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  1. Tell Them Off Here

    Oh its my fault is it? Teaching her paranoia? Maybe shes upset at your passive aggressive behaviour. Way to invalidate her you dickhead.
  2. Night Owls

    Aaaaaaaand here i am. I spoke too soon. 2 AM this time.
  3. Night Owls

    I normally have no trouble falling asleep. Normally its practically instant. Normally i wake up for the day between 1 30 and 5 00. Just cant keep sleeling. Normally. Now its changing (past month or so) and i dont know why. Menopause?
  4. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    Accomplished. Started my backpacking training. Just 1 km for now. Havent hiked since August. I hope i carry on as i dont want this one or any future ones to be a waste of time. Ooh ooh and i also ate a breakfast.was later and after the hike but i still did it. I dont eat really during the day. Not until the evening. So you can imagine how that turns out. And since i have stopped my damn fasting habits you can imagine how big i have ballooned to. I can legitimately tick off my HEAR ME skills for today!
  5. Tell Them Off Here

    You think you are so smart. It is obviously not making you feel better since you keep doing it. Stop being so immature and bratty.
  6. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    Thank you yes its very challenging. Elevation gain can be crazy and really tests you mentally and physically. Also develops your potty mouth lolllll...when youre doing a new trail and you struggle and struggle and then find yourself at the base of yet another mini mountain. It is hell sometimes. But i love it. I didnt actually. I discovered it by accident last year. I grew up with canoe trips that involved wilderness camping. Yes the hiking involves camping. So im carrying everything on my back. Water is is heavy. My tent is not ultralight so its adding weight. I got 60 pounds on my back down to 35 whew! Im happy that i gave you an idea. Tell me about it when you know more!
  7. Public Acknowledgements Of DF Members

    I know he is fantastic!
  8. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    Excited for once. Short lived of course (past experience so i know). Ill take it for now. Just created my training plan for my next backcountry thru hike. 25 weeks. Including my pack in the training. Some running too. Mainly focusing on hikes and climbs using my pack. As the snow comes and gets deeper it will be tough but it will get me ready. Maybe this can distract me from the crap that is me.
  9. Sure, go ahead

  10. What went differently than planned today? Positive, negative or any silver linings?
  11. 3 Words Of The Moment

    This is it
  12. Depression Haiku Thread

    I am such a joke Worthless, justified, karma I hear the laughter
  13. What's On Your Mind Right Now?

    How will i make it through this?
  14. Random Thoughts 2

    I guess hes planning it now.