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  1. Thanks Trace, caught me by surprise :) hope you had a great day too xo

  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. I have been mentally healthy for 24 years, and following some extremely traumatic events in my life, has left me dysthymic.. or for those unaware of this term, chronically depressed - no episodes, no ups and downs, just constantly down. I feel constantly on edge, i never feel hungry, everything is an overwhelming stress. It just feels like serotonin does not flow in my brain anymore. I've seen case studies online, monitoring many people with dysthymia, showing about a 50% recovery rate over 4 years. However, i never see any stories about how people have overcome this - all i see is people dealing with it for 20, 30, 40 years! Do you think its actually possible to recover from this? Because it sure as hell doesnt feel like it
  4. I just registered here so that I could give my impression of the Bio Tuner 7. I just received it today. So far, I used it 40min 2x today on settings 1. My symptoms are mild, just a little down with the grey weather these days..its the deepest part of winter here. As the days progress, I will update here as to the effects I'm getting. So far,
  5. Recently I've been very depressed and am not sure how im ever going to get out of it. Sometimes it gets so bad that i tell my girlfriend that im giving myself 12 months to get better or else i cant take it any longer. She has now gone and told her best friend, and effectively all of my friends (due to it spreading around) about how im giving myself 12 months to live if i dont get a big improvement from therapy etc. It has made me very resentful towards her and dont know what i should do. Was she right in doing what she did? And how should i approach this. I let her know my feelings and she said sorry, but im obsessing over this and feel even worse all of my friends knowing my deepest, most personal feelings. any help would be great
  6. Day 4 I increased the power and had a very strong buzzing sensation going through my ears, it was fairly relaxing but still dont think i am getting any benefit at this stage. It leaves me feeling fairly wired for a while afterwards but have definetely not noticed any improvement as yet. Looking elsewhere on the internet, many users said it has taken several days for effects to be felt so there is still hope yet. The website also states, "previous negative habits and unhealthy behavior patterns gradually diminish over a 1 to 4 week period of use". So i remain optimistic..
  7. Day 3 Another 50 minutes.. feeling as low as ever. Not working at all so far, but am determined to stick this out for the full 3-4 weeks
  8. Day 2 Another 50 minute session, much the same as the previous day.. had some light-headedness afterwards but not much else at this stage.
  9. Today i received my Sota Bio-Tuner in the mail. The device contains 6 different modes with a range of frequencies as well as a control button for altering the strength of the frequency. It comes with 2 clips in which you clip these to the lobes of your ears. Day 1 I used it for approxiamately 50 minutes on mode 1 and felt a slight tingling sensation to begin with. It felt midly relaxing but did not feel much difference afterwards. The effects are meant to be cumulative and can take 2-3 weeks to feel a difference, also it may require some experimentation with the various settings. I'll keep you posted
  10. OK instead of renting out the Alpha Stim for 2 months for $200, i have decided to buy the Bio Tuner 7, which is effectively the same thing but more powerful and less expensive. I have also read numerous experiences from other forums that have stated that this is the best one for relieving symptoms of depression. I should receive it in the next 2 weeks and will give you all up to date progress on how it goes
  11. I will be renting one of these for a 2 month period and will let you know the results!
  12. Has anyone tried this form of therapy? Is it a scam or legit? Experiences would be fantastic..
  13. Some of you may be familiar with DBS. It is still currently in the trial stages and it involves brain surgery where 2 probes are inserted into the part of the brain that deals with motivation / reward and is induced wth 4V electricity. It has been limited to severe, chronic, refractory-type cases so far and has had spectacular results. In 60% of cases, it has lifted these long-time sufferers right out of depression. People who have tried this therapy have labelled it a miracle treatment, spectacular and described it as if the concrete was being taken out of their head. Keeping in mind these comments come from people who have had 70+ ECT sessions and tried countless drugs. I e-mailed 2 leading neurologists and they state if the current clinical trials are as successful, then this will be available clinically to those that need it and should be available WITHIN 5 years.
  14. D*** i dont have 20 posts yet :(
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