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  1. I was wondering if you could elaborate a bit more about in which ways Wellbutrin is "harsh." I Have alternated between prozac and wellbutrin since I was 17 (i'm 24 now). They both had positive side effects. *In case you're wondering "If they had positive side effects, why do you alternate?" Well, when I take them, I feel good. Really good. I actually want to go out, and uh, "mingle" with people- maybe have a drink or two. A drink or two is not good for an alcoholic... Before I know it, i'm drinking all day, everyday, and don't bother taking my medications anymore. Eventually, every time this happens, I return to my depressed state and sober up, call my doctor and get back on a much needed anti-depressant.* I lost weight on both medications. The major difference between the tow for me was that on prozac I slept 10 hours a day, and on wellbutrin I sleep 6. Prozac makes me calmer, while wellbutrin motivates me to call friends, go to the gym, and make money... Currently i'm on wellbutrin, and i have a appointment with my doctor on tuesday- I'm going to ask him for somthing to help me sleep!
  2. Wow I can really relate. I have no problem attracting men at all. They are like flies on s***. This is my vicious circle: Man meets me, needs me, wants me. I get attracted to him because he is so attracted to me and I find that absolutly irrisistable. Then, for no reason @ all, I crawl into my hole. I get very depressed and inverted. I'm no fun to be around. When the man expresses this, I get offended. I beat him. He dumps me. I go to my doctor and switch medication. It's happend so many times. I want to change. Right now i'm taking lamictal and wellbutrin. I can't tell if theyre affective or not because i'm a full blown alcoholic, and that's probably masking any positive reactions.
  3. Hmm, I think that i've always been depressed... Or have always lacked enthusiasm for most of lifes "simple pleasures" for no reason at all. I had a preatty awesome upbringing, no traumatic events. Nothing. BUT When it rains it poors. Depressed doesn't even come close to the way i'm feeling right now. I'm beyond depresssion. It's sheer guilt for being alive. I've suffered some great losses recently, and.... and............. it's just......
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