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  1. Climbed a small mountain today. Felt like i was dying
  2. Having my kid be proud of me for wanting to join her swim team as an adult swimmer. Having another mom in the club looking forward to me joining so that she has an accountability partner.
  3. Sweetheart, just do one. Tell yourself that its ok to do just the one. Try to do it later in the day so you are less likely to do two.
  4. Never a dull moment. But im never surprised anymore. I could write this stuff.
  5. My dsughter has swimmming today. Maybe i should swim too? I hsve 4 hours to do whst i want. Run, hike, walk, bike, swim. Dont know what i should do.
  6. I think the other board memners of the swim club think im an idiot crybaby
  7. You probably could But no i dont think you should You are way too good
  8. Im hot. Very very hot. I cant cool down from my hike snd its been 6 hours. Im starting to worry now.
  9. Im nervous about my hike today. Going into unknown territory and not going alone, meaning i will hold her back since she is incredibly in shape and i am not.
  10. Hey @evalynn does exercise ever help? Like a LOT of exercise?
  11. Hugs honey. You will make it through!
  12. Man i wush we had sn excited emoticon for this! Musicals yessssssssss!!! Musicals about cats well hell yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!
  13. Tomorrow i am hiking up the foothill mountains by my house. 8 km of climbing and then back i come! Excited as i talked someone into going with me. I rarely get to see her!
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