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  1. I am experiencing anxiety for so many different levels. I should count them.

    They all effect each other in a vicious cycle, the second stage being that i have to wait for an answer from an organization. And either answer affects every other stage of possibilities.

    Corona itself is level one of the diagram.

    Then there is a possibility that the other org closes its doors which it hasnt. Im involved with them and its a petri dish there. But is affected on multiple levels as well.

    Then there are my decisions once i get the yay or nay. 

    All of this is separate from if food supply is an issue or not.

    Im about to lose it. 

  2. Dear JD, i am so sorry. From what i remember, you were given no reason whatsoever. Just bocked out. Thats not right and you are quite possibly wrong about this. All i see from you is a kind and caring person. And she is missing your wonderfulness. 

    I know what that thought process is like. I hate that you are going through that. We all love you here. Please try not to let this hurt you further.

  3. River, I too know how much you have suffered. Your blog space is your own space and a great place to inspire others with your success and positive notes. It is nice to see something positive happening for you and I am warmed by the wonderful things that are happening for you now. I am in the middle of a huge breakdown and taking what you said seriously in that i can find something to be grateful for...i forget sometimes that i should feel lucky or blessed or whatever word fits there for what i do have. My world is still crashing right now and i feel drained but maybe i can still get myself to fight just a little bit more. Maybe i need to revisit my dbt stuff and make a list of things for my next therapy appointment.

    Anything else you can think of?

  4. I helped my Tybalt over when he was 15 in 2011. I stayed with him for the whole thing. He is now on our mantel with a small stuffed look alike sitting on his box. He was the 2nd last of my Maddie...a cat i got when i was 15. Another 15 year old cat maybe she was 18. I know this is so hard.

    I was broken hearted but you are right. You are doing the right thing. 

    Im sending huge hugs to you. I hate this for you.

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