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  1. i suffer with existential depression, wondering what its all about, there must be more than this i wish i could stop thinking about it!
  2. hi can everyone who takes this let me know how they are getting on with it? what dose you are on? does it help your anxiety? thank you
  3. i am now on 600mg a day. 200mg 3 times a day but i have to take the first two doses quite close together in the morning coz thats when my anxiety is so bad. im wondering do these tablets build up in your system so in the end you stay calm all the time?
  4. i'm now on 600mg a day, anyone else take this much? and how are your doses split up? x
  5. i have just started taking pregabalin and after only a few days my anxiety is much better and so is my mood. i only take 200mg a day spread out through the day but i managed to go to asda and do a supermarket shop today and i wasnt anxious at all. im hoping the doc will put my dose up next week x
  6. thanks x im hoping the psychiatrist will put my dose up when i see him next week as its really helping x
  7. do you take it all at once i have to take 50mg twice a day and 100mg at night think the dose might have to be put up at some point though. i can feel it starting to help already!
  8. hi just started pregabalin again. pdoc didnt think it was working, it obviously was coz when i stopped taking it i got worse! does anyone else take this and what dose are you on? thank you x
  9. its starting to get less and less, i feel better at home but i need to go out so it sets of my anxiety!
  10. oh my goodness, i could have written these posts! i have existential depression but i think it is more like OCD because i cant stop thinking about it and just wish i knew what happened after this life! there must be a reason we are all here!! i have these thoughts all the time. how do you cope with these thoughts?
  11. 45mgs seemed to be too much so im back down to 30mg with diazepam, zyprexa and zoloft!! hate anxiety!
  12. ive just had diazepam/valium added to my meds, doesnt seem to be as fast acting as its supposed to be!!!
  13. feeling bored but got no motivation to do anything on my long to do list!
  14. hi just wondering what dose people are on for anxiety? i know its more sedative at a low dose but will that help anxiety and depression? thank you x
  15. hi i was on clonazepam for 3 years 0.5 twice a day sometimes i didnt have to take it but i did most days. i went down to once a day and stopped for a while too. i had no problems and didnt need to up the dose. however my anxiety is crippling at the moment so the doc has changed me to diazepam, thought it was faster acting but doesnt seem to be so! well not with me anyway, i hope its gonna work. dont worry if other people have got addicted or needed to up the dose, you might not. i certainly didnt and if diazepam doesnt work im going straight back to clonazepam. keep in touch and let me know how you get on x
  16. hi just wondering who takes this and what dose you are on. ive just been put on 5mg 3 times a day (if i need to take it 3 times a day) took first dose slept for 3 hours but i do feel a bit calmer. any success stories on how this has helped peoples anxiety please. my anxiety is first thing in the morning so im hoping by just taking one in the morning that might be enough and then i can get on with my day! i dont rely on meds even tho i take them, i try exercise and just forcing myself to get up and get going but recently the anxiety has been way out of control. thanks for your replies xx
  17. i was on lofepramine a few years ago and the constipation was awful, i had other problems with it too so i had to change but hopefully this side effect will wear off for you x
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