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  1. Natasha1

    Career Change? Anyone?

    I should add that im afraid my condition wont be ideal, hurt someones feelings, make me unable to do the job...i might break down...who am i kidding right? I cant do it. I want to help people. Im too old. Theyd never hire me as theyd look for stability and the lifer type.
  2. Natasha1

    Career Change? Anyone?

    So i always say i have the best job in the world since i love to teach and i love kids. But something in me wants something completely new. I am thinking about becoming a Health Care Aid. 25 week program without a job guarantee. But do i really want to? I will disappoint a lot of kids who really like me. Some of them get huge smiles on their faces once i come out of my room to greet them. What if the risk i take isnt worth it? The kids will have moved on too. What if i miss it and them too much? What if i was born to do this? What if i was born to do the other? I dont even know if the training is doable financially. I really dont know what to do. What would you do? Do you have a job youd like to change to but the fear is in the way?
  3. A hug right back to you. 🙂

  4. Just thought I'd leave a (((hug)))  🙂

  5. Natasha1

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    Husband just closed the bedroom door. Im on the couch. Probably every night now i guess. I snore and breathe stinky breath in his face all night. Keeps him up. Am i allowed to feel again? I feel closed out.
  6. Natasha1

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    Afraid to say how i feel...sometimes its good sometimes its bad. I got accused once by someone that i was bragging about things going well when all i did was say something about what was going on im my life. It happened to be something that yes i was looking forward to. Then im unable to defend myself because they blocked me on the platform we were using while making it look like talking at all was in my court. I stood by this person, went out of my way for them and they pushed me away and then abandoned me. How do i feel? Im not allowed to feel. Good or bad its not allowed. The expectation of me in this case was to agree that the world turned on them when it isnt at all true. Ive kept this in for a long time now and its hitting me hard all of a sudden. Maybe i should bring this up in therapy today.
  7. I wont be too hrlpful but Im on escit. And cant imagine anything else in the line of antis with it. Tungsten knows a lot and gives sound advice. I would be nervous...hope it goes ok for you! Long time no see!! Hope teaching goes well!
  8. Natasha1

    3 Words Of The Moment

    This is weird
  9. Natasha1

    Lose pounds by xmas eve

    As a sufferer myself, please be aware that all numbers including measurements and clothing size...bmi...it all contributes to triggers.
  10. There is an edit link at the bottom of your post but you only have about an hour. Can you link me to it here and let me know what you want edited?
  11. Natasha1

    What's On Your Mind Right Now? (2)

    All of the planning Cleaning Organizing Keeping upping
  12. Natasha1

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

  13. Natasha1

    How Do You Feel Today? #32

    I woukd be so sad if you were given news like that. We would miss you here. You are cared for here. Hugs...