feel sad about my life....can anybody else share thier stroy of upping thier does of lex 10 to 20mg. I need some support!!! thanx so much bump...anybody? yep. i bumped from 10mg to 20mg and got my life back. huge difference. all the best! im alot better on the MDD and GAD side, pure o ocd isnt 100% under control but its manageable.
  19. full blown ED (not able to maintain erection) or delayed ejaculation?
  20. My Pure -o is mostly to do with harm/self harm. Lately, I've been mostly obsessing about OCD..."Obsessing about Obsessing"! So I've been on anafranil for 6 days. Didn't feel anything at first. Now I feel some increased anxiety. Its kind of uncomfortable. Felt the same way on Lexapro when I first took it. It eventually subsided. Hope the same is true for the anafranil. Cheers. obsessing about obsessing..i know this one too well. hope anafranil is the med for you. for me iv been on lexapro 20mg for about 2 months (10mg for 1 month before that) and im feeling better than iv felt in ages. its finally hitting my pure o ocd and althought im still not 100% and at times have racy obsessive thoughts, i dont feel depressed or anxious. im back at work, catching up with mates, exercising daily and able to enjoy simple things like tv and music again. lexapro has helped me tremendously. hope you achieve similar results soon. all the best and keep us updated
  21. i started off on 10mg lexapro for around 4 weeks. did nothing at all except caused side effects. i bumped it to 20mg, and within a week i felt a big difference. its about 4 weeks later now on 20mg and im feeling better than i ever imagined possible. i was ready to end it all around 4 weeks ago (very suicidal). i was in a VERY bad state. now im feeling good, not 100%, the pure o is still there sometimes but the MDD and GAD has decreased ALOT. im going out again, seeing friends, working, laughing...i never thought it was possible again. so stay strong, maybe a bump is all you need. BTW 10mg is the minimum therapeutic dose, so im not suprised that 5mg did not work. also, the only side effect i have now is it takes longer to ejaculate, but i still have a sex drive (slightly decreased) and the only real bad thing is i i cant ejaculate for around 4-6 hours after taking the lexapro, but its not a problem since i take it in the morning and most sexual acitivity happens in the evening. wish you all the best! let us know how you go on the 10mg. PS, dont get discouraged if the side effects come back again...when i bumped to 20mg the side effects came back for around 2 weeks (D*** insomnia!), but all of em passed, bar the sexual SE. cheers! PPS..dont worry about your size in relation to lexapro..even if you need 20mg its worth it...im only 125 pounds and im on 20mg. i dont think brain chemicals are really linked to your body size lol. also im sure the lethargy will pass...i had it but its getting better and better now. i run everyday, and workout around 3 times a week =]
  22. Did you try tapering off slowly or did you cold turkey it? anyway iv been on lexapro for 2 months, first month 10mg, second month 20mg and i havent put on any weight at all. i exercise 4-5 days a week and cut out junk food. somehow lexapro got me to care more about what i eat and my health. when i was dperessed i didnt give a D*** what i ate. id go a whole day without ewating then pig out on chocolate and chips. since being on lexapro i only eat food, and i noticed it supresses my appetite.
  23. actually i had been taking lexotanil on and off, about a total of 10 tablets maybe missing two to three days in between. Since yesterday, i feel much better. I dont sweat at night anymore and wake up only twice, although im still having vivid dreams. but today, im feeling very dizzy. and my hearing has gone quite sensitive i can hear every tiny thing around me and if there is a sharp sound like hammering near me, i have a weird feeling in my brain with every stroke weird feeling in brain? like a brain zaps or a kinda electrical or swooshing feeling in your head? sounds like typical SSRI withdrawal to me. im leaning more towards the lexapro causing the withdrawal symptoms now.
  24. hmm..i dont know that doesnt sound right though. if u were on lexotanil for 3 days im sure thats not enough to produce withdrawal symptoms. not major ones anyway. i was on oxazepam for 3-4 months during day + night and i kicked it cold turkey. felt very aggravated and dizzy when i stood up too quick for around a week. then when i cold turkeyed it for sleeping i didnt sleep for about a week but thats it. maybe it is lexapro withdrawal. it seems real uncommon from such a short period of time, but to be honest, i have heard of similar situations occuring (only on internet forums and stuff though). im sure its rare though...anyway all the best and keep us updated on your progress
  25. are you sure its withdrawal symptoms? i dont know, my sis took lexapro for 5 days, then stopped. she felt crappy for another 5 days then she was fine. i also took luvox once for 6 days then stopped. didnt have any withdrawals. i dont know some of the symptoms seem like withdrawals, others dont. maybe your just very unlucky, but i dont really think 4 days is enough for withdrawal to happen...
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