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  1. Hey guys I am new here. But I am prout to be a member.

  2. I have - probably - had the worst weekend of my life so far. The issue has been crippling existential anxiety. My thoughts invariably dwell on death; in turn my heart weeps. I just feel utterly hopeless in the face of my own - and others' - mortality.
  3. One More Red Nightmare: I've experienced something similar (I think). This will definitely be my last New Year's Eve. Soon the world will have one less 30 year-old virgin loser.
  4. I hope you are having an amazing day! : ) ღ Lindsay

  5. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys. It's always great to recieve some support and suggestions when your own judgement is clouded and you feel mentally exhausted. By taking two days off, I will do my utmost to recooperate to a state where I am functioning again. And I'll ask a friend to lend me his notes later. Winston
  7. As the topic title suggests, I really feel that I need to recover after a particularly severe period of depression. It won't affect any my results for the courses I'm taking (nothing genuinely compulsory in the coming days), but I'll miss a few lectures. And rock bottom means rock bottom. Thanks for your thoughts.
  8. My insomnia is worse than it has been in a long time.
  9. I suffer from existential depression and deeply fear death. Although raised in a very secular and non-religous houehold, I have grown to deeply respect many religious people and recognize the great comfort many get from their beliefs. Overall I think religion is a force for good. But I cannot bring myself to believe. I am an atheist.
  10. Been feeling really down today. Must be the weather.
  11. Thanks for each and every suggestion. I do appreciate it. I shall try to incorporate more time outdoors into my daily routin. Photography is also a great suggestion Violet. I used to appreciate taking photographs but as with most everything else I lost interest somewhere along the way. jimbow15: Thanks for your comment. I do not currently recieve any form of treatment, either through therapy or medication. My thinking up until this point has been that I would rather subject myself to and endure my depression head on than subject myself to any form of treatment.
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