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  1. Sigh...

    I've been slacking on the decluttering. The place hasn't gotten messier, what I've cleaned is still cleaned. But there hasn't been progress anywhere else besides getting rid of a few more magazines. Honestly, I haven't felt like doing much. I feel bad about posting stuff like what is to follow because there are people in this world who struggle more than I. People who have it worse than I. I'm going to apologize in advance, I just need to vent and I don't have anyone who would be an impartial listener for the following. I'm to the point that I detest going into work. I would really like to leave the place. Don't get me wrong, I like the job but it's the people I work with that I detest. I feel like an outcast, nobody talks to me unless they have a question. I've never done anything to make these people dislike me so much. Okay, so I don't like to blab about my personal life at work. But that's it. I'll talk about anything else neutral (I don't believe politics, religion, etc have a spot in the work place). I've never been mean, I've never been angry to these people. I don't Biotch about anybody or anything to anybody. I'm not a gossiper (is that a word?) and believe me, that place presents perfect opportunities to do so. But I don't do it. I save my complaining for when I can be anonymous on the internet, where nobody will find me. I make sure I don't use last names or other specific things like birthdate, addy, etc so people can't find things like this. Right now I'm having a battle in my head about applying for a job that would be a perfect fit. But it would double my travel time everyday. Plus I have to think about what would happen in bad weather. I've also heard that this place isn't a good place to work. But then I'm taking this with a grain of salt since it was my boss who told me they don't pay well. He applied there before he came to work at the company we're at now. My definition of getting paid well is very different than his. I'm alone so I only have to support myself. Unlike him, I don't have a spouse that needs to have the latest and greatest in everything. My level of living is not as high as his. A small aparmtent is fine with me, I don't need a huge house like he has. I don't need a new car every few years. I'll run mine into the ground before I get a new one. Since he's the boss, I would wager that my pay is well below his and right now I'm finally living comfortably. I have debt but it's not like it was. Anyway, I've been doing a little research on the company. I've found reviews and haven't found any that were horribly bad. From my research on what they pay, it's right around what I would want. Cons would be that changing jobs would put me back at the bottom on the totem pole, I'm at the top now. Plus I'd go from 4 weeks vacation down to two. It's a very lax environment where I'm at now and I don't know how this place would be. Could I leave a little early or come in a little late when I have a doctor's appointment? I start early in the morning (5am-1pm), the job I'm debating about is 8-5. I rather enjoy having the entire afternoon to myself. No problems making appointments. My other major concern is health insurance. So I turned to google and searched, I found the plans they offer. One offered plan is very compatable to what I have now, which I'm happy with. I just don't know what to do. I'm not happy where I'm at now, but there are some things that would be hard to give up. But can I work in this environment where I feel that nobody likes me and they only tolerate me because I know what I'm doing?
  2. Have To Get This Off My Chest.

    Ugg tell me about it. I would say that I can't wait until this election is over, but I have a feeling the level of disagreement is not going to stop. I'm afraid it's going to get worse. I'm like LL, I try to stay away. It just gets me worked up. Unfortunately I have to put up with it at work. A coworker listens to a very offensive pundit talk show in the afternoon that ticks me off just from hearing the guy's voice.
  3. I'm Baaaaack! Lol!

    Your happy post made me smile. :) I haven't really done that in a while. But it's great that you're doing well. (((hugs)))
  4. Decluttering Update

    Okay, let me see. I don't think I've posted since Wednesday maybe? I did some since then, but not what I would have liked to get done. Thursday was a declutter of the stash of cooking magazines that I have. I'm not even going to say how many I got rid of because it's a bit embarrassing. But believe me when I say that I did get rid of a huge amount. I actually found some from 2009 just waiting for me to take a couple recipes out. I've got a bunch of recipes saved on various magazine websites, CookingLight, Bon Appetit (, Vegetarian Times, etc. So when I came across a marked "to keep" recipe from any of these publications, I logged on to the site, found it and saved it to my recipe boxes on those sites. It cuts down on the amount of ripped out pages I have stashed. The ones that you can't do that with, I used my scanner and scanned them in as a pdf file. No ripped pages taking space up from those. I just have to go through the pile that are stashed away on my cookbook book case. There isn't a lot because I've weeded a bunch out through the years so there isn't as many as there once was. Friday: there was no decluttering to speak of. I had my joint lubrication injection (1 of 3) after work. I didn't feel like moving much after I got home considering I had to drive 30 minutes home using the foot that knee is attached to. It seemed to be getting better yesterday but besides my normal Saturday house cleaning, I rested and did some knitting. Sunday: I went through a pile in my bedroom. The bottom was yarn, both in rubbermaid containers and laying on top of said containers. This was all topped off with some clothing that doesn't fit and clothing that I was just to lazy to put into my closet. I'm happy to say that I now have a bit more floor space in my bedroom along with a pile of yarn that will make it's way to ebay as soon as I go through another stash of yarn that I have. I did find a few pieces of clothing in that pile that I was looking for all summer. Now I just have to get up the guts to take some of it to Goodwill. There is stuff folded into a trash bag, ready to go. But I feel so bad taking it. I feel like it's sad that it's not wanted any more. I guess thinking like this is part of the reason I have so much clutter. There are a few t-shirts that I found in that pile that I've been holding on to since college. They are worn and one has a huge hole in the armpit. They actually made it to the trash can. I do have to thank Violet31 for those links. I've actually used something from one of them. It's small but it helped. I think it was from the clip with the lady with the real small apartment. She stashed her cables in a decorative basket. As I was cleaning on Thursday, I found a really nice basket that my uncle used to put my Christmas gift in one year. It looks rather expensive, which is probably why I never got rid of it. I saw it and though, "hey, I can do what that lady did!" My phone chargers, camera cable, GPS cable and a few other assorted chargers are now located in it. But as of right now, it's sitting on top of my printer. I'm not that decluttered yet. But the assorted cables and chargers aren't strewn across my desk in tangles. :) My rule has been, keep the things organized and cleaned that are done and add a little more clean/organized space every day. All this time cleaning will be a bust if I let the organized spaces go back to what they were before.
  5. My Mother Always Said...

    Late (((hugs))) I know exactly how you feel when you say the pain just makes the depression worse. I go through that all the time. I wish I could offer you advice but you can count me in with you guys that keep everything bottled in. I do that to. From doing that all these years, it makes it hard to try to give helping words in situations. So I can only offer more (((hugs)))
  6. Today During The Decluttering....

    I finished my shredding today. I feel good about it because there isn't a huge pile of stuff sitting next to my chair right now. It ended up being a total of two bags of shredded stuff and a bag of the envelopes and inserts that really didn't need to be shredded. But it feels good to have this space. After I posted last night, I went through some of my yarn stash. I've got a lot of that too. I picked out a couple yarns that I knew I was never going to use. You know, it's that "it's on sale, I might find something to do with it" type of thing. In hopes of getting maybe a few bucks off of it. Honestly, I'd take anything. I posted some of it on ebay. The one yarn, it's a total of 4 skeins, has been bid up and it's 4 times what I had entered as starting price, in less than 24 hours. I can't believe that people want this glow in the dark polyester yarn so bad. It didn't last long in stores but I guess there are some people who like it enough to search ebay for it. I'm curious to see how far it goes up. Right now it's about at what would have been the retail price when it was in stores. Why not declutter some of this stuff to other people's homes and get a few bucks for it? I still have more yarn to go through, then my scrapbooking stuff and my beads. Some of it's going to go, not all of it. Just the stuff I pick up and say, "why on earth did I buy this and will I ever use it?" So far day 2 of the decluttering files has been a-okay. Now I need to go get my mail. There is a coloring book from amazon out there.
  7. Buspirone (Buspar) Posts

    I guess I'm sort of an in-between. I'm on it right now with Wellbutrin. It sort of works for me, it's not great but it helps a bit. I still have problems with the anxiety. Some days better than others. I was originally prescribed the Buspar when I was on Zoloft. But that was for problems with jaw clenching the Zoloft was causing. Before I started the Buspar with the Zoloft, the Zoloft was handling the anxiety nicely.
  8. How Did It Get So Bad?

    That would be what I need, an impartial person to help. My mom has offered but I know I wouldn't hear the end of how much of a pig I am. My goal is at least one thing, sometimes it's more. :)
  9. How Did It Get So Bad?

    I did about 20 bags last summer/fall. I made sure I took them out when I knew very few people were going to outside. Walking out every hour with at least 3 full bags can be rather embarrassing. Also, I got the links, they will be a big help.
  10. I need to go to bed...

  11. Sleep Question

    It digs me into a deeper. It seems the longer I sleep, the worse I get. I'm not tired, but my mood is horrible and I get to the point that all I want to do is hibernate under my covers. I just want to avoid the world. But I would venture a guess that it's one of those "it varies with the person thing."
  12. The Zoloft Coaster?

    I was on Zoloft for over a year and in the beginning it made my anxiety a heck of a lot worse. It seemed to take a while for that to subside. But it did go away. I wish I could tell you how long it for me, but that was three years ago (I can't remember what I had for lunch two days ago ) but I do know that it took quite a few weeks once the mega-anxiety kicked in. The mega-anxiety started about 1-2 weeks after I started the Zoloft.
  13. What Do You Want To Do Right Now #2

    Go to bed and have a good night's rest.
  14. Your Feelings In Single Words

    Overwhelmed Sad Anxious