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  1. Wow six........ im hoping ill only need one. Sheesh. Im 27 hsd it since I was 15... think its time to get it all out.
  2. So I have one of these bad boys. On the wait list for surgery to remove the cyst. Anywho its flaring again and after so of your top tips to nip the infection in the but... dont mind the pun.
  3. I work in a call center and whilst I dont have social phobia I have GAD and panic disorder with a side of depression. First week training and listening to other calls was fine. But I was even too scared to make an oht going call. Eventually I was thrown in the deep end and took calls one morning. The first few calls instumbled mumbledm my heart raced and I felt faint. But big but.. I told my collegues either side of me about my anxiety and they were really helpful. Writing notes on what to do if I get stuck. Or I could pass a call on to them if I was really stuck. My call centre was an inbound it tech help line and some outbound call backs. My advice is try to open up to your collegues about your phobia. Some with me asshiles but 90 percent will be helpful. Because even though they may not havebsocial phobias they were still at one stage learning and nearly as anxious as you. Good luck. The first calls the worst after that I hope it eases up for you.
  4. Thankyou for replying I have been to the doc and hebis running a full blood scan. I have booked an endoscopy for my tummy troubles. Lucky for me my gp is really thorough and understanding. My diet has been a bit stagnant as I honestly cbf cookingover a stove. But will endevour to try. Brown rice with chicken for dinnedinner with a kale salad. My mum is into clean eating and gave me a few recipies. My realationship with hubby is awesomebas aust pulling troops out of the sandpit he is home and has been for 2 yrs now. Will keep you posted of the blood results. Krystal
  5. Omg. I feel the same. Whilst I have been on ppi and had treatment for h.pylori infection I too feel faint in the heat. I feel like I need to burp all then time but cant. Im bloated feel sick and just blahhh. I had no idea the symptoms were so interchangeable. Thankyou. Off to the docs today so something extra to talk about.
  6. Mines creeping up on me too. Off to the docs today. Sick of feeling nauseous. Hiw are you feeling today?
  7. I have been so tired lately but wake up feeling electrified. Then I spend majority of the day feeling shakey and weak. Like if I have to cook dinner I feel like I'm going to face plant. Also my gastrointestinal area is messed up I feel sick bloated like I have something in my throat. And now my paronoia has me convinced I have diabetes or something. I live in darwin which if you are not familar with is in the tropics of australia and its build up to the wet season. And the heat and humidity is awful. Ans to top it off my husband is in the army and just found out we have another 3 yr posting here. I guess my question is does anyone else feel like this. Feeling alone in this
  8. Its all started 3 weeks ago I was laying in bed and my heart went beserk at 3 am in the morning it was play on my mind. Then 2 days later I was lining up at the checkout and flight kicked in. Since then every moring I feel like I wake up hook up to a taser and is settle in the day. My depression hasnt kicked in yet thank god. I know its all my own fault as I havent been taking my meds every day. More like ever 2nd day then 4 days then I forgot when I took my last one . And I know I should be more active in the forums when I feel better etc. But life gets away with me. I just hate hate hate anxiety that pit in tyour stomach feeling. My partner has been great and supportive but im sooo angry at myself. Im drbbling on but at least u ppl know how im really feeling. Has anyone forgot to take their meds or taken them periodcally Aand something similar has happened.
  9. I went from 5 to 10 to 15 to 20 in 2 week increments second time around. First time I was 5 for 4 days the 10 for 2 months then up to 20 and that works. Silly me havent been taking my meds everyday and anxiety crept through so on valium for a month and taking my meds religiously lol
  10. Oh yay sense the sarcasm lol start up on lex is not fun for me both times sucked
  11. When I stsrted I couldnt eat my anxiety was out of control and I was crying my eyes out. I would be doing laps of my yard and feeling agitated extremley agitated. Week 4 was when I could sit and come 9 pm at night I saw a glimmer of the non crazy me. And every day from there it got better. Trust me when I say u are not alone in feeling like this I called my dr in tears many times asking is this normal I feel like im worse but I was on .25 mg of xanax 3 times a day for a month. Which helped a tiny tiny bit
  12. I have been lax of late with taking my meds im on 20 mgs lex. For the past few months I havent been taking them daily and these past 2 weeks I have felt anxiety creeping in again. So now im being good my hubby made an alarm on my fone to remind me. I have been good for 4 days now but im wondering if anyone has done something similar how long did it take to kick in again. So many paranoid thoughts run through my head like omg what if lex doesnt work for me any more. Maybe the snxitey is getting stronger. But my home life is fine grest infact. Nothing to stress abiut but our other car is broken so im stuck home most days. Could it be cabin fever.. being so bored im bri ging these feelings up. Arrgh
  13. Im doing better today. Not beating myself up.as much and im still determined to lose weight and now to find a job again. Chris and I are getting along well, and while the anxiety is still here its not all consuming.
  14. Im a lil sad today, probably normal amount. Its monday , no work and chris just left for his work. Im still tired and trying not to beat myself up over the fact im.still in bed as it is only 7 am. but ill be ok. Just soldiering on
  15. Thankyou. Just thankyou. Today I smiled and danced around my house. Another good day. ;)
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