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  1. We hope you are as pleased as we are with DF's new and improved Forums!

    Please pardon our dust as we continue with upgrading our Home Page in the near future, (Portal) as we continue to make certain all the "kinks" are out of here. So check back with us often to see our progress and the changes that we are making at the DF!

    A reminder to check everything in your Notifications and Settings that you would like personalized to your liking.

    Anything that you want or do not want please do check or uncheck it. It is important to do so.

    If you subscribe to a Topic, make certain you unsubscribe when finished with it.

    If you have questions please ask or how are we to know what it is that you might need? :Coopwink:



  2. ((((((((((((((((((Karen))))))))))))))))))))

    Oh dear dear sweetheart. My heart is beating so heavy reading your blog. :console:

    I want to help you so badly, but know that as long as I am here ....we are here, DF is here, you are never alone. :hearthrob: Please beleve this.

    PM me whenever you need to talk.

    :hearts: and hugs to you always,


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