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  1. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" Topic (5)

    Hugs @sober4life i hope she recovers quickly!
  2. I am doing great! But I am panicking. Halp!

    I wish it was a true push @Tux they actually just cancelled this week. I have shared so many things in that group that i cant really keep those people in my life which is sad because some of them i love and relate to. I will still have my clinician for a time but eventually she will close my file. I will feel so lost.
  3. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" Topic (5)

    p*****. It snowed massively and still is an i need to pick up my kid at a camp that is on an old back road that will not be cleared and the roads even the good ones will be nasty. I wonder if 90 minutes is enough to get there and the 2 hours to get her to the thing that we cannot miss or she is out of the event that happens next saturday. Its comjng down like crazy and i dont know how my car will handle things
  4. Thank you. One more class left.
  5.'re gonna be popular

    I'll teach you the proper poise when you tall to boys, teach you ways to flirt and flounce!

    Ooh! I'll show you what shoes to wear, how to fix you're hair...every thing that really counts to be're gonna be popular...

  6. I am doing great! But I am panicking. Halp!

    @Tux Was supposed to be feb 22 but the two facilitators are on vacay and they thought that the group of us shouldnt end without them so they cancelled it and we will finish on march 1 instead. They made a gòod call because i was upset when they first announced their going away times. (1 gone for 2 weeks the other also for two weeks beginning on the first one's second week.) Ugh...i want to do it forever.
  7. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" Topic (5)

    Celebrate him. He was special to you. Celebrate what you had and still have because of how you feel about him, your love for him. If you need to sleep too then do it. Its important to rest and you may need it. Was there something you used to do with him even when you guys were very young? Im sorry for your loss. :(
  8. I am doing great! But I am panicking. Halp!

    Lol oops typo. Should have been class
  9. I am doing great! But I am panicking. Halp!

    @Tux yeah im pretty freaked out and havent been able to use the skills lately. Ugh only one more clSs. Im glad you are doing better.
  10. This is for you

    Omg he actually asked what is the matter with me. I cant believe he has no idea.mind blowing. Confusing.
  11. Accomplished? A huge binge if that counts. I need to stop but i dont knòw how
  12. This is for you

    Pretend nothing is wrong. Pretend that your faults dont exist. Oh you can point out mine, some of which i literally have no control over since what can i do when i am sleeping? Oh i see, i cant tell you the same. Because you are so perfect arent you? Well ill be perfect too as thats what you expect me to be. Everything will be perfect. You win. You finally have the submissive wife that you have apparently have been dreaming of all these years. And when you pretend to care and ask me what is wrong, ill just smile and laugh like a bell as thats all you want to hear. Ill kneel at your feet and do whatever you want. Do you want your feet rubbed? What show would you like on? May i get up so i can serve you dinner? I PROMISE i will come right back on my knees to do your bidding. I am finally broken. Good job.
  13. I am now officially beginning to hate him. He is supposed to be the one i love second to most.

    1. Aki Sky

      Aki Sky

      Is everything alright? Just wanted to see if I could be of any support. Only if you feel comfortable sharing anyways I hope all is well with you. 

    2. Natasha1


      My husband is an a******. If you can change him be my guest. Its the only way things will ever be right.

    3. Aki Sky

      Aki Sky

      😔... I'm so sorry to know that you are having rough times with your spouse. I know relationships and families are not perfect as to be expected. But when you have someone constantly being an a$$hole on a consistent basis... It will destroy a relationship there is no excuse for someone to take their frustrations out on people they supposedly love. My step father and I have a very toxic relationship and it's been tainted over the years I've known him. He's the kind of person that nothing you do is ever enough for him. When he is in a bad mood he takes his anger out on us his younger son (not me anymore I'll, knock him out cold if he tried or at least not let him insult me for no reason) he always degrades us belittling and everything. One of those people who think they know everything and their way is the best. My mother and him have a... Troubled relationship it's not fair having to be abused by that for so long eventually you will completely lose all respect for him and sick of his bulls*** that it will snap the final straw... If your husband truly loves you and wants to cherish his relationship he should try to realize that he is hurting you and admit his mistakes and ask for forgiveness... Their is a song by the Foo Fighters called The best of you I'm sure you've heard it on the radio it's a song that's help me through so many rough times if you read the lyrics you will be shocked to find how much you could relate to it. I pray that your husband will try to make amends with you and you don't deserve to be treated that way.... No one does. If one thing is certain as much as a person wants another to change their ways to become a better person at the end of the day if only that person can change themselves... I hope that your husband loves and respect you enough to realize that he has been hurting your relationship with him. As I said before if you ever just want someone to talk to don't hesitate to hit me up 💚

  14. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" Topic (5)

    @salparadise6132 hugs. I know who you ate. A caring person who is there for anyone who needs you. @RiverLight yay to your course!